FREE Daily & Weekly Planner Inserts For A5 & Personal Size Planners

Get your free daily & weekly planner inserts for A5 & personal planner sizes. Functional and cute, these inserts will help you stay organized while you rock your planners!

Need free printable planner inserts to help you stay organized? Tina from Little Chiqui Paperie has created just what you need.

If your planning system is constantly evolving with a need to stay organized, these free planner printables will help.

Getting organized and staying on track with free planner inserts

The traditional week on two pages just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Although I use my planner daily, I’m failing to plan every day. This is leaving me feeling very unorganized.

My weekly spread doesn’t allow me to plan daily so a daily planner was needed to keep me functional. 

I was inspired to design a daily/weekly planner to share with you all but I’m not going to lie, I LOVE the design and set up.

Get your free functional planner inserts for A5 & personal size planners.

The daily planner inserts

It has two days to a page in vertical format which means you can print a whole week to one sheet of A4/letter sized paper (when printed duplex).

Each day allows you to track your important water intake, your top 3 goals for the day, your workouts and appointments. There is also a section for you to meal plan.

What’s more, these free planner inserts are available in both A5 and personal size.

The personal size is tempting me to abandon my A5 Kikki K since anything in miniature form is making my heart super happy these days.

Seriously, have you seen these pages? They are just so cute!

How will I be using my daily planner inserts with weekly set up?

In the past I have designed a similar set up customized to my own needs. The plan was to use them alongside my weekly spread. A weekly spread was needed to see where I am at a glance.

I mainly use my weekly spread to note appointments, errands, household chores and anything related to my husband, children and household.

My daily pages will be used to note the things I NEED to do on any particular day and will most likely be work related.

Check out these free daily & weekly planner inserts for A5 & personal size planners. Functional & cute, these Planner Squad inserts will help you get & stay organized.

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How do you use your weekly/daily pages to stay organized?

We’d love to hear how you use your set up to stay organized and functional.

How to Make Your Planner Sassy with Free Pink, Black, & Glitter Weekly Kit

Hey, planner gal! Would you like a fun way to make your planner sassy? How does a free printable weekly kit sound?

Yeah, I’m doing a major happy dance over here, too! 

Disclaimer: Planner Squad was compensated for time and use of product. All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.

Find out more about this awesome weekly kit for your planner, the amazing resource we used to design it, and why we think it’s just what you need to add a touch of sass to your planning.

How a Planner Weekly Kit Can Turn Your Frown Upside Down

I’m guessing since you are here checking out this gorgeous weekly kit that you know the joys of planning as a hobby. You have experienced what it’s like to search for a new planner, smell the new paper, and let your imagination soar as you think of all the ways you can get your planning on.

Planning can bring such happiness to a blah type of day. Or week. Or month.

After the holidays, it’s easy to feel glum. Colder weather often brings seasonal sadness. And then, there’s Valentine’s Day.

Even if you have a sweetie, depression strikes hard in February.

So, what can you do, my planner friend?

Make your planner sassy with this weekly kit!


Free Planner Weekly Kit in Pink, Black, & Glitter

Squeal! This kit has what it takes to put a smile on your face. Check out that bold pink! And the gold glitter!

I think I’ve just experienced planner ecstasy!

Planner Squad is once again teaming up with Font Bundles to create and share magnificent planner printables to make your planner pop.

This free weekly kit will help you sass up your planner.
Example of this weekly kit in a Recollections planner. Check out those sassy fonts!


The fonts for this weekly kit for your planners are super sassy! We love this great deal from Font Bundles.



You can easily add a bit of sass to your planners with this free printable weekly kit.


Whew! This weekly kit has all you need to create a layout that shines.

  • 8 different full decorative boxes
  • 8 half-boxes
  • 2 strips of washi tape to cover the bottom sections of the page
  • Gold glitter weekend (in “Celestia” font)
  • Date Covers (using “Celestia” font)
  • 14 header stickers (in “Succulent” font)
  • 6 full-size checklist flags in gold
  • 6 half-size checklist flags in gold
  • Helpful Notes area (using “Celestia” font)
  • 4 blank quarter boxes
  • 2 habit trackers
  • 29 adorable icons to help you keep the sassy flowin’ through the week!


These free weekly kits to make your planner sassy are available in regular Happy Planner and Recollections sizes.  If you use other planners, you may just find that these can be cut down a bit to make it work 😉


You can use this weekly kit in your Happy Planner or Recollections planner (or customize for however you'd like!).


Beat the blues with this weekly kit! Prepared using Font Bundles, this weekly kit will help you make your planner sassy!


Jenn did a fabulous job creating these planner goodies, don’t you think? Well, guess what? You can, too!

Font Bundles has a superior collection with an amazing variety of all kinds of fonts.  Sassy. Funky. Perky. Professional.

The list goes on and on. My point is this: if you’re in need of designing something extra special, Font Bundles is the place to find the right fonts to make it sizzle.

**Important:  Don’t wait to get check out these fonts! Font Bundles has a massive deal going on right now! Their Two Font Ladies Bundle is on sale until March 9. This bundle has $203 worth of fonts for only $15!!  My favorite is Garlic Butter. I mean, just the name is cool. But, the font itself is divine! So many fun and sassy fonts to play and create with!


Add a bit of sass to your planners with this free printable weekly kit! Great for Recollections and Happy Planners!

Get Your Free Weekly Kit of Pink, Black, & Glitter to Make Your Planner Sassy!

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Get your free printable weekly kit to help you make your planners sassy! Great for Recollections and Happy Planners.


When you have your planner perked up with this weekly kit, make sure to share pictures! Tag us @plannersquad so we can check out your sass 😉


Watch this Plan with Me video that Jenn made to demonstrate all the sass in this weekly kit:

Free Printable Academic Calendar For Your Planner

Check out this cute yet functional academic calendar for your planners! Free printable that you can size to fit your planners for help planning your school year.

I can’t believe that summer is almost over already. It has been a busy summer and, for the first time in a few years, we have managed to spend some quality time together as a family.

Where I live, the hot days will continue at least until October.  The children, however, returning back to school is the signifier that summer is over.

This week’s free printable planner insert is a little bitter sweet. With my youngest attending preschool this year, it was time to design an academic calendar so I can keep track of all the school holidays and celebrations.

This free printable academic calendar is a perfect addition to your planner.

Bitter Sweet Planning…

I have just printed and incorporated this free printable academic calendar into my new planner set up. Getting used to the restrictions of term times will be something very new to me and something I am feeling a little anxious about.

We are used to the having a certain amount of freedom with our time. Now, more than ever, I am feeling the need to be more organized. I am hoping that this simple academic calendar will go a long way towards achieving this. With running Little Chiqui Paperie, my youngest son at home, my eldest son attending school and a husband who works shifts I am suddenly finding my schedule a lot busier than it’s ever been before.

Check out this functional yet cute free printable academic calendar for your planners.

I decided to use a nice pale yellow to highlight the weekends making them easier to distinguish. I have used the same colour to highlight the days of the week. I personallly love planner inserts that have a splash of colour to them. They keep me motivated to plan.  Those of you who purchase from my Etsy store will know that FUN.ctional planner inserts are my thing. Having recently finished the design and launch of the Teachers Planner and Christmas Planner using beautiful colours themes, I was really inspired by the yellow.

Free Printable Academic Calendar

The free printable academic calendar is included in A5 size and personal size. Each size has an August and September start date. Both are designed to be printed onto A4 paper and cut down to size. The personal size academic calendar includes crop marks to enable you to cut the inserts down to the correct size. Fold lines are also indicated. I suggest folding the academic calendar prior to trimming the insert down to size.

The A5 version of the academic calendar comes with an indication line confirming where the insert should be cut. I suggest folding the A4 version in half prior to cropping. Once folded and cropped, you should have a perfectly folded and fitted academic calendar as show in the photo below. If you are printing on US letter size paper, you may have to adjust the print ratio very slightly. Some printers will do this automatically according to the paper size you have selected to complete the print job.

This free printable academic calendar opens up for a wide look at your schedule. Cute and functional addition to your planners!

Sharing Is Caring!

I’d love to hear how you will be using your free academic calendar. Share your photos over on instagram using #PlannerSquadFreebiebyLittleChiquiPaperie Don’t forget to tag me @LittleChiquiPaperie so I can check out your awesome photos.

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FREE Patriotic Planner Stickers for Regular & Large Happy Planner

Free patriotic stickers for regular and large Happy Planner.


Hey all!

I’m here again to share with you a wonderful printable planner sticker set for the summer holidays!

Who’s ready for summer? I sure am. I love the warmth, playing outside and you can’t forget about the summer holidays either!!

The printable planner sheet I’m sharing with you today is one that can be used either for Memorial Day or for Independence Day.

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love being outside playing with kids, grilling, going to a parade and having a bonfire in the evening and maybe going to see some fireworks.

Isn’t it so very pretty?

Patriotic Planner stickers for Happy Planner & Large Happy Planner.

This sticker set is mostly a functional set. And what that means is that it’s meant to be used for the real purpose of a planner and that’s to plan for your week/month. There are a few pretties that I’ve added in there like the stars and flag. This set also comes with a couple of icons that you can plop on your weekly spread. They include a mail/email icon, washing machine, trash can, a money bag for pay day, a vacuum and a shopping cart.

I used some pretty washi that I had and that also got from my planner swap buddy last month, the very awesome Amy Milcic. Which if you’re reading this and haven’t signed up for Planner Squad’s monthly buddy swap, you totally need to do that for next month. No joke. It’s so much fun to get happy mail from people who have the same love of planning as you! If you don’t know what the buddy swap is, check out this post Planner Squad May Swap from last month that talks all about it!!

Patriotic planner stickers-free printable for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner

Free printable patriotic stickers for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

This is how my fourth of July week layout turned out!

Free printable planner stickers patriotic style for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

Free patriotic planner stickers for Happy Planner & large Happy Planner.

Free patriotic planner stickers for regular and large Happy Planner.

I love seeing what other people do with their weekly layouts with the same printable but different ideas come out as they are being decorated and adding in other elements to make it their own. I don’t like to have too much of my week covered up, and like to have a little white space, but you do whatever you’d like to make your week layout purdy!

So I know that some of you planner addicts out there bought the bigger happy planner and there are very few free sticker layouts out there for you to put in your pretty new planner. Well guess what…I got one for you! Aren’t I nice? Just in time for your new planner to start too!!

So come and get these right now!!

Patriotic Planner Stickers for Regular & Large Happy Planner

Click here to download these free printables!

Happy Planning!!

Effective Goal Planning (and Free Printable)

When I saw Jenn’s advert on Facebook for contributors to the Planner Squad blog I knew instantly it was something that I wanted to be involved with. If you are a member of the Planner Squad Facebook group you may have seen me floating about. For those of you who don’t know me I am Tina, the owner and designer of Little Chiqui Paperie – an online stationery boutique specialising in planner inserts.

effective goal setting

Effective Goal Planning

Since we are well into the second quarter of 2016 I thought it would the perfect opportunity to talk about effective goal planning. One of the things us Planner Girl’s have in common is our obsession with goal setting.

It is part and parcel of planning. December rolls around, we prepare our planners for the new year ahead obsessing over the perfect set up and we set our goals. The old year ends, the new year starts and we are on a high and excited about all the new things to come our way.

Our goals are fresh, we are motivated and we work hard but then without even realising we start to lose motivation and lack drive, we forget our goals and why we set them.

I don’t know about you but accomplishing my goals makes me feel good about myself. Its makes me feel accomplished. I have always been a goal setter (or dreamer as some people call me) and I really believe that we need goals in our life.

Goals are really hard to accomplish if they are not set in the correct way and without even knowing so, we are usually setting ourselves up to fail.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

For those of you who have never heard of the S.M.A.R.T principle it stands for Specific, Meaningful and measurable, Achievable, Realistic and relevant and Timely. When goals are set using this principle they are more likely to be accomplished.

I always use this principle when setting my own goals. I know that when using this formula that this goal is achievable. When goals are set without using this simple format they are much harder to achieve.

Once you learn how to set goal effectively using S.M.A.R.T you will be setting yourself up for success in accomplishing all your goals assuming you are prepared to put in the hard work to execute your action plan.

effective goal planning

FREE Goal Assessment and Planning Booklet Printable

Today I wanted to share with you a free Goal Assessment and Planning Booklet download that I have designed exclusively for the Planner Squad. It’s purpose is to help guide through effective goal planning using the SMART principle and help encourage you to review your goals regularly.

The booklet is designed in A5 format and will fit perfectly into an A5 planner. If you don’t own an A5 planner you can print his booklet style and make yourself a goal setting booklet.

A little bit about the workbook – It is 12 pages long and designed to be printed duplex. It can also be printed booklet style. Pages 6 & 7, 8 & 9, 10 & 11 have been designed to be printed as many times as you need them. The file is in PDF format and can be opened and printed using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Setting goals shouldn’t feel daunting. It should feel exciting and when accomplished it should feel rewarding. I hope you enjoy working through the booklet and I hope it helps you with setting  and accomplishing your goals.

What kind of goals would you like to achieve in your life? We’d love to hear them! Comment below if you’d like to share them with us!