How To Make Skinny Washi Tape: A Planner Hack

Check out this DIY skinny washi tape planner hack! Super easy and quick to do. Convert your favorite washi tapes into skinny washi tapes!

Hey all you planner lovers!  How many times do you spot the most gorgeous washi tape but you wished it was skinny?  Like you fall in love with it and have so many ideas on how you can use it to adorn your planners-but it’s just a tad to wide?

My planner friends, I must tell you that I find myself in this conundrum all together too many times.  As I browse through my growing washi collection (with that big goofy smile of “Ooh!  I love all the washi in the world!”), I become inspired.

Look at those purples!  Check out this polka dot gold washi!  The gears upstairs start turning and visions of washi tape are dancing in my head.

With a child’s delight (because washi tape makes you feel young again ,right?), I carefully select my washi tape rolls based on colors, patterns, and textures.  There is nothing finer that putting together the perfect mix of washi tape with all your other planning accessories. (Please tell me that I am not the only one to get giddy when that just-so color combination  is found!)

The snafu that I run in to is when one of those washi rolls is too wide.  Sure, I have tried to cut it down but I end up botching it and ruining most of the strip of washi.

Not one to let something hold me back from finding a hack or tweak, I knew that a practical and easy solution could be found.  To my sheer joy, I found a simple answer that I hope blesses planner lovers everywhere.

Easily convert your favorite washi tape into skinny washi tape with this DIY planner hack.
Ooh! See all the pretty skinny washi tape in blue glitter! One of my favorites! (A bit crooked-my three younger boys were “helping”)


DIY Skinny Washi Tape With Only 2 Materials!

Yes, ma’am!  I said only 2 materials!  Oh, and a paper trimmer (or scissors if you have steady hands!).

What 2 materials am I referencing?

  1. Washi Tape
  2. Wax Paper

That’s it!  Most of us have wax paper on hand (and if you don’t, run to your local dollar store and pick up a roll for cheap).

Here is an super easy DIY planner hack to make your own skinny washi tape.


Make Your Own Skinny Washi Tape In These 4 Easy Steps:

You can use a ruler to measure for exact size skinny washi tape you will make with the planner hack.

1. Determine the length of strip of washi tape that you will need.

Measure the length of the planner space you wish to cover.  Or just make it as long as you like and then trim down.

Using a ruler to measure for the size strip of skinny washi tape you will need helps prevent waste. More pretty washi to go around!
Measuring side of Standard Happy Planner (weekly) to determine size of strip of skinny washi tape.


2.  Place strip of washi  tape on wax paper.  Smooth out if necessary.

Convert your wide washi tape into skinny washi tape with this easy DIY planner hack.
Here I converted 30mm wide washi tape into 2 skinny washi strips and 1 regular size.


3.  Align your strip of washi tape on your paper trimmer (or use a ruler as a guide if you are using scissors).


4.   Cut your strip of washi as skinny as you like.

This DIY planner hack for skinny washi tape is super easy and great way to convert your favorite washi.


**Tip:  You may want to try a small strip before using an entire length.  Take care with washi tape made of glitter and fabric.

Voilá!  There you have your skinny washi tape in any width you desire!

Do you have secret washi tape hacks? Would you like to share here on Planner Squad?  Contact Jenn and Amy to share your planner post related ideas.  We love our guest post contributors and Squadette Team!


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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.


  1. Deborah Mesa says

    Thanks for sharing. That’s pretty awesome?. It’s a “why didn’t I think of that sooner” type of thing?. I am gumming up my scissors when I try to cut my washi?.

  2. Kemmy McCoy says

    TFS your brilliant idea’s, I agree Planner Accessories can be all over the place. I keep my washi in a 4 drawer bin from Family Dollar. The drawers slide out. I bought 2 of them, so a total of 8 drawer’s. They’re a pretty long, I’d say each one hold’s maybe 30 skinny washi. The larger washi maybe 15 or so. It’s kind of see through. Most of my planner supplies, ie sticker’s, I keep in a container idk what you’d call it. It’s blue, with a clear lid and has handles on each side. It’s deep and wide and is long enough to store my sticker’s. I bought 2 of them at Office Depot.

  3. Nikki Frank-Hamilton says

    What a brilliant idea! I’m sure this will help many with their stash of washi tape! I imagine we all fall in love with things that don’t come in a size or shape that we can use the way we want, this gives me ideas. I can work to utilize what I have the way I want and not just lament that it’s not exactly the way I need it! Thanks!
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…5 Swoon Worthy WordPress Theme Options.My Profile

  4. gigi says

    Brilliant! I love it! Yes, I agree,…a lot of the time my tape is just too wide and I wish it were thinner to make a narrow border. Plus, I always have extra wax paper ends from when I bake and normally just throw them out! Thank you for a great idea!
    gigi recently posted…Happy National Grab Some Nuts Day!My Profile

  5. Morgan Prince says

    Okay I’m going to be a complete dunce and say I don’t know what washi tape is! I figure it’s just pretty coloured sticky tape? Either way it sounds like a great tip, thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

    • Jenn Roberts says

      Yes, its a decorative tape, but its not super sticky, so its great for decorating in scrapbooks and planners and most you can easily remove and reposition if you need to. Kind of like paper tape 🙂


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