A5 Planners Comparison: Color Crush vs. Carpe Diem

A5 planners comparison of Webster's Pages Color Crush and Simple Stories Carpe Diem. Learn more details about the similarities and differences of these planners.

Do you ever just get confused in your planner selection?  You stare and you research and you drool over all the planner goodies out there.  (Or is that just me?)

Planner love is real and true and deep.  When you have committed to (or are sucked in like I was by some very well-meaning friends!) to the planner life, it is like your first love.  You walk around with sparkly eyes, giving a cheesy grin to all who pass because you are just that happy in your planner world.

Those incredible feelings of planner obsession love are magical.  You are amped up to find planner peace.  You know that special planner is out there waiting for you, dreaming of the day that you wrap it in your arms and call it by name.  (You do have names for your planners, right?  If not, what are you waiting for?)

As you seek out that Holy Grail of a planner, you will stumble upon different styles, layouts, and designs.  Variety is the spice of life, right?  But, it can be overwhelming.

You want to make sure you wisely spend your money.  You are a bit afraid to commit, like a blind date.  You have heard great things about this special someone but you just need more facts.

My planner friend, have you happened upon the glorious A5 planners called Carpe Diem and Color Crush.  If you have, you may have been like many others who have wondered which one would be suit you.

At first glance, these A5 planners appear almost identical.

Until you handle their exterior and reveal their interior details.  And then, my fellow planner girl, you will discover why you must select one over the other!


A5 Planners Comparison Carpe Diem vs. Color Crush featured

A5 Planners Comparison: Color Crush vs. Carpe Diem

With sincere joy and planner love, I present to you more facts about two very similar yet unique planners:  Webster’s Pages Color Crush and Simple Stories Carpe Diem.

I have an A5 Carpe Diem (CD) which I absolutely adore (but I promise to remain impartial throughout this comparison!) so any CD pictures are from it.  Planner Squad hosted a rockin’ giveaway for an A5 Color Crush (CC).  I will be using pictures from that giveaway here.

And, with that being said, LET’S GET READY TO PLANNER COMPARE!!!  (You are supposed to say that like a boxing announcer-just so you know!)


A5 Planners Comparison:  COST

On Webster’s Pages site, A5 Color Crush Planner Kit is listed at $54.99.  I encourage you to click through and check out their gorgeous pictures and to get more details.(Side note:  I have seen amazing deals on these planner kits at Blitsy (aff).  Sign up to get updates to learn when the next deal will be!)

Simple Stories did not list prices on their site for their A5 Carpe Diem sets.  I have found great deals again on these A5 planners over at Blitsy.

Typically, Carpe Diems cost less than Color Crush.  If budget is an issue, CD will be the way to go!

A5 Planners full backs

A5 Planners Comparison:  FEEL

Are you touchy-feely like me?  Do you have to pick up and feel a product before buying?

As far as how these planners feel, I would say Color Crush comes out on top.  It feel so smooth-like buttah!  Honestly, I could curl up with it and take a nap that’s how much I love how this planner feels to the touch.

Carpe Diem is fine-it just has more of a pleather feel.

I must add that I have absolutely no problem carrying my CD when I am out and about.  I do not worry about it getting damaged or marked up.  I can not say that I would feel that way about the CC (although that could have been because we reviewed one with such a light color.)

A5 Planners Comparison Carpe Diem vs. Color Crush open inside covers


A5 Planners Comparison:  SIZE

A5 Planners Size Comparison chart for Color Crush and Carpe Diem.

As you can see, there really is not that much of a difference in the sizes of these planners.  I did feel like I would have more space in CD.

Here are a few pictures to see for yourself:

A5 Planners comparison of Webster Page's Color Crush and Simple Stories Carpe Diem.
Inside Front Covers of A5 Planners


A5 Planners comparison of Webster Page's Color Crush and Simple Stories Carpe Diem.
Inside back covers of A5 Planners


A5 Planners Comparison:  Decision Making Time!

Basically, both Color Crush and Carpe Diem A5 Planners rock!  They are quality planners with a lot to offer.  I do not think you will be disappointed in your final choice.

CDs are more affordable and have outstanding inserts.  I hear a lot of planner chat about CC owners using CD inserts.

CCs are glorious to touch and their interior storage is fantastic.  Did you see all those extra pockets and clear window?  If you will be using your A5 planner when on-the-go (like a wallet/purse), you will love this feature for your driver’s license and credit cards.

Interior of CD is cloth.  I prefer that feature because it is so easy to wipe clean.  I also am a silver girl so love the silver rings!

Both A5 planners have elastic pen loops which I find extremely helpful.  Inserts are also interchangeable since rings are same size and distance apart.

When you consider all the above features, which A5 planner would be your choice?


Let’s Talk About Blitsy!

If you are a planner girl and haven’t heard of Blitsy, it’s possible you may be living under a rock. Just kidding! But seriously, if you are crafty in any way, you need to know all about this amazing website and how you can bless your planner addictive life because of it. Keep reading.

Let's Talk About Blitsy!

*Disclaimer – This post has been sponsored by Blitsy, which means we received compensation in exchange for writing and sharing our thoughts about their company with you today. Sponsored posts help us not only share some of the awesome resources in the world of planning with our readers, but it helps support Planner Squad so we can continue to bring you awesome content just like this.

I was recently given the opportunity to go on a bit of a spending spree on Blitsy’s website and see how much I could get for my planner. It was so exciting! What would I get? How could I be creative and think outside the box for my planner? How much could I get with the amount I was allotted to spend? I was a girl on a mission – a mission to bring the amazing world of Blitsy to the pages of my planner.

Retail Therapy With Blitsy

I waited until the kids went to bed so I could have pure peace and quiet for my shopping bliss. I pulled up the website and immediately started clicking that “add to cart” button. See, when I online shop I just add everything I think I want to my cart and then when I see the price damage I have a mini heart attack and then start removing things.

I probably shopped for like 2 hours. (Come on now, when you have quiet time and permission to online shop – you squeeze every bit of time out of that opportunity you possibly can – amiright?!) When I finally decided I had probably gone WAY over my budget I braced myself for the panic and clicked on “view cart”.

Surprisingly I was over my budget, but not too much! I was amazed! I wouldn’t have to delete much at all! And then, I saw this:

Let's Talk About Blitsy!

Whaaat?! Blitsy accepts 40% off competitor coupons?! Cha-CHING! That means MORE STUFF! I finally clicked to complete my order, and expected to wait a couple of weeks before I would get my order in the mail.

You see, Blitsy can offer their awesome discounted prices because they act kind of like a middle man between the customer and the company who sells the product. That means, when you place an order Blitsy has to wait to receive the product from the company before they can forward the product on to you. Sometimes that means a bit of a wait in the shipping time; but for the all that you get at at those prices, it’s so worth it.

But I didn’t have to wait long – I got my box in one week! Actually quite a few of my orders lately have been shipping much faster and Amy has said the same about her orders! Yay for faster shipping!

Happiness is Blitsy

My Blitsy Order

Again, I waited for everyone to go to bed so I could get out the goods and start to play without interruptions (aint nobody got time for that). I created for hours! (Seriously – I big time overslept the next day because of my late night planning binge. But its okay, it was so worth it.)

Here’s a list of everything I got (this time.. I now have a Blitsy problem. Thanks Blitsy!):

I was able to do some really cool stuff for my planner. Check it out!

Planner Therapy With My Blitsy Haul

First, I dug out the Gelatos. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them after watching this video. Seriously – how cool are these?! I used these to draw directly onto my planner pages, and even made some colored boxes for my Happy Planner! Oh, and you can color directly onto your stamps for some cool effects as well (It didn’t turn out great since I was still learning how – but you can see the birthday cake stamped below using the gelatos!). So many possibilities with these!

Let's Talk About Blitsy!

Oh, Check out this dashboard I made for my happy planner with the Gelatos too! I know, my lettering needs some major help. I’m working on it.

Let's talk about Blitsy!

I used the Xyron Sticker Maker to turn the boxes I created and the Bits and Pieces into stickers (helps a lazy girl save on the scrapbook tapes!).

Let's talk about Blitsy!

Let's talk about Blitsy!

Let's talk about Blitsy!


Check out what Amy did with her Xyron machine – She turned ribbon into washi tape! That girl.. she’s a smart one!

Lets Talk About Blitsy!

Lets Talk About Blitsy!


I also used a bunch of MAMBI stickers to make this layout. I love how you can really get creative with them. Some I actually cut in half to use in two different places!

Lets Talk About Blitsy!


Finally, I used my MAMBI Pocket Cards, Page Protectors, and some Carpe Diem Bits and Pieces to make these shakers! I love when I flip through my planners and see these beauties staring back at me!

Let's talk about Blitsy!

The Blitsy Experience

Overall, I was more than happy with my Blitsy experience. Awesome product for low (and competitive!) prices, fast shipping, and hours of creative bliss that resulted in some very cute planner decorations!

What are you waiting for? Go sign up for your own Blitsy account so you can start shopping right away! Click on the banner below to save $10 on your first qualifying order of $40 or more!

$10 off your first purchase!

Have you found some awesome steals at Blitsy? Comment below and tell us about the awesome deals you’ve scored!

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

Share Your Spread #5

Sorry this post is a little late this week! But even though it’s Tuesday instead of Monday, it’s time to Share Your Spread!

Every week we ask our viewers to come and share their spread on our weekly link up, so others can be inspired by their creativity. I love coming back to see how everyone’s planning out their week, no matter what planner they use!

I love taking the time every week to sit out and plan (literally), what my entire week will look like. If I don’t have my week perfectly laid out and decorated, then I feel like I’m off and everything seems to crumble.I seem to get more done since it’s so fun to look inside my planner and check off those little boxes!

That being said, what does your planner look like this week? Did you go with a special theme? Finally getting to use that new awesome washi you found? We want to see! Make sure you use #PlannerSquad and #ShareYourSpreadLinkup when you share your spreads on instagram!

It’s Time To Share Your Spreads!

Share Your Spread Weekly Link-Up Planner Squad

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How Planning Has Saved My Sanity

planning sanity Planner Squad


Hey!  My name is Amy Milcic and I am a planner addict.  (Whew!  I said it!)

 I swore that I wouldn’t jump on the planner bandwagon.  I like to do things my own way with a unique twist.  I don’t follow trends and will swear to my dying day that Converse is the best brand of shoes out there.

When my friend, Jenn (a.k.a.Jenn-A), told me about how planners have helped transform her busy life, I became intrigued.  As a homeschool blogger and soccer mom to 5 boys, I have quite a few plates that I need to keep spinning at once.  (To get an idea of all the cray-cray in my life, head over to my blog, Busy Boys Brigade.)  I felt frazzled and overwhelmed with my growing to-do list.  I had to find out more-but was still resistant.

Where was my resistance coming from?  Well, like I said I tend to buck trends.  Also, to be honest, I didn’t want to throw down a chunk of money on something that I wasn’t sure that I would ever use or that would help.  

Jenn (and other friends on Periscope) encouraged me to check out different planners and sales.  Finally biting the bullet, I headed to my local Michael’s with a coupon.  I set a budget and told myself that I would go for it if I could find anything that I liked.  (Yeah, I get a good chuckle out of that now!)

I was told the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas would rock my world. I was told that there were super cute variations and I would be hooked at first sight.  I was told that once I started, I’d never look back.

Planner friends, everything I was told was completely right!

I found a Happy Planner kit that was super affordable with my coupon.  I loved the cover and everything about it.  Plus, it was way under my self-prescribed budget.  It was a no-brainer and game changer.

Happy Planner Planner Squad planning
Happy Planner=Happy Momma

As soon as I got home and the boys were in bed, I spread my new planner goodies about my desk.  Instantly, I became immersed in setting up my Happy Planner.  I found myself smiling as I started my first spread. I had dabbled in scrapbooking back in the day, but this was just out of this world fun!

planning Happy Planner spread
One of my favorite Happy Planner Spreads, using craft paper and punch outs

And just like that, I was hooked.  Planners (yes, that’s plural.  When I love something, I’m all in!) have transformed my life just like they have Jenn’s.  How could I have been missing out all on this sweet goodness for so long?

planning saved sanity Planner Squad

How Planning Has Saved My Sanity!

  1. family appointments
  2. meal planning (still a work in progress but at least it has started!)
  3. family reminders (birthdays, special events)
  4. homeschool happenings (I have a separate homeschool planner that I will share soon!)
  5. sports practices, games, & events (with 5 boys, we have a lot to manage)
  6. soccer coach reminders and schedules
  7. Church events and volunteer roles
  8. Blogs
  9. Periscope schedules and groups
  10. Creative outlet + Me Time

My head spins when I think about all that my family and I have going on in one week.  Prior to using planners, important (and not so important) tasks and commitments were frequently slipping through the cracks.  I knew that I could organize and manage it all but my index card to-do lists were not cutting it.

I can’t thank Jenn and my Periscope planner friends enough.  Planning has helped this busy mom regain her sanity-and carve out some precious me time that serves a purpose.

planning Arc
My Arc planner with custom cover


I look forward to sharing how I use my planners (Happy, Carpe Diem, Arc, and Blog Planner) on-the-go (oh wait until you see my on-the-go planning bag!). I will also be sharing how planners have helped this sports mom tackle all of our schedules, games, and sports-related events.  Another area that I will be focusing on is using planners to coordinate and manage volunteer work.  

One of my biggest interests is planning on a budget.  Planning just rocks-but all the sweet goodness can quickly add up!  I will be sharing my planning on a budget tips and printables.  I also plan on creating some fun planner quotes and memes.

planning Planner Squad Keep Calm Rock Your Planner

If you are a busy mom and have a special way that you use your planners to rock your world, please share!   We moms need to share the love and help each other maintain our sanity while tackling mommydom!