Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout

Get your planners ready for Fall with this adorable Free Printable!  Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout is full of rich autumn colors and designs.


Oh my gosh, who is ready for Fall to be here?

*raises hand*

I so am. We’ve had so much rain here in Minnesota that it is ridiculous. With the rain comes the state bird, the mosquito, and I’m so over being bit up every time I go outside. So yes, I want Fall here.

I am a huge admirer of Fall. I love pumpkins, the cooler weather, cider, apple picking, the leaves changing colors, anything that comes with Fall, I’ll take it!

Naturally, being a person who loves this time of year, I have created, for you fine people, a weekly kit that is decked out in Fall colors for your pretty Happy Planners.

Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout




How I Used Fall Weekly Layout For Happy Planners



I simply love the colors and patterns in this layout. They are just the perfect representation of Fall.

I normally  decorate my Happy Planner at least a couple weeks ahead of the week that we are on.  If I need to write down something that is coming up, I can write in there without having to erase it or cover it up with pretty printables. I was super excited that I could use this weekly layout for my first full week in October!



I loved how it turned out. I got a little creative and cut up some washi to make like a checklist sticker for my boxes.

This printable comes with the usual decorative boxes, half boxes, tags and hexagons. I added in some small boxes that are kind of like the header boxes but a little bit thicker, to add a little pretty to your boxes if you don’t want to use washi tape or you need a little something extra.

I love having my little Weekly Menu box over there in the notes section of the layout because then I can look ahead at what we’re having for supper this week and plan our meals around our events for that week.




I really hope you enjoy this printable that I made for you! Don’t forget to share it and tag Planner Squad!!


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Images and clip art via FreePik and Harper Finch.

Free Printable Special Dates Planner Insert

Get your free printable Special Dates planner insert! Perfect way to add a functional touch of adorable to your planners!

In my last post I shared the free printable academic calendar which seems to have been a big hit with you Squadettes. Today, I am sharing a free printable Special Dates insert to follow on with the functional planning theme.

Get these free Special Dates planner printables! Functional yet adorable!

Functional Planning…

Functional planning is my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the fun stuff too but my planner HAS to be functional for it to work for me and that is why I am a “white space” planner girl. I do use the odd sticker here and there but I need white space in order for my planning system to work for me.

In the last few weeks, I have seen my planning system evolve. I think this is mainly due to the fact my son will be starting school in September and that I need to keep on top of other certain things in my life. I have always had a Special Dates calendar in my planner but I never really used it. It was one of those pages that I never had time to complete and so it has been blank for most of this year.

These Special Dates printables are free & a fantastic way to jazz up your planners.

Time to take note….

This week, my husband and I sat down together to do some finance planning. It wasn’t finance planning of the serious kind but planning for things such as holidays, projects around the house, Christmas and so on. At this point, it dawned on us just how many birthdays in the family we had missed. We have had a very busy year this year with getting used to being a parent of two babies, shift changes with my husbands work and the set up of my Etsy business. It was time to fill out the Special Dates insert to try and get to grips with all the important dates that we have to remember. Now that I have everything written in one place, I’m hoping I can get to grips with remembering things a little better.

Free Printable Special Dates Insert

Since I know that some religions and faiths don’t celebrate events, I thought it would be more ideal to have a Special Dates insert rather than a Celebrations Calendar. This makes the free printable Special Dates Insert accessible to everyone. As usual, I have included an A5 version and personal size version. Please check out a my recent post with printing tips if you are new to printables or if you need some help with the printing process. You can also tag me over in the Planner Squad Facebook group. 

Use these free Special Date planner printables for cute & functional ways to stay on top of special times.

I love seeing how the freebies are being used so feel free to share your photos in the group, spread some inspiration, and let me know how you are your free printable Special Dates insert.

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FREE Daily & Weekly Planner Inserts For A5 & Personal Size Planners

Get your free daily & weekly planner inserts for A5 & personal planner sizes. Functional and cute, these inserts will help you stay organized while you rock your planners!

Time has flown by since I last blogged for the Planner Squad. I am back with more free printable planner inserts.

I don’t know about you but my planning system is constantly evolving with my ever changing needs to stay organized and on top of things. Last month I quit my corporate job to focus on my planning business, Little Chiqui Paperie, on a full time basis and since then things have been a little crazy.

Getting organized and staying on track with free planner inserts

The traditional week on two pages just isn’t cutting it anymore. Although I use my planner daily I am failing to plan every day which is leaving me feeling very unorganized. My weekly spread just doesn’t allow me to plan daily. I therefore need a daily planner to keep me functional.  I was inspired to design a daily/weekly planner to share with you all. I have to tell you-I LOVE the design and set up.

Get your free functional planner inserts for A5 & personal size planners.

The daily planner inserts

It has two days to a page in vertical format which means you can print a whole week to one sheet of A4/letter sized paper (when printed duplex). Each day allows you to track your important water intake, your top 3 goals for the day, your workouts and appointments. There is also a section for you to meal plan. Whats more, these free planner inserts are available in both A5 and personal size. The personal size is really tempting me to abandon my A5 Kikki K. I love just about anything in miniature set up and these pages are just so cute.

How will I be using my daily planner inserts with weekly set up?

I have designed a similar set up customized to my own needs and I plan to use them alongside my weekly spread. I need a weekly spread to see where I am at a glance. I mainly use my weekly spread to note appointments, errands, household chores and anything related to my husband, children and household. My daily pages will be used to note the things I NEED to do on any particular day and will most likely be work related.

Check out these free daily & weekly planner inserts for A5 & personal size planners. Functional & cute, these Planner Squad inserts will help you get & stay organized.

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How do you use your weekly/daily pages to stay organized?

We’d love to hear how you use your set up to stay organized and functional.

Free Kawaii Functional Cleaning Stickers for Your Planners

Cleaning. Its the bane of any mother’s existence. Really, just ask any mom you come across!

There’s nothing worse than staring at a pile (or 4) of dirty clean laundry that needs to be washed folded and put away. And don’t even get me started on the constantly growing pile of dirty dishes in the sink!

Check out these FREE functional Kawaii cleaning stickers for your planners!  Adorable reminders to help you tackle those tasks that you just don't want to do.

Free Kawaii Functional Cleaning Stickers

What if I told you that there is one way to make the mundane process of house cleaning and chores a little bit more enjoyable? Guess what, there is!

All you need to do is download these FREE Kawaii functional cleaning stickers created by Nathalie Hölterhoff, one of our awesome Squadettes!

We’re so excited to have these super cute free printables that Nathalie made just for us in the Planner Squad pink color! Seriously – how cute are these?! 

You can download Nathalie’s FREE Kawaii functional cleaning stickers by clicking on the image below!

kawaii functional cleaning stickers preview

Click here to download these free Kawaii functional cleaning stickers!


Now, I may actually enjoy adding my cleaning chores to my planner. I may not enjoy the cleaning part any more than normal, but at least the stickers might help motivate me a little more, right? Here’s to hoping!

At least they will look cute in my planner!

Once you’ve had a chance to try these beauties out in your own planners, be sure to upload a pic and tag us @plannersquad so we can see it (and don’t forget hashtag #plannersquad)!

About Nathalie Hölterhoff

Nathalie has an awesome blog (which you can find here) where she blogs about all kinds of things from her love of all things rockabilly (she totally rocks that vintage look!) to, you guessed it, planner freebies!

You can also find Nathalie on her instagram account, twitter account, and of course, her blog.

Make sure you check her out and send her some Squadette love!

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Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

FREE Patriotic Planner Stickers for Regular & Large Happy Planner

Free patriotic stickers for regular and large Happy Planner.


Hey all!

I’m here again to share with you a wonderful printable planner sticker set for the summer holidays!

Who’s ready for summer? I sure am. I love the warmth, playing outside and you can’t forget about the summer holidays either!!

The printable planner sheet I’m sharing with you today is one that can be used either for Memorial Day or for Independence Day.

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love being outside playing with kids, grilling, going to a parade and having a bonfire in the evening and maybe going to see some fireworks.

Isn’t it so very pretty?

Patriotic Planner stickers for Happy Planner & Large Happy Planner.

This sticker set is mostly a functional set. And what that means is that it’s meant to be used for the real purpose of a planner and that’s to plan for your week/month. There are a few pretties that I’ve added in there like the stars and flag. This set also comes with a couple of icons that you can plop on your weekly spread. They include a mail/email icon, washing machine, trash can, a money bag for pay day, a vacuum and a shopping cart.

I used some pretty washi that I had and that also got from my planner swap buddy last month, the very awesome Amy Milcic. Which if you’re reading this and haven’t signed up for Planner Squad’s monthly buddy swap, you totally need to do that for next month. No joke. It’s so much fun to get happy mail from people who have the same love of planning as you! If you don’t know what the buddy swap is, check out this post Planner Squad May Swap from last month that talks all about it!!

Patriotic planner stickers-free printable for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner

Free printable patriotic stickers for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

This is how my fourth of July week layout turned out!

Free printable planner stickers patriotic style for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

Free patriotic planner stickers for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

Free patriotic planner stickers for regular and large Happy Planner.

I love seeing what other people do with their weekly layouts with the same printable but different ideas come out as they are being decorated and adding in other elements to make it their own. I don’t like to have too much of my week covered up, and like to have a little white space, but you do whatever you’d like to make your week layout purdy!

So I know that some of you planner addicts out there bought the bigger happy planner and there are very few free sticker layouts out there for you to put in your pretty new planner. Well guess what…I got one for you! Aren’t I nice? Just in time for your new planner to start too!!

So come and get these right now!!

Patriotic Planner Stickers for Regular & Large Happy Planner

Click here to download these free printables!

Happy Planning!!