3 Inexpensive Ways To Store Your Planner Supplies

How do YOU store your planner supplies?  I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite frugal ways-and hope to hear how you do too!

Planning has become such an amazing lifestyle for me.  A hobby that I was once resistant to, planning has become beneficial in so many areas of my life.  I knew that I could find ways to make this new passion enjoyable and affordable.

One of the main reasons for my resistance to becoming a “planner girl” was financial.  I was afraid that loading up on planner goodies was going to put a major dent in my budget.  All of the glittery washi and super cute stickers looked amazing-but expensive!  How could I justify spending money on all this planner goodness and find ways to store it?

Planner Supplies

Friends, like Jenn, helped me to see that all of the yumminess of planners can still be had while on a budget.  Coupons, deals, and discount stores have been game changers.  Oh, and our monthly Planner Squad Facebook group swap led by the rockin’ Sarita has added to the fun!

Once I began to amass a collection of washi tape and free stickers and printables, I recognized the need for some frugal storage and organization options for my beloved planner supplies.  My office is already crammed with homeschool and blog supplies.  I required some fast and frugal thinking to keep my planner mojo going (and my family from being buried under washi, stickers, and clips!).

I have been thrilled to face the challenge of finding deals on gorgeous planner goodies.  I love how much fun it has been to search for deeply discounted washi tape and free stickers.  Browsing through my current craft supplies for items to create planner clips has been relaxing and enjoyable. The search for affordable and adorable planner supplies has given me a chance to exercise my frugality and creativity.

I know that I cannot be alone in needing to watch my budget while still having planner fun.  I plan on sharing more tips and ideas on having an inexpensive approach to planning.  Also, Planner Squad will be sharing sites and shops that provide rockin’ planner supplies at affordable prices.

These three ways to inexpensive planner supply storage are simple yet effective.  You may even have some of the supplies at home, waiting to be converted into planner storage.  If not, you can likely find these items at stores like Walmart or your local dollar store.

Three Inexpensive Ways To Store Planner Supplies

  1.  Binder for Sticker Sheets:  I was in heaven when I discovered that you could find free planner stickers to print!  (Yes, I literally did a happy dance!)  Along with stickers that were gifted to me and my neighborhood Dollar Tree, my sticker collection had grown to quite a size.  I do not, however, have a very good memory for items that I have purchased or received.  I would just finish a spread and think, “Doh!  I totally forgot that I could have used that sticker set!”I dug through my office supplies and came up with this approach.   It has rocked my planner world!  Now, I can see all my pretty stickers and easily find what I need.  (I am super visual so this really works for me!)
    I simply found a 2″ binder and clear page protector sheets.

    Planner Supplies Binder
    Sticker Binder on display. Cover=cardstock plus washi. A few of my favorite sticker sheets.


2.  Clear Tackle Box:  I had some cute stamps that I had collected over the years (dollar bins at Michaels!).  These stamps, as well as the new ones I added to my stash, needed a home.  (Scattered about my home is not a good place for these lovelies!)

While a pleasant jaunt through Walmart (and I say that with all the sarcasm that I can scoop upon that!), I happened upon a fantastic frugal find.  For a mere $2.44, I brought home this awesome clear tackle box (for fishing!) for my stamps, stamp pads, and paper punches.

Planner Supplies box
My planner supplies box-blinged out with my soccer! (Thanks Sarita!)



3.  Paper  Towel Holder:  I needed a way to store my washi yet still have it out to see what I have.  (I had all of it shoved in a box-I shudder at the thought now!)  What could I use to display my washi without it costing a fortune?  A paper towel holder from Dollar Tree!

Planner Supplies paper towel holder washi
My washi out where I can see & easily use!


What are your favorite inexpensive ways to store your planner supplies?  Please leave a comment below with your tips and tricks.

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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.


  1. TRINA CLARK says

    Greatest ideas. I did the binder of stickers a few days ago. I was using memory boxes for stamps but got a small stamper tray. But I have tackle boxes here I can use. And the paper towel roll is great. I can return one of my ribbon holder and save by buying a paper towel holder. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Theresa says

    for planner stickers I cut them then place them in a coin envelope. with one sticker on the front to know what it is. I found a business card filing cabinet at good will that was adorable. and now they are filed in there all ready to use. I print a lot of my own stickers so this was fabulous. I do have my son to thank since he loves to be crazy organized (a bit OCD if you ask me) he sat one day and cut all of them out and then ran them through the sticker machine, then put the whole thing together. Mr perfect can cut better than a circuit machine..LOL as for my washi. I have them all on a small curtain rod that is hung on the wall. It is one of those round ones that just sit in the hook on the wall. Like a cafe curtain rod. I also mad some like the paper towel holder out of old wire hangers

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