Use Cardstock in Your Planner with these 5 Easy Ways!

I love figuring out new ways to use my planners and planning supplies, like how to use cardstock in your planner. There are just so many tempting good deals on planner goodies that I have a tendency to get a wee bit obsessed when adorable materials are on sale.

Please tell me you know this type of planner girl fever.

Cardstock in your planner is such fun! Check out these 5 awesome ways that you can rock your planner with cardstock.

How can you use cardstock in your planner?

When you walk into a store that sells planning goodies and you armed with coupons or see those beautiful sale signs, you get a bit feverish.  And excited.  Like wanting to turn cartwheels in the aisle and do a little yodel.  

Okay, you might not be quite as weird as me, but the thrill is real!

Sometimes, planning supplies that you have been eyeballing for a while are reduced in price to make it worth your while. Other times, you happen upon a glorious new planning gem and it’s like you want to sing to the rooftops!

Ladies, these feelings are real.  They are genuine.  And these feelings are what I go through whenever I discover a new pad of gorgeous cardstock.

Feel free to insert whatever planning material that you are slightly obsessed with.  These feelings are not restricted to just cardstock!

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would amass the collection that I have today.  And the collection continues to grow!  I mean, when you walk into the store and find anywhere from 24 to 36 pages of beauty staring up at you and waiting to come home so you can use them to prettify your planner, how can you say no?

There are so many fabulous ways to use cardstock in your planners!

Now, you may own more or less of cardstock.  That’s cool. There’s no need for cardstock comparison or jealousy. There is definitely enough cardstock to go around, my planner friend!

Then, you get home. You wonder what you are actually going to do with it.  In the store, it looked so pretty and needed you. And you needed it. But, then what?

Don’t just let your pretty cardstock sit there, alone and unused!

5 Easy Ways to Use Cardstock in Your Planner

1. Dashboards

Dashboards are super easy to make using cardstock.  With the right type of punch for your planner, you can easily create decorative dashboards.  Use a ruler to size your paper to fit properly in your planner.  A paper trimmer can be useful to help you cut straight lines.  Or a nice pair of scissors will do.

When you have your dashboard cut to size, punch and insert into your planner.

Use cardstock for interesting dashboards in your planners.
Cardstock on cardstock ๐Ÿ™‚

2.  DIY Washi  Tape

Have you seen all that gorgeous washi tape out there?  Oh my stars!

If you can’t afford to have all the washi tape of your dreams, you can make your own!  Use a paper trimmer to correctly size and cut whatever cardstock you have on hand in place of washi tape.  A glue stick or glue dots can be used to adhere your DIY washi tape into place.

You can use cardstock for DIY washi tape!


Make your own washi tape using card stock! Great for themed planner layouts!

3.  DIY Inserts

Planner inserts are one of my most favorite planner add-ons ever!  These cute little babies can help you truly customize your planner.

Simply take a piece of your favorite cardstock.  Measure and cut to size.  Punch.  Decorate with stickers and stamps.  Use your favorite pens to jot down to-do lists, chores, errands, meal plans, and more!

4.  DIY Stickers

Have you ever seen some of the special pages in your cardstock pad collections?  Oooh!  They are so purty!

Choose a pack of cardstock for a beautiful planner layout theme.

Cut those sweet things out & glue them in as stickers!  Or use a decorative punch to make some super cute DIY stickers for use as decoration or functional purposes.

You can use a decorate paper punch to make DIY stickers out of cardstock.

Great way to repurpose cardstock trimmings.

Don't throw away cardstock trimmings! Use them to make DIY planner stickers!

5.  Pretty Planner Envelopes

You can make your own pretty planner envelopes out of cardstock.  They look so adorable and they really aren’t that hard to make.  With just a few materials and a bit of time, you can use up some of your cardstock stash for functional AND pretty planner envelopes!

Make some pretty envelopes for your planners to increase storage options.

What are some creative ways that YOU like to use cardstock in your planner?  Share your ideas in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.


  1. Angela says

    I use cardstock in lots of ways. I really like to use it to make jourmaling cards for my planner(s). It’s a great way to add some cuteness?prettiness to my planner. I put quotes I like on them. Use them for notes or to do lists. Or just embellish them with cardstock effemara that I make and or stickers! I love to do all kinds of DIYs with my planner. It’s fun a great stress reliever and it’s inexpensive. I’ve also made pockets using all kinds of cardstock for my planner. No need to by ready made pockets, wheN i can make them myself. Plus making them, I can use a design I like and also ebellish them to fix my style. And, I use cardstock to make dashboards, dividers, page markers and also cute cliips. I use card stock to make all kinds of things to fill my planner pockets with as well. I love to make my planner my own, with my own style. Thanks for sharing this blog post! There may be some first time planners, that don’t know how to use card stock for all kinds of things in their planner(s). This post will give them lots of ideas!

  2. Kemmy M McCoy says

    I like using cardstock, that has patterns/colors on each side. Rip it in half, it gives it that heritage look, it looks pretty cool. I also use brads, I have those Cropper Hoppers 22 of them, filled with tons of cardstock. I’ve seen some women cut out squares and add them inside their planners. I don’t have patients for that lol. I also will use page pockets, inside my planner as well. I like using my envelope maker and We R Memory Keepers Tabs for my inserts. I also love using my We R Memory Keepers Waterfall Photo Sleeves & along with omg I can’t think of the name but its the same brand as above. You heat it up & there’s a wheel & other attachments. It heats up and will close up the plastic. I use that to make Shaker Cards. I’m so sorry, as I can’t remember what its called lol. I’m getting old haha. I love reading your emails and all the info. Along with the free kits. I still don’t know how to print them out into stickers. So Unfourtunetly I cut each one out. It’s a bummer, but until I figure out how to use the circuit or silhouette, I don’t have a choice. Thank you & for all you do?

  3. Lora Roberts says

    Thank you for these tips! I just found a 2019 Happy Planner (barely used) at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore store for $1! Yes, one dollar! I’m new to planners but I knew THAT was a deal. Anyway, I’m playing with it and trying to make it my own so these cardstock tips are very helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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