Have Beachin’ Fun with Free Summer Printable Planner Stickers

Have some Beachin' Fun in your planners with these FREE Summer printable planner stickers.


There’s something so soothing yet exciting about working in your planner during the summer months. Is it the mix of cooler colors like blue and green with splashes of pinks and reds? Or maybe it’s the overall themes, like sandcastles and sunglasses, that whisk away in your mind to the beach with a soft summer breeze?

If you’re looking to have beachin’ fun with your planner (for summer or a lovely holiday vacation), these Free Summer Printable Planner Stickers are just the ticket to help you plan (or at least daydream) of sunny beach days.

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I think one of the best things that I love about summer is its simplicity. Even if that more relaxed and simple approach to life is only in my head 😉

When I think about summer, I envision lots of lazy days by the pool or at the shore, enjoying the heat and the opportunity to cool off in the water.

In reality, I’m typically running one or more of my five boys around to soccer camps, playdates, or doctor appointments. #soccermomlife

BUT, our family does enjoy vacations either at a mountain lake cottage or the Jersey shore (And, no, I don’t get up to any of those shenanigans!). Those times feel too far apart but I can enjoy thinking about and planning for them with planner accessories like these Free Summer Printable Planner Stickers.

Summer Printable Planner Stickers to Make You Smile

These planner stickers are absolutely fabulous for having beachin’ fun in your planners! Isn’t that cute? Jenn came up with it as she was designing this set of stickers using elements from Font Bundles.

There are 8 varieties x 4 of summer printable planner stickers. A total of 32 stickers to make your planner shine!

You will get these varieties, all on one printable sheet:

  • Light blue sunglasses with beach scene images and the text, “Beachin'”
  • Green anchor with text overlay of “Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.”
  • Black sunglasses with beach scene and the text, “Beach please”.
  • Blue waves with the text, “Life’s a Beach. Enjoy the Waves”.
  • Yellow sun with black sunglasses and the text, “I Was Born for Sunny Days”.
  • Pink sunglasses with beach scene and the text, “Life’s a Beach”.
  • Light blue bikini with the text, “Good Times and Tan Lines”.
  • Yellow sunglasses with beach scene and the text, “Catchin Waves”

Jenn used different fonts to add a special touch to these summer printable planner stickers. These fonts (from our partner, Font Bundles) include Sunshine Font Duo, PN Positively, and Humorism. And you can get ALL of these (fonts, beach designs, and SO much more) in The Love to Craft Bundle, Vol. 1.

Personally, my favorite sets are the Coffee SVG Bundle and the Wine Lover SVG Bundle. #soccermomlife 😉

Get Your Free Summer Printable Planner Stickers!

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Enjoy some beachin' fun in your planners with these FREE summer printable planner stickers.

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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.


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    I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but the link to your printables (after I input the passoword) just keeps redirecting me to the printables page. I know this is where it is supposed to go, however, I searched and the Beach Printable and the mermaid printable from the most recent e-mail are not there. Did I miss a blog post saying these have been taken down?
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