Hey hey!  So happy you are now a Planner Squad Guest Post Contributor!  Welcome to our team-and may the planning force be with you.  (I have 5 boys-Star Wars occasionally filter into my writing;)

Here are some SEO & post tips for you to consider and use for your Planner Squad posts.  Feel free to take this knowledge and let it help you rock your blog posts elsewhere!  It’s all about spreading the planner (blogging) love.

SEO Tips To Help Your Rock Your Blog Posts!

When writing a blog post, try to keep it K.I.S.S.  (keep it simple, sugar!)  Readers want to get to the main points quickly.  They want it handed to them fast.

Grab their attention.  Be you.  Keep it real.

  1. Short paragraphs (think 2-4 sentences max!)
  2. Shorter sentences (the occasional longer sentence is fine)
  3. Use bold (in WordPress, highlight word(s) and click on B in toolbar) for keywords that you want to stand out (in moderation).
  4. Title– short & to the point can work well.  Make sure your title accurately describes your post.  Use keyword(s) from post.  Co-Schedule Analyzer can be helpful in finding great titles (go for a score of 70 or above!)
  5. Keyword(s)-What is your post about?  What is the theme?  Do a Google search by using those words to start.  You will see additional words pop up-these can be great secondary keywords to include in your post.
  6. Links-Don’t leave your links naked!!  No  Nope.  Nada.  Type the name of the site (or even a keyword) & highlight.  Click on link (chain) in toolbar.  Add naked link in there!!  So much cleaner!
  7. Speaking of links, if you add an affiliate link, make sure it is a no-follow link!  This detail has to do with Google SEO juice. An excellent & free WordPress plug-in is called Ultimate No-Follow.  You merely have to click a box & it adds the code in for you!
  8. Bullet or Numbered lists:  Fantastic ways to break up your post & make it easier to read.  Also, great place to put affiliate links-readers slow down to read lists & are more likely to click on.
  9. H2 Heading:  Very important!!  Aim for at least 2 H2 Headings in each post that contain at least 1 keyword.  What’s an H2 Heading?  In your WordPress editor, click on Paragraph on toolbar.  Scroll down to H2 Heading.  Your highlighted text will now be considered H2 Heading.
  10. Write at least 500 words!  Now, don’t just add fluff.  At least write 300 words.
  11. Use at least 2-3 great images.  Create a graphic or two.  Take pictures and add your watermark!
  12. Create & use a watermark-A watermark can be text and/or image that identifies your blog.  When placed on a transparent background, watermarks can be used on your pictures and graphics.  Brilliant for branding!
  13. Think about your reader.  Write your post with that in mind.  What type of blog posts do you enjoy reading?
  14. Add a bit of personal information in the post but don’t overdo it.  Your readers are here to find out about your theme/keywords/title.  If that’s about you, cool-go for it!  If it’s about Happy Planners or free printables, write about that (not your trip to the grocery store!)
  15. Meta Description:  We use Yoast SEO Plug-In (& highly suggest you do as well on your site!).  Meta Description is what gets pulled from your post for social media.  It also tells search bots more about your post.  In WordPress editor, scroll down to Yoast SEO sections.  Click on “Edit Snippet”.  Type a few sentences (150 words max.) about your post.  Include keywords in a natural way.  Tell your readers why they want to read your rockin’ post!

I will be periodically adding bodacious (I just had to use that word!) SEO & post tips.  Check back for updates.

Let Jenn or Amy know if you have any questions about these tips.