Traveler’s Notebooks 101: What They Are, How to Use Them, and How to WIN One

We’ve had a lot of our followers asking about the Travelers Notebook lately. They mostly want to know what it is exactly and how they could use it themselves. Since I couldn’t live without my travelers notebook, we decided to share our knowledge of the travelers notebooks with you today. Introducing, Travelers Notebooks 101!

Travelers Notebook 101: What they are, How to use them, and how to win one.

What is a Traveler’s Notebook?

A Traveler’s Notebook is basically a book-like cover that holds more than one smaller notebooks or inserts with elastic bands. Each elastic band can hold up to three notebooks.

Here’s some pictures to show you with a little more detail:

Travelers Notebook 101: What they are, How to use them, and how to win one.

Travelers Notebook 101: What they are, How to use them, and how to win one.

Travelers Notebook 101: What they are, How to use them, and how to win one.

Travelers Notebook 101: What they are, How to use them, and how to win one.

Why I Love My Traveler’s Notebook

I love my travelers notebook for many reasons. First, I love how it’s small and durable enough for me to carry around with me everywhere I go. I can shove it in my purse when I’m in a hurry and I don’t have to worry about messing it up like I would with my happy planner.

(Side note: Oddly enough I love the way it feels in my hands, and the sound the pages make when I flip through them. I know. I’m weird.)

I also love how I can customize my travelers notebook to use it anyway I need to. As a homeschooling mom, virtual assistant, and business owner – my plate is full. I have many different things I need to plan and keep track of, and being able to track it all in one notebook that I can take on the go is so important.

How I Use My Traveler’s Notebook

There are many things that I plan in my travelers notebook, from my weekly calendar to my meal plan and shopping list. Here’s a list of some of the different inserts I’ve made for my own.

  • Weekly Spread – Because what is a planner without a calendar of some sort?
  • Meal Plan – Nothing makes my weeks run smoother than knowing what’s for dinner every night. My meal planner also has my grocery list – so no more leaving it at home!
  • To-Do Lists – I’m a lister. I have to have a check list every day of my life or I don’t remember anything and I feel like nothing ever get’s done.
  • Birthday Planner – Planning birthday parties can be a pain. I love having all of my party details and shopping lists in one easy place, everywhere I go!
  • Holiday Planner – Just like the Birthday Planner, I love being able to keep my holiday plans in check every year.
  • Creative Projects – Get bored sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office? Add an insert that’s good for doodling. Or you can join in on a cool project such as Lister’s Gotta List or Love Your Lettering.
  • Journal – Whether you need a food journal to track your daily diet and exercise routines or just want to randomly record thoughts you have throughout the day, you’ll always have a journal handy if you add an insert!

Plus, there are so many other ways you can use these!

Win Your Own FunkyDori Traveler’s Notebook

I recently released my very own version of the faux-dori (faux=fake and dori=Midori, or the original traveler’s notebook) in my etsy shop. I loved the other Dori’s floating around out there, but I really wanted to learn how to make my own so I could customize it exactly as I wanted.

These things are made sturdy (with thick fusible interfacing), have finished edges, and a thicker outer elastic band for extra support. The elastic band is also attached so it will not get lost, and a pen holder is sewn into the inside so your pen is tucked away, nice and neat. The FunkyDori is made to fit the tall and narrow Midori inserts, yet are made wider so it can hold different sized inserts or just have enough room for the pen at the end.

Enter to Win a FunkyDori Travelers Notebook from Planner Squad and Funky Jean Designs

Would you like to win this FunkyDori? I’m going to be giving one away to one of our lucky email subscribers! To enter to win just submit your info below, and then complete the entry requirements.

The winner will be announced on April 8,2016 (We decided to extend this one week due to the site being down for a few days this week from technical difficulties.)

(Don’t want to wait for the contest to end? Or maybe you want a different style? You can buy one here! I love custom orders!)

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

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Jenn is a Missouri mom, wife, and REALTOR. When she's not busy chauffeuring her family around or writing contracts, shes working in her junk journal, sleeping, or having BBQs and game nights with her best friends. Her favorite ways to pass the time are spending time with her family, traveling, dancing at concerts, photography, and watching her favorite TV shows. Jenn is a glam-planner at heart and can't stand feeling unorganized. She looks at planning and junk journaling as a form of therapy and a way to squeeze in creative time while dealing with a hectic life and work schedule.


  1. Adam says

    Just coming across this page now, and missed the giveaway unfortunately. I like the idea of the travelers notebook though, and wanted to send some praise!

    • Jenn Roberts says

      To get the password, you have to be an email subscriber. Then, once you confirm your email subscription you will get the password. If you want to see what we are doing and what we are offering, you’ll have to read through our posts here at the blog 🙂


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