How to Make Your Planner Sassy with Free Pink, Black, & Glitter Weekly Kit

Hey, planner gal! Would you like a fun way to make your planner sassy? How does a free printable weekly kit sound?

Yeah, I’m doing a major happy dance over here, too! 

Disclaimer: Planner Squad was compensated for time and use of product. All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.

Find out more about this awesome weekly kit for your planner, the amazing resource we used to design it, and why we think it’s just what you need to add a touch of sass to your planning.

How a Planner Weekly Kit Can Turn Your Frown Upside Down

I’m guessing since you are here checking out this gorgeous weekly kit that you know the joys of planning as a hobby. You have experienced what it’s like to search for a new planner, smell the new paper, and let your imagination soar as you think of all the ways you can get your planning on.

Planning can bring such happiness to a blah type of day. Or week. Or month.

After the holidays, it’s easy to feel glum. Colder weather often brings seasonal sadness. And then, there’s Valentine’s Day.

Even if you have a sweetie, depression strikes hard in February.

So, what can you do, my planner friend?

Make your planner sassy with this weekly kit!


Free Planner Weekly Kit in Pink, Black, & Glitter

Squeal! This kit has what it takes to put a smile on your face. Check out that bold pink! And the gold glitter!

I think I’ve just experienced planner ecstasy!

Planner Squad is once again teaming up with Font Bundles to create and share magnificent planner printables to make your planner pop.

This free weekly kit will help you sass up your planner.
Example of this weekly kit in a Recollections planner. Check out those sassy fonts!


The fonts for this weekly kit for your planners are super sassy! We love this great deal from Font Bundles.



You can easily add a bit of sass to your planners with this free printable weekly kit.


Whew! This weekly kit has all you need to create a layout that shines.

  • 8 different full decorative boxes
  • 8 half-boxes
  • 2 strips of washi tape to cover the bottom sections of the page
  • Gold glitter weekend (in “Celestia” font)
  • Date Covers (using “Celestia” font)
  • 14 header stickers (in “Succulent” font)
  • 6 full-size checklist flags in gold
  • 6 half-size checklist flags in gold
  • Helpful Notes area (using “Celestia” font)
  • 4 blank quarter boxes
  • 2 habit trackers
  • 29 adorable icons to help you keep the sassy flowin’ through the week!


These free weekly kits to make your planner sassy are available in regular Happy Planner and Recollections sizes.  If you use other planners, you may just find that these can be cut down a bit to make it work 😉


You can use this weekly kit in your Happy Planner or Recollections planner (or customize for however you'd like!).


Beat the blues with this weekly kit! Prepared using Font Bundles, this weekly kit will help you make your planner sassy!


Jenn did a fabulous job creating these planner goodies, don’t you think? Well, guess what? You can, too!

Font Bundles has a superior collection with an amazing variety of all kinds of fonts.  Sassy. Funky. Perky. Professional.

The list goes on and on. My point is this: if you’re in need of designing something extra special, Font Bundles is the place to find the right fonts to make it sizzle.

**Important:  Don’t wait to get check out these fonts! Font Bundles has a massive deal going on right now! Their Two Font Ladies Bundle is on sale until March 9. This bundle has $203 worth of fonts for only $15!!  My favorite is Garlic Butter. I mean, just the name is cool. But, the font itself is divine! So many fun and sassy fonts to play and create with!


Add a bit of sass to your planners with this free printable weekly kit! Great for Recollections and Happy Planners!

Get Your Free Weekly Kit of Pink, Black, & Glitter to Make Your Planner Sassy!

To get your free weekly kit of Pink, Black, & Glitter, simply subscribe to Planner Squad! When you join our planner community, you get access to all our planner freebies plus updates on great resources, just like Font Bundles.

Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe to Planner Squad and get your free printable weekly kit.


Get your free printable weekly kit to help you make your planners sassy! Great for Recollections and Happy Planners.


When you have your planner perked up with this weekly kit, make sure to share pictures! Tag us @plannersquad so we can check out your sass 😉


Watch this Plan with Me video that Jenn made to demonstrate all the sass in this weekly kit:

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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.

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