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This post is from one of our lovely contributors, Stephanie Newman.  

I have become obsessed. Like seriously obsessed. Like so obsessed that I will use up all my paper,  printer ink and spending money for the month on my new hobby. Is it a hobby? It’s a hobby. Because I said so.

What are you talking about crazy woman? I’m talking about my Happy Planner and making it look super duper pretty.


Why I Love My Planner

When I first heard of decorating your planner with stickers and washi tape, I thought people were crazy wasting all their money on their planners and all it does is just take up space in your planner to write things down. But back in November I really wanted a new planner that worked for what I needed to use it for, which was basically planning my entire life. That included but was not limited it to: homeschooling, blog planning, personal life and meal planning.

That’s a lot of stuff. And I wanted the ability to carry this planner in my purse, and my current planner was just much too big for that. I tried the digital planning. While it works when you’re out and about and totally forget your planner at home, or you need to check with your husband’s calendar (because you know he ain’t going to carry a Happy Planner around with him), I forget things. I’m more of a visual person. I need to see things in front of me and I need a to-do list, otherwise things WILL NOT GET DONE.  And the best way to accomplish all these things is to use a planner and make it pretty. 🙂  Plus, I like scrapbooking but I don’t get to actually sit down and do that anymore and this is very similar to that only on a smaller scale.


Getting Started With Planners

So what you’re going to need to get started in this fun hobby, is a planner. I have a Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas, but you can use whatever planner you have :). What’s great about the Happy Planner, you can take the pages out so the rings don’t get in the way of your decorating.

Plan With Me


Then you’re going to want to grab your stickers. Here’s the things with the stickers…they’re everywhere! I mean all you have to do is search on pinterest and bam! You’ve got sticker layouts coming out of your ears. It gets addicting, watch out! Some are free printables and others you have to purchase through a shop like Etsy, but again, use what you want. If you’ve got stickers from Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s, use ’em.

Today I’ll be using this layout.

Plan With Me Plus Free Printable Stickrs

I made it. Isn’t it purdy? I just printed it off on shipping label paper from Avery, but you can print the stickers off on regular printer paper or if you have printer friendly sticker paper, go ahead and use that.

Plan With Me

Once you’ve got that printed off, start cutting out the pieces you want to use. 🙂

Plan With Me Plus Free Printable Stickers

Here’s where you can add in some washi tape before you put down your other stickers.

Plan With Me


Plan With Me


What I like to do at this point, before sticking them onto the pages, is to lay them out where I want them. Then when I think they look good, I snap a picture of it– so I remember where they go– and start sticking!

The week is finished. Now, I’ll take another picture before I start doodling all over it, so I can share with my friends in planner groups on Facebook.

Plan With Me

Then, put your pages back in your planner and you’re done! So much fun isn’t it?

Plan With Me

Download My FREE Printable Stickers!

Now here’s the best part of me sharing all this information about how I plan, is that the sticker layout I used for this week, I’m sharing it with you, fo’ free!

You heard right, FREE!!!

Happy Planning peeps!

And hop on over to here to check out more fun things for your planner.

Plan With Me

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  1. Malynda says

    Beautiful site you have.. I just purchased the big my happy planner but I’m looking for extensions for the future. Would u consider making printables for the big planner?

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