Free Printable: Purple & Gold Weekly Happy Planner Layout

Looking for a gorgeous way to beautify your planners this Fall? Get this free printable weekly Happy Planner layout in purples & golds.

Here’s another pretty printable weekly Happy Planner layout!

When I created this weekly Happy Planner layout, it didn’t really occur to me what colors I used. It may seem like nothing but I’m from Minnesota…it’s football season…Minnesota Vikings, purple and gold (yellow)…SKOL. Yay. I’m not a football fan…in fact, we’re not sport people. I’ll watch the Twins play a game if I have tickets but I don’t follow them religiously.

Anyway, that is not why we are here. We are here for my weekly Happy Planner printable, with the pretty purple and gold colors.

Get your free printable purple & gold weekly Happy Planner layout. Pretty up your planners!

It’s looking like fall around here!

I thought this layout would go great with the theme of fall.  It kind of has some autumn-like colors in it and it makes me think of warm and fuzzy type of things. If you don’t want to use this during the month of October, I feel like this layout could also work during the month of November. It also has a kind of regal feel to it-maybe it is because there are damask and fleur de lis patterns in it. I always think of royalty when I see those patterns.


Purple & Gold Weekly Happy Planner Layout

Here’s what they look like up close. I apologize-my printer was being wonky and made this first page funny looking, I assure you that yours will not look as goofy as mine.




Goodness, I do love these colors! I had come up with 3 different ideas for this layout.  My bestie, who I always go to for advice, suggested I do this one. I am so glad I listened to her!

If you aren’t up for cutting out all the little pieces or if you want more of a certain element that is shown in these layouts, I have provided a file for those who want to make up their own layout with my creations! And you can use this tutorial from Jenn on how to correctly print directly onto your planner page!


To grab the layout and/or the DIY layout, click on the image below:

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Clipart and patterns from Freepik and Origins Curio Designs. 

Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout

Get your planners ready for Fall with this adorable Free Printable!  Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout is full of rich autumn colors and designs.


Oh my gosh, who is ready for Fall to be here?

*raises hand*

I so am. We’ve had so much rain here in Minnesota that it is ridiculous. With the rain comes the state bird, the mosquito, and I’m so over being bit up every time I go outside. So yes, I want Fall here.

I am a huge admirer of Fall. I love pumpkins, the cooler weather, cider, apple picking, the leaves changing colors, anything that comes with Fall, I’ll take it!

Naturally, being a person who loves this time of year, I have created, for you fine people, a weekly kit that is decked out in Fall colors for your pretty Happy Planners.

Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout




How I Used Fall Weekly Layout For Happy Planners



I simply love the colors and patterns in this layout. They are just the perfect representation of Fall.

I normally  decorate my Happy Planner at least a couple weeks ahead of the week that we are on.  If I need to write down something that is coming up, I can write in there without having to erase it or cover it up with pretty printables. I was super excited that I could use this weekly layout for my first full week in October!



I loved how it turned out. I got a little creative and cut up some washi to make like a checklist sticker for my boxes.

This printable comes with the usual decorative boxes, half boxes, tags and hexagons. I added in some small boxes that are kind of like the header boxes but a little bit thicker, to add a little pretty to your boxes if you don’t want to use washi tape or you need a little something extra.

I love having my little Weekly Menu box over there in the notes section of the layout because then I can look ahead at what we’re having for supper this week and plan our meals around our events for that week.




I really hope you enjoy this printable that I made for you! Don’t forget to share it and tag Planner Squad!!


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Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.


Images and clip art via FreePik and Harper Finch.