Free Printable Savings Tracker For Your Planner

Now, you have a great way to keep track of your savings in your planner! Use these free printable savings trackers to help with your financial planning & budget.

Hello Squadettes,

Is it me or does the start of the school year feel like another “New Year”?

September has always felt like a fresh start for me and I guess that stems from my childhood school days. My favourite part of the year was returning to school. I didn’t like school all that much but returning to school meant stationery shopping. Need I say more?

Use this free printable savings tracker in your planner to keep track of your budget!

Looking ahead…..

I have already spent a lot of time this month reviewing my goals and setting some new ones. I have even been thinking about my planner set up for 2017. With only 4 months left of this year, it seems appropriate and I know these next few months will fly by.

This year has been an incredible year for me. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business and this year I finally got the chance to follow that dream. I am already looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings and I know that focusing on what I want to achieve in 2017 starts with whats in my planner by way of paper and pen.

I love functional planning, I do. But, sometimes it feels oh so serious which is one of the reasons why I like to design and use colourful and fun planner inserts. Like most of the planner inserts I design, they stem from a need of some kind and this weeks free printable is no different.

I mentioned in my recent post that my husband and I had been doing some finance planning. We set our savings budgets for 2017. Each budget is separated and broken down according to each project. We have a lot to save for next year. I have already set up my functional Savings Trackers but I needed something to visualise our progress on each project and so I set up this free printable Savings Tracker.

This free printable savings tracker is a fantastic addition to your planner! Great for staying on top of your budget & financial planning.

Free Printable Savings Tracker

The free printable savings tracker comes in personal size and A5 size. Each insert comes with a number of bar charts. Each bar chart represents a savings project. Each bar chart is broken down into segments with each segment representing a monetary increment. Each segment increment is blanks so the monetary increments can be specific to the individual project as shown in my example below. The idea is that you colour each segment as you reach each incremental goal.

I used this same idea way back when I attempted to bullet journal and it was a fun way to visualise progress on certain projects. As much as I love the concept of the bullet journal, I just didn’t have the time to set it up.  As a perfectionist, I couldn’t stand imperfect pages and the lack of order bothered me somewhat. As a mum of two boys, my time is fairly limited and this is why I reverted back to using a ring bound planner with functional and structured planner inserts.

I hope you guys enjoy using this free printable Savings Tracker and that it’s a fun alternative to simply logging deposits as you make them.

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Tina is the owner and designer of Little Chiqui Paperie, an online stationery boutique specialising in planner inserts. She lives on a sunny mediterranean island with her two sons and fiancé. Tina is a major craftaholic, planner junkie and stationery lover.

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