Use Cardstock in Your Planner with these 5 Easy Ways!

I love figuring out new ways to use my planners and planning supplies, like how to use cardstock in your planner. There are just so many tempting good deals on planner goodies that I have a tendency to get a wee bit obsessed when adorable materials are on sale.

Please tell me you know this type of planner girl fever.

Cardstock in your planner is such fun! Check out these 5 awesome ways that you can rock your planner with cardstock.

How can you use cardstock in your planner?

When you walk into a store that sells planning goodies and you armed with coupons or see those beautiful sale signs, you get a bit feverish.  And excited.  Like wanting to turn cartwheels in the aisle and do a little yodel.  

Okay, you might not be quite as weird as me, but the thrill is real!

Sometimes, planning supplies that you have been eyeballing for a while are reduced in price to make it worth your while. Other times, you happen upon a glorious new planning gem and it’s like you want to sing to the rooftops!

Ladies, these feelings are real.  They are genuine.  And these feelings are what I go through whenever I discover a new pad of gorgeous cardstock.

Feel free to insert whatever planning material that you are slightly obsessed with.  These feelings are not restricted to just cardstock!

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would amass the collection that I have today.  And the collection continues to grow!  I mean, when you walk into the store and find anywhere from 24 to 36 pages of beauty staring up at you and waiting to come home so you can use them to prettify your planner, how can you say no?

There are so many fabulous ways to use cardstock in your planners!

Now, you may own more or less of cardstock.  That’s cool. There’s no need for cardstock comparison or jealousy. There is definitely enough cardstock to go around, my planner friend!

Then, you get home. You wonder what you are actually going to do with it.  In the store, it looked so pretty and needed you. And you needed it. But, then what?

Don’t just let your pretty cardstock sit there, alone and unused!

5 Easy Ways to Use Cardstock in Your Planner

1. Dashboards

Dashboards are super easy to make using cardstock.  With the right type of punch for your planner, you can easily create decorative dashboards.  Use a ruler to size your paper to fit properly in your planner.  A paper trimmer can be useful to help you cut straight lines.  Or a nice pair of scissors will do.

When you have your dashboard cut to size, punch and insert into your planner.

Use cardstock for interesting dashboards in your planners.
Cardstock on cardstock ūüôā

2.  DIY Washi  Tape

Have you seen all that gorgeous washi tape out there?  Oh my stars!

If you can’t afford to have all the washi tape of your dreams, you can make your own!  Use a paper trimmer to correctly size and cut whatever cardstock you have on hand in place of washi tape.  A glue stick or glue dots can be used to adhere your DIY washi tape into place.

You can use cardstock for DIY washi tape!


Make your own washi tape using card stock! Great for themed planner layouts!

3.  DIY Inserts

Planner inserts are one of my most favorite planner add-ons ever!  These cute little babies can help you truly customize your planner.

Simply take a piece of your favorite cardstock.  Measure and cut to size.  Punch.  Decorate with stickers and stamps.  Use your favorite pens to jot down to-do lists, chores, errands, meal plans, and more!

4.  DIY Stickers

Have you ever seen some of the special pages in your cardstock pad collections?  Oooh!  They are so purty!

Choose a pack of cardstock for a beautiful planner layout theme.

Cut those sweet things out & glue them in as stickers!  Or use a decorative punch to make some super cute DIY stickers for use as decoration or functional purposes.

You can use a decorate paper punch to make DIY stickers out of cardstock.

Great way to repurpose cardstock trimmings.

Don't throw away cardstock trimmings! Use them to make DIY planner stickers!

5.  Pretty Planner Envelopes

You can make your own pretty planner envelopes out of cardstock.  They look so adorable and they really aren’t that hard to make.  With just a few materials and a bit of time, you can use up some of your cardstock stash for functional AND pretty planner envelopes!

Make some pretty envelopes for your planners to increase storage options.

What are some creative ways that YOU like to use cardstock in your planner?  Share your ideas in the comments below ūüôā

How to Make Pretty Envelopes for Your Planner

Need a great way to have extra storage in your planner? Check out this DIY tutorial on how to make pretty envelopes for your planners.


Do you need a great way to store and organize receipts and small notes in your planner?

Want a way to boost the use of your planner by making it more functional yet maintain its pretty?

Find out how to make pretty envelopes for your planner!  Super easy DIY project that you can do with only a few materials, a bit of time, and have creative fun.


What You Will Need to Make Pretty Envelopes for Your Planner:

1. ¬†12 x 12″ Cardstock

ColorBok 75386 Spray Paint Cardstock Paper Pad 12ColorBok 75386 Spray Paint Cardstock Paper Pad 12Darice Core'dinations Value Pack Cardstock, 12 by 12-Inch, 100-PackDarice Core’dinations Value Pack Cardstock, 12 by 12-Inch, 100-PackColorBok 71876A Cardstock Paper Pad Marble, 12ColorBok 71876A Cardstock Paper Pad Marble, 12

2.  Scissors

3.  Washi tape (or regular tape)

AGU 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Decorative Adhesive Tape for DIY Crafts,Beautify Bullet Journals ,PlannersAGU 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Decorative Adhesive Tape for DIY Crafts,Beautify Bullet Journals ,PlannersLittleCraftCo Premium Washi Tape Set - 20 Rolls. Create Unique Decorative Crafts + Beautify Bullet Journals or Planners Easily! Variety of Foil, Rainbow Colors and Patterns For Kids & Scrapbooking!LittleCraftCo Premium Washi Tape Set – 20 Rolls. Create Unique Decorative Crafts + Beautify Bullet Journals or Planners Easily! Variety of Foil, Rainbow Colors and Patterns For Kids & Scrapbooking!me & my BIG ideas WTT-13 Create 365 The Happy Planner Washi Tape Tube, Rose Planner Basicsme & my BIG ideas WTT-13 Create 365 The Happy Planner Washi Tape Tube, Rose Planner Basics

4.  Glue stick

5.  Marker (optional)

6.  Paper clip (optional)


Steps to Make Your Pretty Envelopes

You can make your own pretty envelopes for your planner out of cardstock & a few other materials.

  1. ¬†Select the 12 x 12″ cardstock that you would like to use for your pretty planner envelope.


It's easy to make pretty envelopes for your planners!

2. ¬†Use a 6 x 9″ mailing envelope as a template.


You only need a few materials to make pretty envelopes for your planners!

3.  Gently open up mailing envelope at its seams and lay out on cardstock.


Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to make pretty envelopes for your planners.

4.  Use a pencil to lightly trace the template onto cardstock.


Pretty envelopes for your planners are super simple to make & enjoy.

5.  Cut on traced lines.  Save those paper trimmings!  You can use those pieces in creative ways in your planners!


Have fun making your own pretty envelopes for your planners!

6.  Optional:  Draw light lines on cardstock where you plan to fold.


Get step-by-step directions & pictures on how to make your own pretty envelopes for planning.

7.  Fold cardstock along seams (two vertical on sides and one seam on bottom).  Use a ruler (or other straight surface) to press the seam and flatten.


Making your own pretty envelopes for your planners is fun!

8.  Use ruler again to make sure seams are flat.


Easily make pretty envelopes for your planners with this tutorial.

9.  Use a glue stick to apply a thin line of glue to outer edge of one vertical side.  Overlap the other side and press to adhere.


Pretty envelopes are fantastic additions to your planners.

10.  Use glue stick on bottom seam of the envelope.  Fold bottom side up and press to adhere.


You only need a few materials to make pretty envelopes for your planners.

11.  To make your envelope even prettier, use a few pieces of washi tape to reinforce the seams.


Make some pretty envelopes for your planners to increase storage options.

12.  Fold the top side down.  You can use a piece of washi tape to keep envelope shut.

Pretty envelopes are awesome for your planners & easy to make!

13.  A paper clip can also be a great way to secure your pretty planner envelope.


You can easily make pretty envelopes to enjoy in your planners.

14.  Use a punch appropriate for your planner to place holes in the envelope on the side (or bottom).  (Shown:  my A5 Carpe Diem, Stella, with Recollections punch.  Yes, I name my planners.  They are like good friends.)


And there you have it!  Rinse and repeat for as many pretty planner envelopes as you like! You can even make these envelopes to use outside of your planners.  The possibilities are endless!

How will you use your DIY pretty planner envelopes?

10+ Reasons to Love Your Planner!

There are so many reasons to love your planner! We share a few ways that we love our planners & want to learn how planners help make your life better.


How do I love my planners?  Let me count the ways!

And I’d love to have you help me! ¬†Let’s share all the ways that we love our planners! ¬†Because, ladies, you understand how our planners serve so many amazing purposes.

How do YOU love your planner?

Make sure to share your reasons for appreciating and respecting all that your planners and their gorgeous goodies have to offer at the end of this post!  We want to read all about how your planners hold a special place in your heart.

10+ Reasons to Love Your Planner!

1. ¬†Organization: ¬†I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit squirrely and spacey. ¬†And with good reason. ¬†I’m usually spinning at least a few plates at a time with homeschooling five boys, two blogs, and serving as a domestic engineer (or whatever the new hip term is to describe all the tasks that a stay-at-home mom does!).

2.  Sanity Saving:  See above for my reasons for needing multiple planners.  My planners are my go-to places to brain dump, create to-do lists, and basically keep my brain from exploding.

3. ¬†Feminine: ¬†I need something that’s just for me, you know? ¬†As the only female in a house filled with testosterone (hubby, five boys, male dog, male bird, male fish), I must have something that represents being a woman. ¬†My planners can be as girly, frilly, and pink as I want them to be!

4.  Creative Outlet:  My planners provide a place to let my creative juices flow.  I get to recharge and replenish.  Planners help me feel like a human being again after a long day.

5. ¬†Portable: ¬†It feels like we are constantly on-the-go. ¬†I must have a way to carry around my 553 checklists and reminders! ¬†I don’t care for online planning systems. ¬†Bleh! ¬†Give me pretty paper and pens any day!

6. ¬†Variety: ¬†It’s the spice of life, right? ¬†So many beautiful supplies! ¬†So many gorgeous layouts and spreads!

7. ¬†Dependable: ¬†My planners are always there for me. ¬†Well, at least when I remember to bring them along for the car ride ūüėČ ¬†But, no matter what, my planners are there for me when I return home and need some relaxation time by myself.

8.  Fashionable:  I am not known for my trendy styles or being a fashionista.  Tomboy or casual are my favorites.  My planners, however, are always looking snazzy with their decorative clips, washi tape, and stickers.

9. ¬†Flexible: ¬†I mentioned my busy life. ¬†Yeah, it gets cray-cray. ¬†And, sadly, that means that my planning time is not always what I’d like it to be every week. ¬†I love how I can adjust the amount I decorate my planners according to what time is available. ¬†What’s that famous planning saying? ¬†“The rules are there ain’t no rules.” ¬†And if that’s not a saying, it should be!

10. ¬†My Brain: ¬†On days when an insidious fog descends upon my brain, I can turn to my trusted planners to back me up. ¬†It’s quite lovely to know that all of our schedules, appointments, errands, and other tasks are all right there, even if my brain is not.

It’s your turn! ¬†Share all the reasons that you love your planner in the comments below.


10 Unique Ways You May Love Using Your Planner

Lady T is sharing more great tips and ideas to inspire you for using your planners in new ways.  Make sure to grab your free planner inserts at the end of the post!

Discover these 10 unique ways you may love using your planner. Also, grab your FREE printable blog planner kit with stickers & inserts!

10 Unique Ways You May Love Using Your Planner

1.  Track your Mood

Tracking your mood daily. ¬†With a simple emoticon, like a happy face, sad face, grumpy face, pissy face. ¬†So, when your family says ‚ÄúYou‚Äôve been crabby lately,‚ÄĚ you can flip open your planner, point out those happy faces, and reply, ‚ÄúNope, I don’t thiiiiiiink so!‚ÄĚ


2.  Gratitude 

I fail here a lot.  It’s not that I’m not thankful, but I need to be more disciplined in taking note of it. Go back over your past weeks and find what you were thankful for. Set a reminder for the next week ahead to send a card, email, or call someone just to thank them. It will go a long way for both of you.


3.  Health & Symptoms

I have Hashimotos and complicated migraines. ¬†I can tell when my levels are off, ¬†just by glancing in my planner. ¬†Track your meds and symptoms. No, this has nothing to do with tracking my mood…grumble…see happy faces in my planner…(sticking out tongue).


4.  Volunteer Work & Donations

Everyone can help a little more. You’ve been meaning to…well, write it dow! Plan it. If you plan it, you will do it. ¬†I have a monthly plan to donate things around the house. ¬†I need to continually downsize and it’s a perfect time to share clothes, appliances, and toys not being used.


5.  Memories

Go back and note memories of the day in empty spaces in your planner. Those little tid bits that made you smile. This turns your planner into more than a planner. ¬†It’s like a brief history of life’s little journeys. So, when your child asks, ‚ÄúCan we get a kitten?‚ÄĚ and you reply, ‚ÄúI’m allergic, we can’t be in the same house.‚ÄĚ and they reply back, ‚ÄúThat’s ok you can sleep outside.‚ÄĚ Yeah…priceless.


6.  Yard, Garden, & Indoor Plants

Time to spray? Water? Yep, it’s all in my planner! My cactus truly believed it lived in a desert until I started to water regularly.


7.  Household maintenance 

We know you schedule your cleaning and laundry, but how about changing air filters, washing outside windows, air-conditioning/heater maintenance, and cleaning out those house vents?  You can actually save your families lives by scheduling to clean your dryer vents and to change fire alarm batteries to help to prevent potential fires.


8.  Crafts 

I could collect Pinterest pictures until the cows come home but I’m on craft picture overload. I list the projects I plan to do, the materials required, and check them off the list. Typically, I will use the sidebar in my planner for this if I only plan one project for the week.  Yeah right!  Insert more sidebars here;)


9.  No Spend Goals

Do you find yourself a collector of crafting supplies, an Amazon junkie or a Target $1 bin dumpster diver? Me too. I have a huge tendency to overspend. Putting spend limits in my planner or no spend weekly goals in my calendar helps me keep some control. ¬†Except when buying stickers from Planner Squad…it’s ok to get stickers from Planner Squad…I’m just saying…some things just shouldn’t be banned…


10.  Blog Stats, Posts, & Social Media

Are you a blogger, a pinner, or a socialite spinner? Use your planner for Blog stats, ¬†Blog Posts,¬†and Social media posts!¬†¬†I have started using my Blog Planner Insert‚ÄĒdesigned especially for my planner for blog tracking. ¬†It‚Äôs a tad easier if you track it in your planner or better yet if you try the Blog Planner Inserts ¬†because there is more room for writing and tracking your posts.

The Blog Planner Insert set comes with adorable tracking stickers and a dashboard, too! You can punch and add them anywhere you want into your planner.

CLICK HERE OR ON IMAGE BELOW to subscribe to Planner Squad and get your FREE Blog & Social Planner Kit!

Discover 10 unique ways you may love using your planner. Plus, grab these free blog planner inserts and stickers.


Thanks for dropping in and again. This is LadyT, for Planner Squad. Let us know what you think Squadettes. Will this free blog planner kit help you?




How To Use a Happy Planner to Journal for Therapy

Planner Squad loves to have our Squadettes share how they are using their planners.  It can be extremely helpful to discover how other planner girls creatively use their planners for function and fun.

Mayghan shares how her Happy Planner has helped her deal with some mental health and physical concerns.  Discover how she is using her planner to journal for therapy.  We greatly appreciate her willingness to allow us a sneak peek at her life and how planning has been a tremendous benefit to her overall well-being.


You can use customized inserts to help you journal for therapy in your Happy Planner.


I have to preface this post by saying that I have never done a blog post, but I shall do my best. I apologize for how personal this post may be compared to the ones that you normally read about all things planner related. But, this journal template came about due to a personal situation, so I thought it best to give it it’s due.

Due to some crazy life experiences, I attended some therapy sessions this past summer. I‚Äôve lived in Fort McMurray, Alberta since 2012, and was evacuated with 88,000 other people this summer during ‚ÄúThe Beast‚ÄĚ of a wildfire that swept through our city. The company I work for encouraged every Fort McMurray employee to go to therapy if they needed it, and they would cover 4 sessions.

I still didn‚Äôt know if my home was standing or not (it turned out to be fine, there wasn’t even any smoke damage). ¬†Also, I‚Äôve had a chronic pain issue (pelvic floor injury) for 9 years and residual issues from an unprovoked bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolism on Christmas of 2014. ¬†I figured it would be a good time to ‚Äúcheck under the hood‚ÄĚ so to speak.¬†


Find out how you can use customized inserts in your Happy Planner to journal for therapy.

Using My Happy Planner to Journal for Therapy

The first thing the therapist wanted me to do was to begin keeping a journal. She wanted to track my:

  • Emotional State
  • Mental State
  • Physical Activity
  • Pain Levels

I love the IDEA of journaling l for therapy but have never been able to make the habit stick.

I went back to my boss’s house (where I was staying during the evacuation) and sat down and thought. I had just recently purchased my first Mambi Happy Planner and was loving it, and I had seen templates online. But, nothing seemed to fit what I was looking for. 

So, I decided to make one for myself.¬†I turned it into a nice little¬†8-page¬†booklet using 2 8 ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ x 11‚ÄĚ pieces of paper, printed them on both sides, and folded them in half. I even made a cover page, so I could keep track of which week it belonged to. And after I used my¬†Mambi hole¬†punch, it easily slipped into place in my planner.


Check out how to use a Happy Planner to journal for therapy.


I think I really surprised the therapist the next week when I returned. But, she loved it and encouraged me to continue the way that I was going.

My goal is that once I have several months worth of entries, I will take each category and put it into a spreadsheet to see the pattern. (If there is any interest in learning more about how to do this, let us know in the comments below!)

My activity and stress levels always increase my pain, so it will be interesting to see how that correlates on a graph. It will also be interesting to see how my emotional state corresponds with it. 


Learn about using a customized insert to journal for therapy in your Happy Planner by Mambi.


For the first time in my life, I’m actually consistently using a journal. I don’t feel pressure to write paragraph upon paragraph anymore. Just a few quick sentences and I’m good until the next day! 



You can use customized inserts to help you journal for therapy in your Happy Planner.


Click on the Image Below to Download Your FREE Printable Journal Insert!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

How would you benefit from using a journal for therapy?