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It’s a new year which means, for many, time to make new year’s resolutions. I am not usually one who likes to make resolutions for the new year. Probably because I know I will only stick to them for a couple weeks at most.

This year is different, though. This year I want to try keeping up with a journal. I don’t want to do it alone, though. I would love to experience this journey with my fellow “Squadettes”. That is why I’ve decided to put together the Planner Squad Journal Challenge.

If you think about it, our planners are like a journal in itself. Raise your hand if you like to keep your old planners, and flip through them to reminisce on what your life was like at that particular moment in time.

I know many of us planner girls do just that. That is why I thought hosting a journal challenge right here within our Planner Squad would be full of fun, inspiration, and accountability.

Planner Squad Journal Challenge

How does the challenge work exactly? Well, basically Squadettes (such as yourself) will sign up to participate in the challenge by filling out the form below (keep reading, it’s at the bottom of the post).

Once you sign up, you will start receiving weekly challenge emails. These emails will guide you to a password protected page with that particular week’s journal prompt.

Of course, you can write more than once a week if you’d like. Some may even prefer to write in their journals daily. We thought that having weekly versus daily prompts will help make keeping your journal seem less overwhelming.

Why Would I Want to Keep a Journal?

Journaling is so good for the soul. It’s a way to put your feelings onto paper, and for many, express their creativity in a very personal way.

Many like to keep journals to pass on to their future children, grandchildren, and so on. There’s nothing more priceless than a record of your loved one’s outlook on life. It’s like having a very special piece of your own history, preserved in a very personal record.

Others prefer to journal simply for themselves. It’s a way for them to vent their frustrations, reflect on some of their fondest memories, or share their deepest worries and concerns. It’s also a creative outlet for many.

Check out some of our very own Squadette’s journals:

Photo submitted by Alex Drevnak
Photo submitted by Deborah Swartz
Photo submitted by Jenn Roberts

Sign up for the Challenge

The great thing about this challenge is that there is no designated start or end time. It is designed to send the email prompts in order, starting from the beginning, no matter when you sign up.

That’s right – you can jump in at any time, and will never be behind! The challenge will continue until we either run out of ideas (not likely with Amy the idea master)

To start receiving weekly challenge emails, simply fill out the form below. Once you confirm your subscription, you will receive the first challenge email. The challenge emails will continue to hit your inbox each week with a new challenge to tackle.

Are you going to participate in the Planner Squad Challenge? Comment below to let us know!

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Jenn is a Missouri mom, wife, and REALTOR. When she's not busy chauffeuring her family around or writing contracts, shes working in her junk journal, sleeping, or having BBQs and game nights with her best friends. Her favorite ways to pass the time are spending time with her family, traveling, dancing at concerts, photography, and watching her favorite TV shows. Jenn is a glam-planner at heart and can't stand feeling unorganized. She looks at planning and junk journaling as a form of therapy and a way to squeeze in creative time while dealing with a hectic life and work schedule.


  1. Ginger Sowers says

    I’m in…I started keeping a journal January 1st and like you this is my first time trying it! My fiancé has kept a journal for years and he is my inspiration and motivation!!

  2. Michele says

    Looking forward to this. I agree, journalling is a GREAT way to practice self care, something I am striving for in 2017.

  3. Angel says

    This is a fantastic challenge! I’ve been wanting to start journaling again for quite some time. This is the accountability and encouragement I need. I’m looking forward to it!!

  4. Sirena says

    I always want to journal and believe this challenge will help jump start me. I find writing my thoughts brings me a peace of mind. I’m excited to start.

  5. Trina Flynn says

    I promised myself 2017 I would take time for things I want to do! I have never done a challenge before but I’m sure gonna try to do the challenge 🙂

  6. Lisa schwartz says

    I’m very excited to do this!!! I’ve never journaled before but have always wanted to try it. Can’t wait to get my first prompt!! Thanks!!!!

  7. Lori says

    I am a newbie to journaling, I have tried many times, but I can’t get any words into the page! I am joining this journey hoping it will get my wishes, hopes, dreams, and activities onto paper for my kids!! Thank you! I do need the inspiration!

  8. Aisha says

    I love this idea… just got back into journaling this past November and love it but at times I haven’t been consistent. This challenge is perfect to give me the kick I need to stay in the game of journaling.

  9. Candicia says

    I am loving the journal challenge i have struggled with life and parenting in the past and the PSJournalChallenge has given me the chance and strength to write about some of those things. I really enjoy it!!!!!!

  10. Cat says

    I try journaling every year. I used to be really diligent about it when I was working full time-I HAD to be to stay on top of meetings, projects, contacts etc at work, as well as appointments and plans for my personal life. Now that I am retired I really struggle to stay on track with my journaling. I am hoping this challenge will get me back on track an help me stay that way!

  11. Karen Wohlafka says

    I’m in – I started journaling a few months ago and have really enjoyed it. I look forward to trying some prompts though.

  12. Susan says

    I am really hoping this challenge works, I want to keep a journal to plan things out better and make things better for my family

  13. Sandra says

    I want to start back journaling again, I really need to make more time to do it so I’m ready to get started.

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