Princess Planning! Teaching Your Daughter How To Be a Planner

Learning how to be a planner is a life skill.  I don’t care who you are or what you do there is a type of planning one must do whether they write it down or keep a mental note.

So one can say that this life skill must be passed down to our children.

But, just like other activities we must teach, we can make this an enjoyable thing for ourselves and our children.  We can use it as a time to teach and to bond. 

My daughter and I love to search for stickers online, set up our “woman cave”, make tea, eat chocolate, and listen to music.  It’s our weekly ritual on Sundays and I just love emulating a love for planning to my mini-me scatterbrain, my little Pipsqueak.

She is my heart.

Princess Planning Teaching Your Daughter How To Be a Planner -

Where To Find Planners for Girls

When I ended up with two copies of the Erin Condren Life Planner I automatically knew I wanted to pass one down to my daughter (though we had just bought her a mini-planner on Amazon.)  I was somewhat fortunate as the company made a mistake and let me keep it.  Would she mind the missing page?  Of course not.

But not everyone has $50 to buy a nine-year-old a planner.  Lol!

So here’s a list of some planners I’ve found online that look fairly “risk free” 😉 and perfect for your little princesses.

Bloom Daily Planners on Amazon

Please note:  The links to Amazon in this post are affiliate links.  For a full disclosure please visit TheNittyGrittyMom’s disclosure policy.

The Bloom daily planners are under $15.00 and an excellent choice for girls.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns.  They have a two-page monthly view and weekly spreads.  Each month also features a page to review the month and at the end of the year they can track how they “bloomed” that year by trying new things, showing kindness, reaching goals, reading and more!

Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is a good low-budget choice for about $25.00, and even better you can sometimes find them at hobby stores for half off!


Many of you own a Happy Planner so why not be “twinsies” and grab one for your “little” too?

Printable Planners

Homemade printable planners are scattered everywhere on the internet!  These are a great option because you can buy your daughter a binder or arc planner and use customized pages for what she’d like to plan.

And often they are only a few dollars.

Follow this link to view daily planners on Etsy.

Gathering Planner Supplies

Decorating your planner isn’t necessary.  But what little girl doesn’t love a bit of glitter, stickers and washi!?

Gather your supplies as listed above and including pens and markers…planning is an art!

Now one little note about this:  because they are so young, they tend to be wasteful.

My daughter loves to use my stickers paper and washi, decorate half her weekly spread, and then put her planner away for a few weeks.  Yikes.

So here’s a few things I’ve been doing to cut back on costs:

  • Find free planner stickers (which you can do by searching the web or going to Pinterest and searching for “free planner stickers” or “free printable stickers”)
  • Print on regular printer paper and use glue stick
  • Join our Planner Group on Facebook to find out about deals, sales, clearances, etc!

Let the Planning Begin!Help Your Daughter Brainstorm her Planner

There are three steps to “Princess Planning”:

  1. Brainstorm what she needs to plan.
  2. Gather supplies and/or cut and arrange stickers.
  3. Fill in your planner.


This is the foundation of planning.

Brainstorm with your daughter her monthly, weekly and daily goals or tasks.  Help her to be the one to think about them.

You can ask her questions about the different areas of her life:

  • What does she need to do for school?
  • What does she need to do for her self, her body, her health?
  • What does she need to do to help out family?
  • What does she need to do for her God?
  • What does she need to do for others/for friends/for the elderly or in need?

Brainstorm special events as well.  Parties, activities

Any special shopping?

Any letters to write and send?

You get the idea.  😉

Cutting & Filling In

I covered how I create my weekly spreads in another post, so if you’re interested, feel free to go through our decorating process.

One note though:  Keep in mind their age and capabilities.  I help my daughter with cutting stickers, laying them out, etc.

I also help her with her lettering by writing in pencil titles and tasks so she can trace them.Help Your Daughter to Cut, Lay and Fill In

A Planning Addict for Life!

One of the most important aspects of this ritual is reminding her to wake up in the morning and check her planner.

Not only is she learning the art of planning but she is well on her way to developing habits.

Aren’t we proud of our girls???!!!Princess Planning - All finished!

So tell us now:  How many of you have daughters that you think would love to join the planning community?

Tell us below!

And, as always,


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  1. Tara says

    So excited! My daughter and I just got our first Happy Planners. I am looking forward to learning how to glam up our planners together! ❤??

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