Color Crush Giveaway-A5 Planner Kit + More!

Color Crush Giveaway A5 Planner Kits + More!

Who is ready for another rockin’ Planner Squad giveaway!  Ladies, get those dancing shoes on because you are going to be doing a happy dance (or should we say Color Crush!)

Planner Squad is super excited to announce our latest giveaway.  We know that you love planners like we love planners.  We have heard your chatter over in our Facebook group about how much you are crushin’ on Color Crush.  (We admit-we also tend to blush when we look at a Crush!)

Disclaimer:  This giveaway for a Color Crush A5 Planner Kit + More is sponsored by Planner Squad.  This post also contains affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase through one of our affiliates that Planner Squad will receive a commission.  We use these funds to put back into Planner Squad to keep spreading the planner love!

Color Crush Giveaway Instagram Planner Kit + More!

Color Crush from Webster Pages has become one of my favorite planners.  I love the quality and style of these gorgeous planners.  I have a personal Color Crush planner in hot pink.  I love how easy it is to carry around.  I never worry that it will become damaged or fall apart.

I have a similar planner in A5 size.  My Carpe Diem A5 is also outstanding and I will be sharing a thorough comparison of both A5 planners in the very near Planner Squad future.

When I saw this stunning white Color Crush A5 Planner Kit on Blitsy, I knew that Planner Squad needed to have it as a giveaway.  These puppies were flying off the shelves and I was lucky enough to land one for Planner Squad.

To complete the giveaway, I had to throw in one of their pretty tassels and some fun stickers.

Color Crush Giveaway-A5 Planner Kit + More! Come & check out this gorgeous white planner.


Color Crush Giveaway-A5 Planner Kit  More!

One lucky Squadette will receive:

Color Crush Giveaway-A5 Planner Kit + More! 2 sets of inserts and dividers

The planner kit will have the winner set with plenty of inserts and dividers.  (I do want to point out that this kit runs from October 2015-December 2016.)

Color Crush Giveaway - A5 Planner Kit + More! tassel stickers enamel dots

I will be completely honest-I am going to have a very hard time letting this beauty go!  I have one of these on the top of my planner wishlist.  Enter to win and stay subscribed to Planner Squad.  We have many more giveaways like this coming soon!

Color Crush Giveaway - A5 Planner Kit + More! white front

Best of luck to all entrants!  Keep on rockin’ your planners!


Creating DIY Planner Kit From Your Own Stash!

DIY Planner Kit

Creating Kits

The craft room is beginning to resemble a craft store; the credit card is maxed out and the kid’s college fund has been (ahem!) wisely invested in a collection of Maldens. So, why is it, that when we spot a new ‘Planner Kit’ we can’t help but want it? Need it?

Convenience. Having a planner kit delivered each and every month takes the ‘hard work’ out of planning – everything that’s needed to personalise a planner; create a monthly spread or decorate ‘for the season’ is there, in a handy little box, ready and waiting to be used. It’s also really easy to throw a planner kit into a tote bag for that all important scrapbook club or planner meet.

Excitement. There is something amazing about knowing that there’s some happy mail waiting at home – and this is only exacerbated if the kit hasn’t been ‘revealed’ in full before it’s sent out to subscribers. Sneaks of kit contents and waiting for it’s arrival all add to the anticipation.

But what if we could emulate the convenience of a kit club and become excited all over again about the stash that we already have? And all without splashing out any extra cash?

I know that it’s tempting, especially when the ENTIRE WORLD seems to be sharing their haul. Believe me, I have been tempted to subscribe to some of the very lovely kit clubs that are out there. But there’s something stops me every time I think about it – and that’s the fact that I know there will be something in almost every kit that I won’t want/use; and that there will, usually, be a kit during the subscription period that I absolutely loathe. Not everyone likes unicorns. I know, it’s shocking, right? 🙂

So, instead of signing myself up for a subscription kit, I create my own kits by ‘shopping my stash’ and not only do I save myself a substantial amount of money, but I also end up with a kit full of stuff that I chose to spend my money on!

And, I want to show you how easy it is to do!

Make A Start ­

One of the easiest ways to start creating a kit is to have some inspiration in mind. You could choose a colour combination, a theme or an inspiration kit to emulate. As a member of the Design Team for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I’ll usually be working with a ‘kit to counterfeit’ and I’ll make a note of anything in the original kit that inspires me – like the colours, patterns, words, themes or embellishments – then find items from my own stash that remind me of those elements.

When I’m creating my own kits, I’ll usually start by deciding what I want to make with it and I find that having a project in mind will help me to narrow down my choices a little. Working in my Color Crush means that I tend to favour softer colour combinations and more feminine touches, like florals, fabrics and cute embellishments. But when I’m working in my Black A5 ‘Business’ Filofax, I tend to work with a more vibrant selection of colours. Maybe that’s in the hope that I’ll stay awake while I’m working on my business taxes!?

Find A Foundation ­

Clearing out the craft room last week, I found a cute little A6 binder that I had completely forgotten about. (Confession, I can’t even remember buying it. Um. Yeah. See? This is another benefit of creating kits. You uncover all sorts of things that are creating clutter, collecting dust, and would otherwise be a waste of cash!)


DIY Planner Kits

I’ve been meaning to start a little blog binder – somewhere to keep a little blog schedule; organise new ideas and check off deadlines – and the small size of the binder means that it will be easy to keep in my handbag so that I can make the most of my commute.

Add In Some Colour ­

Now, what’s next? Well, there’s not much inside the binder – a few transparent dividers and an inside pocket – it’s ripe for a little development. Knowing that I want to add new dividers means that I’ll need some nice colourful cardstock and the small size of the folder means that I have the choice of using a smaller size, like 6×6 or A5. It’s like the choices are starting to make themselves!

DIY Planner Kits
First Selection


Heading to my little selection of 6×6, I whittled them down to seven that were entirely monochrome on one side. Then I turned them over to check the colours on the other side of the sheet (it’s important to bear this in mind, if both sides will be on display) and then selected four that worked well with each other – more monochrome, red and a little touch of metallics. You can see that I removed the multi­coloured sheets that were a little more ‘neon’ – and this made the selection a little more cohesive.

DIY Planner Kits
Second Selection


I then went back to my stack of 6×6 and found a few more sheets with red, metallics and one small little accent of aqua to add to my selection. I ended up with seven sheets in total – and a colour combination to work with!

DIY Planner Kits
Final Selection


Embellish ­

Still with me? Oh excellent, because now it’s the fun bit! Anyone want to join me in dive­bombing their embellishment stash? Using the colours of my cardstock as a basis, I added alphas from Simple Stories and My Mind’s Eye; craft tape from Paperchase and DoCrafts; and a stack of index cards from WH Smith. (They are a perfect fit for the little binder – result!)

DIY Planner Kit
DIY Planner Kit

Last, but not least there’s an eclectic, little mix of buttons, stickers, charms, paperclips and sparkly stones – and a massive stack of ‘hand­stamped, hand­cut’ embellishments that are my cost- cutting alternative to die­cuts. (I’ll be sharing how I make those in another instalment, so keep coming back.)

Now that the planner kit is complete, treat it like a planner kit that would have been worthy of some cash – because, let’s face it, every item in it has been bought already. Sit back and admire it for a little while, then enjoy working with it until it’s all used or it’s time to move on – with the added benefit that there’s no need to feel guilty if there’s something leftover!

Need Extra Inspiration?

I’m hoping that I’ve inspired you to try creating your own kit, but if you need a little extra inspiration head on over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge where we share a new ‘kit to counterfeit’ each month.