Join Our Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop!


Join us for our very first Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop. Plus, learn about to do Facebook Live broadcasts.

Hey Squadettes!  Who is ready for some more planning fun on live social media?

Join Planner Squad on our very first Facebook Live Hop!  We are so excited to announce this extra special event.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, we will share more about Facebook Live and how a hop on this social media platform works.  It is truly a fantastic way to interact with other members of Facebook groups.

Planner Squad Facebook totally rocks!!  We love seeing your pictures of planning hauls.  We adore your posts about planner deals and great places to shop.  We read your questions and do our very best to answer (or find the information) to all your planner needs.

Now, we have the opportunity to do live broadcasts to our group-as a group!  Planner Squad will be scheduling dates and times with fun planning themes for members to sign up and share their planner love.  It will be similar to our Periscope hops-but directly to our Facebook group!  WooHoo!

How Does A Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop Work?

  1. Sign up for Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop-if interested in participating.  (Scroll down for form!)
  2. If not participating, skip to step 8.
  3. If participating, prepare according to our designated theme for your Facebook Live broadcast.  Create a bullet list of points to address if it helps guide your discussion.  Cards with information (and a bit of washi!) can be helpful to hold up and demonstrate your point or share a resource.
  4. Type title of broadcast in whatever word processing form you typically use.
  5. Copy & paste title of broadcast into new post to Planner Squad Facebook group when your turn. (These directions and picture are with an iPhone.)Follow these steps to start a Facebook Live to Planner Squad Facebook group.
  6. Tap “Live Video” when it is your turn to go live in hop.  You will get a 3 second warning and then you are live!
  7. Share your brilliant planner information with all Squadettes!
  8. Watch all Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop participants by looking for their notifications and cheer them on!

See how easy that is (I promise you-it is super simple!).  You got this.  Now, on to the nitty gritty!

Join us for our very first Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop. Plus, learn about to do Facebook Live broadcasts.

Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop for Friday, June 3

It is now time to R.S.V.P. to the first Planner Squad Facebook Live Hop!!

Who:  You!!  All Squadettes are invited to watch.  Only the first 4 to sign up will be added to list of participants.  (Sign up if interested-we often need substitiutes!)  Amy Milcic will be our host with Jenn Roberts as the rockin’ caboose.  You will not want to miss this!!!

When:  Friday, June 3 at 8pm ET

Where: Planner Squad Facebook group

Why: Because we all love planners!

How:  See steps above:)

What: SHOW US YOUR PLANNERS!  Each Facebook liver (um, that looks weird-let’s say participant) will have 10 minutes for introduction and to show us their (favorite) planners.  Ladies, we know how much we all love our planners but let’s not go over 10 minutes.  To quote our beloved Jenn, “Ain’t no body got time for that!”

Will YOU be one of the very first Planner Squad Facebook Live participants?  Let’s find out!  SIGN UP NOW FOR A WHOLE LOT OF PLANNER FUN!!

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Amy Milcic is a mental health therapist turned homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She knows the importance of having the right planner that fits your needs. Amy specializes in planning-on-the-go, homeschool, and sports family planning. Amy blogs at Rock Your Homeschool to share positive and creative approaches to {homeschool} family life.

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