FREE Functional Inserts For A5 & Personal Planners

FREE Functional Inserts For A5 & Personal Planners with 3 pages for notes, contacts, & to do lists. Super cute, colorful, & fun! Get the planning you need to get done with these gorgeous free printables.


Hey ladies! I am back with another set of free functional inserts for your A5 and personal size planners. Firstly, I have to hold my hands up and confess how unorganized I have been lately. My husband has just returned to work after three weeks of annual leave and during that time I only used my planner for the things I absolutely needed to.

Since the hubby was home and able to help with our two boys, I decided it was a good time to overhaul my website to prepare for the new launch, as well as work on some up and coming new designs for my Etsy store. I have to tell you, I learned a valuable lesson – I cannot function without my planner or my to do lists.

I spent ages trying to figure the whole website/blog thing out without any luck. It really isn’t a difficult task for me since I’ve had numerous blogs, all of which I designed.  But, I was designing this site without even writing a to do list-and getting no where fast!

FREE Functional Inserts For A5 & Personal Planners with 3 pages for contacts, to do lists, & notes. Colorful & cute, these gorgeous free printables will help you rock your planning!

Functional Planner Inserts Are Important!

This got me thinking about how important functional planner inserts are in my every day planning. Planning is a hobby for many of us planner girls but functionality is definitely a key factor for me.

Based on the feedback I received in the Planner Squad facebook group, functional planner inserts are important to you, too! I thought it would be a great idea to release some free functional  inserts for this week’s free download for your planners. Since its summer (at least where I live), I decided to design the functional inserts using a tropical summery colour theme to give them the splash of colour that will have you excited and motivated to listing and note taking.

FREE Functional Inserts For A5 & Personal Planners with 3 pages of printables for contacts, notes, & to do lists. Cute & colorful, these gorgeous inserts will help you get your planning done!

What’s Included With These FREE Functional Inserts?

Included in the freebie download is a to do list, a notes page and an insert to store all your contacts. As always, they are available in both personal size and A5 and each inserts comes with alternative margin bindings giving you complete freedom to choose how you print and use them.

If you need some tips on printing, please check out my recent post where I share some printing tips to help guide you through the printing process.

FREE Functional Inserts For A5 & Personal Planners with 3 free printables of notes, contacts, & to do lists to help you get your planning done in a cute & colorful way!

I Am One Busy Bee This Summer!

This summer is proving to be a busy one for me over at Little Chiqui Paperie with up and coming planner releases. I have an exciting set of inserts for my next contributor post which I think you’ll love just as much as I do.

I recently launched the Teacher Planner. The Student Planner is currently in the design process. Christmas in July is also keeping me on my toes and our Christmas Planner is almost ready for release. It features 29 different inserts to help you prepare for the biggest holiday of the year. My website is also scheduled for release for the end of July.  We also have visitors starting Wednesday and so my planner is getting some tough love this month.

Click on the image below to gain access to this free printable!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

Tell Us How You Use Your FREE Functional Planner Inserts

I’d love to hear how you will be using your free functional planner inserts. Share some inspiration and tell us what functional planner inserts are your go-to inserts and how do you use them to keep you on track and organized?

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Tina is the owner and designer of Little Chiqui Paperie, an online stationery boutique specialising in planner inserts. She lives on a sunny mediterranean island with her two sons and fiancé. Tina is a major craftaholic, planner junkie and stationery lover.


  1. Stephanie says

    Free for subscribers, I am a subscriber and yet I have to subcribe again because there is no link. What is up with that?

    • Amy Milcic says

      When you subscribe to Planner Squad, you will receive an email. Upon confirmation, you will be issued a password. Also, password to free printables is given in our weekly emails at the bottom in gray box.

    • Amy Milcic says

      Are you subscribed to Planner Squad? If so, you will receive a password to our free printables page & find links there. (Password is also on bottom of our weekly email.)

  2. cherlyn trudis liwag says

    hi! where is the link? where will i enter the password? im a subscriber already but i can’t seem to find where will i enter the password? thank you

  3. Dani B says

    There is no grey box with a password at the bottom of my email so can not access the free download ?

    • Jenn Roberts says

      Please go back and check again. It is part of our email template, it is included in every email we send out. If you just signed up, it should be on the confirmation page once you’ve confirmed. I promise, it’s there 🙂

    • Amy Milcic says

      I fixed the password problem. Unfortunately, our site keeps reverting back to a much older one. We are trying to determine what is going on …Try the provided password again-and very sorry for the inconvenience!


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