Planner Squad Instagram Challenge – February

February Instagram Challenge Feature ImageHello our lovely Planettes!

February is fast on its way (can you believe we are one month into the new year?) and we have yet some more great news coming to you from Planner Squad:  an Instagram Challenge!

Yes, ladies, we want you to spread that #plannerlove.  There’s nothing like a bit of planner eye candy to make us swoon, am I right ladies?

Woot Woot!

If you are new to Instagram or Instagram challenges, all will be explained on this page, below the graphic.

If you are familiar with them, then you know what to do ladies:

  1. Share this post out with all your planner friends (or on any social media of your choice).
  2. Follow Planner Squad on Instagram.
  3. Screenshot and repost the Instagram Challenge graphic on your own account.
  4. Then gear up for an awesome 29 days of mad planner love!

Do not forget to hashtag #plannersquad in your photos.  That way we can see everyone else’s…a wonderful collection of photos!

Your challenge awaits you…


February Instagram Challenge for Planner Squad

Now for the “nitty gritty” of Instagram for our IG Newbies!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an app that allows you to scroll through photos as well as post your own.  You can make your photos private or public.  You can double tap or click on hearts to show that you “like” a photo.  You can also comment on photos.

Is it free?

Yes ma’am!

How do I set it up?

Go to your app store.

Find Instagram.

Download it.

From there you need to pick a user name and edit your settings.

Click here to read the full tutorial on WikiHow – pictures included!

How do I participate in the Instagram challenge?

When you are in Instagram and have set up your account, you will want to search for PlannerSquad.  Look at your icon bar on the bottom.  Go to your search icon, press “People” (not tags) and then type in PlannerSquad.

When you find our icon, tap us and FOLLOW.

Now for the challenge!

If you view the above image it has 1 through 29 listed.  These are for the 29 days this February.

So on Day 1 the theme is: monthly spread.

This means you will upload a picture to Instagram that shows a monthly spread in your planner.  When you type in your description for the image use the hashtags “#plannersquad”.

Some of the days have a bit broader of a topic.  For instance, February 3rd says “Pink”.  Anything that is pink and has to do with planning is welcome!  It could be a pink planner, pink stickers, pink washi tape, pink pens…anything that fits the theme!

*You can also tap on those hashtags to see everyone else’s pictures.  In fact, we encourage you to!

Spreading the planner love, y’all.

So who’s with us?

Let’s make this an Instagram party, girls!

Any questions, contact us here.

And, as always,



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