Order Washi Tape FREE Printable Stickers

What’s up Squadettes?! I’m so excited to have a brand new contributor with us here at Planner Squad. Everyone say hello to Cassie! Today Cassie has an amazing design to share with all of us, in the form of a FREE printable! Keep reading to check it out.

When you sit down and do you realize you just do not have that washi tape you want? If so, then you are just like me. Have you ever made a mental note to order washi, but keep forgetting until it’s too late?

If you have these issues, no fear. We have you covered with this adorable Order Washi FREE printable.

When I tend to run low or see some amazing washi tape that is for sale or pre-order; I always sit down and say, “I will order it in a little bit.” A little bit never happens.

I get side tracked on doing this or that and then several days later it hits, “Hey you never ordered that washi!” I go to order and it is already too late. Either sold out or not available.

So, as many of us are into glam planning we are also into stickers. I have created this adorable Order Washi Printable just for people like myself. With this adorable printable there is no excuse as to why we can not remember to order washi.

Now, that you have seen how adorable this printable is, aren’t you ready to use it? It will certainly make forgetting to order washi tape a thing in the past.

Here are the adorable order washi stickers in my bujo layout for the week. The stickers are less than an inch in size (each) so they will fit in a majority of different planners.

How to Use Printable Stickers

Is this your first time using free printable stickers? If so, here are some instructions on how to use these.

First, print them off using sticker paper (full sheet, 8×11 size). Then either cut them out by hand or use a cutter.

In this case, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut mine. If you use Silhouette Cameo you will have to create cut lines for it.

Once you have them all cut-out, just peel off the backing, and stick into your planner! That is just about all there it is to cutting stickers.

So here’s to hoping there will be no more forgetting to order washi tape. Hope you all enjoy the stickers and hope to see them in your planner(s).

Click on the image below to download this free printable!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

How much do you love these stickers? I know we do! Comment below to thank the amazing Cassie for this printable, and to tell her how awesome they are!



Pretty In Pink: FREE Printables For Both Size Happy Planners

Check out these gorgeous Pretty In Pink FREE printable stickers for both size Happy Planners. Jazz up your planner spreads with these functional yet beautiful stickers.

Hello everyone! It’s Stephanie, your planner goodie lady, with another Happy Planner freebie.

I’ve got another layout for you all to enjoy again!

Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers For Both Size Happy Planners will add an adorable touch to your planner spreads.


I really really love the colors I put in this one. They make me so happy. They remind me of spring and I love spring. And yes, I know that is summer and that summer is almost over *gasp*, but I still love spring.  

I also love the geometric shapes that make up the pattern of the boxes. They look like a bunch of diamonds-and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? 

Here’s a what the pages look like up close!Preview of Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers for both size Happy Planners.

Preview of Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers for both size Happy Planners.

Oh so pretty, isn’t it?

My favorite part of these layouts is not only the pretty colors but the weekly menu and work schedule boxes that are on the second page. These are great for you lovely ladies out there that need to be reminded of when you have to put in hours at work.

This freebie created by yours truly is just like the last couple I’ve provided here at Planner Squad.  They come with the DIY file so that those who wish to can make up their own layouts.

If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own, I have this layout all ready for you to print out at home on sticker paper, label paper or just plain printer paper.

 Also, I totally recommend using a Gyro- Cut tool to cut these out or something similar.   It will make things so much easier to cut out, like the cute little icon pictures and the weekend bunting images. 

These free printables are also available in both options for the Big Happy Planner.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the image below to gain access to this printable and get planning!!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

Enjoy these Pretty In Pink: FREE Printable Stickers for Both Size Happy Planners!  Make sure to browse through all of Planner Squad’s free printables to discover cute and functional ways to decorate your planners!