Planner Squad Swap

Do you love getting planner related happy mail? Then you’re going to love the Planner Squad Swap! Every month, Squadettes sign up to be paired with another member of our group and then send each other planner love through the snail mail.

Love getting happy mail full of planner goodies? Then this swap is for you! Read more posts about planning at


Swap Rules

Here’s the thing – we are very strict on the rules for this swap. Don’t try to test the waters – just do what you sign up to do and everything will be fine. Here are the rules in a nutshell:

  1. You have to be a member of our Facebook group to participate. Yes, we will check to make sure you’re a member before we send you a partner.
  2. Everyone participating in the swap is required to pay a $3.00 fee. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances and covers the time it takes to maintain the swap.
  3. All members will be paired with another member within their own country, or as close to them as possible. If you prefer to swap internationally, make sure to indicate that on your sign up form.
  4. It is mandatory to send the packages tracking number to your swap partner by end of the day on the 15th of the month. Anyone who breaks this rule will be put on warning and may possibly be ineligible to participate in future swaps. (In the event that something major happens and you have to be late on sending your swap, contact us and your partner as soon as possible. Again, this is for extreme circumstances only.)
  5. All packages must be received by the last day of the month. If you do not receive a package and have had no communication with your partner, please report it immediately. Flaky swap partners will be banned.
  6. Your package must be valued at a minimum of $15. This number does not include shipping costs.

Important Dates

Please be sure to mark these dates in your planner!

1st of the month: Last day to sign up for the next swap. Anyone who signs up after this day will be pushed to the following month.

3rd of the month: All partners will be paired by the end of this day. If you do not have your partners information via email by end of this day, please contact us so we can find the information!

15th of the month: Shipping Deadline. All packages must be shipped by the end of this day with a tracking number. You must also send that tracking number to your swap partner so they have proof the package is on its way. This is not optional.

17th of the month: Sign-ups open for the next month’s swap begins.

last day of the month: End of that month’s swap. If your partner has not heard from you, or if they have not received a package from you, you will be banned from the Facebook group and from participating in future swaps.

Shipping tips

The best way I’ve found to ship a good amount of oddly shaped products while keeping the cost low is by sending USPS priority in a flat rate box or envelope. This can range from anywhere between $6-$18 in shipping costs depending on how big your package is. This option also includes tracking.

If you want to keep within a specific budget, I recommend picking your flat rate packaging first, then only buy items that you know will fit inside. You can get the priority packaging for free at any post office.

International swappers can keep their costs low by keeping their packages as lightweight as possible, and evenly spread. For example, if you send a package that is just stickers, inserts, dashboard, covers, etc and theses items are approximately the same size and thickness, you can generally send them in a documents envelope.

When packages become uneven and heavier than 1 ounce, they begin to get pricey. For more tips on how to keep international shipping costs low, visit your local post office and ask a worker for their for advice.

Need More Clarification?

Click here to watch a video of me explaining the swap process and its changes entirely (complete with Q&A session!). (Beware – I’m a little blunt in this video because it was filmed after dealing with drama from an earlier swap. I had to get a little frank with people.)

Once you have read this post in its entirety and understand everything, you’re ready to get started!

Click here to begin the swap sign-up process!

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling