Free Printable Academic Calendar For Your Planner

Check out this cute yet functional academic calendar for your planners! Free printable that you can size to fit your planners for help planning your school year.

I can’t believe that summer is almost over already. It has been a busy summer and, for the first time in a few years, we have managed to spend some quality time together as a family.

Where I live, the hot days will continue at least until October.  The children, however, returning back to school is the signifier that summer is over.

This week’s free printable planner insert is a little bitter sweet. With my youngest attending preschool this year, it was time to design an academic calendar so I can keep track of all the school holidays and celebrations.

This free printable academic calendar is a perfect addition to your planner.

Bitter Sweet Planning…

I have just printed and incorporated this free printable academic calendar into my new planner set up. Getting used to the restrictions of term times will be something very new to me and something I am feeling a little anxious about.

We are used to the having a certain amount of freedom with our time. Now, more than ever, I am feeling the need to be more organized. I am hoping that this simple academic calendar will go a long way towards achieving this. With running Little Chiqui Paperie, my youngest son at home, my eldest son attending school and a husband who works shifts I am suddenly finding my schedule a lot busier than it’s ever been before.

Check out this functional yet cute free printable academic calendar for your planners.

I decided to use a nice pale yellow to highlight the weekends making them easier to distinguish. I have used the same colour to highlight the days of the week. I personallly love planner inserts that have a splash of colour to them. They keep me motivated to plan.  Those of you who purchase from my Etsy store will know that FUN.ctional planner inserts are my thing. Having recently finished the design and launch of the Teachers Planner and Christmas Planner using beautiful colours themes, I was really inspired by the yellow.

Free Printable Academic Calendar

The free printable academic calendar is included in A5 size and personal size. Each size has an August and September start date. Both are designed to be printed onto A4 paper and cut down to size. The personal size academic calendar includes crop marks to enable you to cut the inserts down to the correct size. Fold lines are also indicated. I suggest folding the academic calendar prior to trimming the insert down to size.

The A5 version of the academic calendar comes with an indication line confirming where the insert should be cut. I suggest folding the A4 version in half prior to cropping. Once folded and cropped, you should have a perfectly folded and fitted academic calendar as show in the photo below. If you are printing on US letter size paper, you may have to adjust the print ratio very slightly. Some printers will do this automatically according to the paper size you have selected to complete the print job.

This free printable academic calendar opens up for a wide look at your schedule. Cute and functional addition to your planners!

Sharing Is Caring!

I’d love to hear how you will be using your free academic calendar. Share your photos over on instagram using #PlannerSquadFreebiebyLittleChiquiPaperie Don’t forget to tag me @LittleChiquiPaperie so I can check out your awesome photos.

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Tina is the owner and designer of Little Chiqui Paperie, an online stationery boutique specialising in planner inserts. She lives on a sunny mediterranean island with her two sons and fiancé. Tina is a major craftaholic, planner junkie and stationery lover.


  1. Tina says

    I will definitely be tagging you on Instagram at a minimum, already pinned and liked, etc. wouldn’t even think I would have use for this type, would think more of an annual would be for me, but my daughter is going to preschool too, so I see how this is going to be great!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Do you know by chance if I would be able to change the yellow to purple?? If not, no big deal, I still really appreciate!! Going to look around your blog now!!

    • Tina Baker says

      Hello Tina,

      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like it. I never had use for this type of calendar either and have always used a yearly calendar too…. Until now.

      The PDF is not editable and so colour changes can only be made directly in the design file and not print file. Perhaps to you could use some thin washi tape to change the colour of the weekend columns 🙂

        • Tina Baker says

          I thought it was you who made the purchase but I wasn’t 100% sure. I hope you like it. It has crop marks so if you print it smaller than its intended size you can cut it down to size. If you’d like the print files without the crop marks then please just let me know 🙂

          • Tina says

            I have a setting in my printer options to do without the marks thank you!!! I think I am putting into 3 ring binder for my daughter (due 11/11) my biggest regret with my first is not journaling or writing enough…


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