How To Use The myAgenda For Your To-Do List

Look at the myAgenda to help you with all things planning as a mom.  Great for to-do lists, block scheduling, and planning for your family.


I love lists, especially during stressful times in my life.  Writing down my to-do list and creating a plan of attack deescalates my stress. I found as the number of roles and projects increase in my life, my need for creating lists increases as well.

As a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and emergency manager, my life must be organized yet flexible. If you love creating to-do lists, then you will enjoy the myAgenda planner.  I came across Nina’s site during my periodic search for new planners. What captured my attention were the flexible options offered from the bound versus spiral, desktop versus mini size, and the momAgenda versus myAgenda. You can check out more at MomAgenda.


Check out myAgenda planner!  Read review & get tips on how to rock this planner!


These are 18 month planners for your schedule and to-dos. It includes a back section for notes, restaurants, expenses, vacation and special events.  The myPamplet is an insert for contacts and birthdays, similar to a traveler’s notebook, which can be reused from year to year.  

The 2016-17 planners recently released have an updated cover colors and paper design which is nice. Personally I love the shimmering colors but many options are available.

What I really appreciate about the myAgenda planner is the flexible layout which provides multiple ways to use it.  Many people use the myAgenda for appointments with tasks, however I have used it purely for to-do lists.

 I used the planner to group my daily tasks into categories since I often use blocks of time to complete similar tasks.  For example, my work tasks are usually done during nap time while my home and family tasks are completed in the morning.  


myAgenda is a fantastic planner for women who love to-do lists and block scheduling.  Read review & get tips on how to rock this planner!


Using myAgenda For Your To-Dos

  1. Decide your main categories of to-dos.  Here are some ideas to start your brainstorming process: family, kids, work, blog, personal, school, volunteering, church, crafts, shopping, and meal planning.  
  2. Next label the rows on the left page and begin writing down your to-do’s.  I realize we do not all plan the same way so another option a section for each of your children.  Or do not label any of the sections and keep one big list.  Your options for personalizing the myAgenda is limited only by your imagination.   
  3. Find your favorite pen and begin writing down your to-dos. I love using specific colors for each of my categories.  If you are distracted easily or prefer a simple, clean appearance you may prefer writing all in one color.


 Do you enjoy creating to-do lists?  What is your favorite method of writing them down?  

I use to write them on the back of my hands until I started planning on a daily basis. If you are looking for a permanent solution besides sticky notes or your hand, then the myAgenda may be a great option for you.

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