Planner Squad Shoppe Grand Opening! Enter to Win a Mystery Swag Bag!

We’ve been talking about it for months now, Amy and I. The prospect of someday opening a store here at Planner Squad so that our amazing Squadettes could stock up on awesome goodies to help support their planner addiction! We kept saying “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could open a store someday?” Notice the key word there… “someday“.

In our minds, “someday” would be further down the road. Much further. After all, Planner Squad was only just launched just a bit over six months ago! Little did we know that the site, and the Squadette community, would grow so fast in such a short amount of time! Our heads are still spinning with how fast we are growing, and we now ask each other almost daily on our voxer chats, “Can you even believe it?! I never thought…”

But it did! Here we are!! Opening day for Planner Squad Shoppe is finally here!! 

shoppe grand opening pinterest copy

Planner Squad Shoppe

We have been having so much fun picking out supplies to stock the shoppe for opening day! While there are so many things we would like to add to the shoppe as we grow, we decided to start out small with the basics: stickers, washi, pens, apparel, and some accessories. Let me give you a quick introduction to each of the items you can now purchase!


I have been working like a mad person all week coming up with some awesome stickers to help pretty up those planners! While we have a limited number of listings to start off, there are a lot more coming in the very near future! Here’s a sneak peek at one of the sheets now available!

swap sampler Listing Image template copy


As Amy always says, washi tape makes the world go around! We’ve found some really cute and unique rolls of washi to offer up for sale here! This is good quality washi too – and you won’t find these in any of your local stores!

washi graphic


Show the world how proud you are to be a Squadette with these awesome t-shirts and tank tops! When you buy these items you are not only supporting Planner Squad, but also another small business as well!

These shirts are designed by Planner Squad, but are made by Jenn’s very talented sister in law, Gloria T. Roberts of Gloria’s Custom Creations. You can also check her out on facebook here. She loves custom orders!

We hope there will be more designs added in the future!

tank topsshirts

(Doesn’t that manly man look awesome wearing our loose-fit Squadette t-shirt?!)


These super cute hand-stamped metal Squadette charms will help you rock your planner! For custom charm options, check out Funky Jean Designs!

Squadette Planner Charm


Get your dose of bling with these super cute (and oh-so-popular) Squadette Gem Pens! We have 6 colors in stock right now and hope to add more in the future!


Stock Demand

We sincerely hope that you love everything we have picked out for you so far! Since making our first stock purchases, excitement for the shop has really grown! We are blown away with your excitement, which has made us giddy with excitement ourselves (and now, we’re afraid we may not have bought enough stock.. ha!).

That being said, please keep in mind that we are going to be working diligently to keep up with demand. It may take us a while to truly get in the groove of owning a shop but I promise we are working hard behind the scenes to keep everything stocked as best as possible.

Keep checking back often for updates on new products and updated stock!

Swag Bag Giveaway!

Want a chance to win a bunch of Planner Squad Swag in honor of the Shoppe kickoff? We’re having a giveaway and there are three chances to win!

First, fill out the form below for multiple entries for the website portion of the giveaway. Then, head over to our Instagram account for a chance to win there too! Finally, make a stop over on our Facebook group for your final chance at winning.


Giveaway ends August 12, 2016 at noon. We will announce all three winners during the Squadette Show that night!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Jenn is a Missouri mom, wife, and REALTOR. When she's not busy chauffeuring her family around or writing contracts, shes working in her junk journal, sleeping, or having BBQs and game nights with her best friends. Her favorite ways to pass the time are spending time with her family, traveling, dancing at concerts, photography, and watching her favorite TV shows. Jenn is a glam-planner at heart and can't stand feeling unorganized. She looks at planning and junk journaling as a form of therapy and a way to squeeze in creative time while dealing with a hectic life and work schedule.


  1. Lexe says

    I’m new to this whole planner world and I’m getting sucked in at full-force! Thanks for feeding my addiction!!!

  2. stacey heath says

    Thank you for hosting a giveaway. Love all the cute new stickers. It would be great to win some 🙂

  3. Cheryl Hutcherson says

    So fun! Would love to win as I’m still a newbie squadette and could use some planner goodness to play with! Thank you!

  4. Amy Browning says

    I am SO EXCITED! I am an organization junkie (a place for everything and everything in its place). I just got my first Happy Planner and I am totally sucked in! No more hand drawing and creating my own images for my calendar “planner”. All the stickers & cuteness that is out there! And now you have a store with unique Washi tape and pens….aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

  5. Lori McCleskey says

    Great give-a-way! I love new stuff & things that other people pick out to use – it seems its always different things that I don’t think about!

  6. Teresa C says

    Im new to the planner world as well, I would love to win some pretty planner supplies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Kimi says

    Congratulations!! I would love to win because of all of the awesome things included in the giveaway. A planner dream giveaway. I could put all of them to amazing use.

  8. Desirae says

    Congratulations on opening a shop!! I’d love to win this giveaway because who doesn’t love winning?! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Trina Flynn says

    Hi Squadettes 🙂

    I’m a newbie here and I’m so glad to be a part of the group! Sometimes my life is so hectic I need ME time to play! I love seeing everyones weekly or daily planners, its inspirational and motivational for me. I would love the chance to win so I can make my lonely planner happy again! Thank you for the chance.. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Lesa McMahon says

    Why? Because everything is so darn cute!!!! and I LOVE my planner and putting cute things in it! <3

  11. JoJo says

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you guys! I luv watching your squadet ( ya I know I spelled it wrong but hopefully close lol ) show when I get the time free to. And your blog and free printables Rock!
    Keep up all your fab work and can’t wait to get some shopping in!
    AKA – JoJosCraftCreations

  12. Kemmy McCoy says

    I can’t wait to get my order in the mail. I’m so excited, feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas lol. I want to win the swag bag so bad, I can feel it. ?

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