How Changing How You Plan Can Help You Be More Productive

Hello! My name is Kristen Iness, and I am here to help you get more organized, and productive in your planner.

A lot of us have started using new planners recently, and we’re so excited to jump right into them. But I have some advice for you. STOP what you’re doing, and get out some note paper, before you put pen to planner!

How Changing How you Plan Can Help You be More Productive

Re-evaluate How You’ve Been Planning

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you’ve been planning. Here are some things that you should consider



  • What has been working for me? This is self explanatory, continue to do what you’re doing, if it is helping you stay productive.
  • What HASN’T been working for me? Should be simple right? But this may take some thinking. You may be writing something down, or decorating a certain way. But out of habit you continue. Think about that and eliminate it .
  • Am I still a vertical/horizontal planner? You may be using a vertical planner but you may not need all the space a vertical has to offer, so horizontal will most likely work better for you. No need to use a bigger planner if you don’t have to.
  • Are there new routines that I need to add? Our routines change over time, sometimes in the span of a couple of months. This is something you need to add, so you stay on top of it.
  • Has my schedule changed? Its summer which means your work schedule may changed. This is an important thing to write down
  • My children (if applicable) are out of school, what are we doing? Any special trips coming up? Are they still doing lesson plans for the summer? Summer camp? Summer school? Add these to your list.

I’m sure there are a lot more questions you can ask, but before you jump into your planner think about how you used to plan, and change what needs to be changed.

You may be so used to your planning style, that its a habit to still plan that way, even though it may not be working.


Tips to Help You Get Back on Track and Stay Productive

If your planning style is not working, then you CANNOT be productive! Your planner is to help you stay organized and be productive. So here are some tips to help you get back on track

  • Categorize your priorities (important – least important) This will help you get the important things done first. When you get those out of the way, it will help you do the least important stuff, without having to worry about “what you didn’t do”
  • If you are using a vertical planner use each box as a different priority. This will stop you from jumping from box to box, and keep your priorities. contained. You’ll be more inclined to finish your tasks this way.
  • If you are using a horizontal divide your section into 3 sections. Same as vertical, it will keep your priorities contained.
  • Write down your most important thing you need to do first. This seems like common sense, but sometimes we just forget to write them down, and we just put them in where we have free space. Write these down first, you’ll most likely get them done before anything else
  • Then your least important things last.


This will help you stay organized, and productive. I can guarantee you will feel a lot better getting things done this way.