FREE Printable Motivational Quotes For Happy Planners

Need a bit of inspiration in your life? A jolt of motivation to get you through your day? Use these FREE Printable Motivational Quotes for {Happy} Planners!


Hello lovely ladies! I’m back again with some pretty printables for your Happy Planners!!

Every now and then, we all get in a funk and need a little motivation to get our pistons running again. Am I right? Rainy days, just overly stressful weeks-the list could go on. And in those times, we need a tiny little reminder that we can push through these rough and crazy times. Today, I bring you a pretty printable with just that.

Also, summer is drawing to a close and school is just around the corner. These free printable motivational quotes are great to put in your planners to get the motivation to start the school year off with a great start.

These are also great for those who are teachers who need a little oomph! any time during the school year. And the quote boxes are not just for teachers, they are definitely great for students, homeschoolers or just about any one!!

 I don’t use the motivational type stickers that often but when I do, they are the ones that will give me the best inspiration that I think I will need for that week.

Need a bit of inspiration in your life? A jolt of motivation to get you through your day? Use these FREE Printable Motivational Quotes for {Happy} Planners!

FREE Printable Motivational Quotes For {Happy} Planners

With this pretty printable, you will get 16 beautiful inspirational and motivational sayings that will fit perfectly in the classic Happy Planner weekly boxes.  These also could fit the Erin Condren boxes, but may need to be trimmed down to fit.

I picked out and created only the best little sayings to slap into your planner for a little motivation or some uplifting thoughts to brighten your day or week or month. I love all things watercolor and I just had to had to add that special touch!  I picked out bright and pretty colors and graphics to make each of the boxes lively so they stand out in your weekly spread and you are drawn to it every time you open to that week.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites!! And, as always, if you use any of the pretty printables that are shared here on Planner Squad on Instagram, don’t forget to tag Planner Squad and use the hashtag #plannersquad and #squadette!

Click on the image below to access this free printable!!

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FREE Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers

Free Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad

These free printable planner stickers are contributed to Planner Squad by the lovely Kristin of Intentionally Inspired.  Discover more about Kristin, her blog, and Etsy shop by scrolling down.

Can’t we all use a touch of beauty in our lives each and every day?  Something-even small-that makes the corners of our mouths turn up as our entire face lights up.  Sweet and pretty reminders that we are loved and to go bravely into this world.

These free printable stickers for your planners bring those happy thoughts to mind whenever I gaze upon them.  Don’t you agree?

I am known far and wide as a tomboy-a title that I heartily embrace.  I am much more comfortable at a sporting event than shopping for high heels any day.

That’s why I think that I am the one most shocked that I find myself pulled to softer, more feminine touches when it comes to planning. I typically shy away from floral or pastel anything.  It’s not that I don’t like it-but it’s just not me.

When I started my adventures in planning, I found myself oohing and aahing over delicate, floral cardstock and gorgeous, glittery washi.   Sticker sheets that I printed were full of pastels and flowers.  Who was this planner woman?

I think that planning has been beneficial for me in so many ways.  Sure, I am able to be better organized, feel less stressed, and get more done.  Yes, I enjoy my special planner time that’s just for mommy.

But, I did not anticipate these avenues that have been unleashed.  My creativity AND my femininity!

I feel free to explore my creative side through my planners.  I have always loved to dabble in arts & crafts.  (I worked at Michael’s for over a year during grad school.  It was a miracle that I ever brought home my paycheck!)  Now, I find myself daydreaming over what washi I may use for my next spread and collecting pens to practice hand lettering.

I also feel free drawn to soft, vintage papers, stickers, and washi.  I find these light and airy touches to my spreads are calming and make me happy to use.Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad


Free Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers-Happy Iris

Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers are exclusively found on Planner Squad.  They are a beautiful addition to your collection.  These stickers include reminders and uplifting phrases that will add to a positive feel to any planner spread.

Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad

I am very pleased to share Kristin, one of our Squadettes, free printable watercolor planner stickers with you.  Her Happy Iris collection is darling (had to use one of her favorite words!).  To download your free printable watercolor planner stickers, click here to find these beauties and other Planner Squad goodies.

Kristin can be found sharing her darling creations over at Intentionally Inspired.  Make sure to follow her on these social media.  She has an active Facebook Group called Pretty Plan-It.  Also, she has opened an Etsy shop where you can purchase her delightful goodies and finds.