All Things Planners Link-Up Party #2

Last week was our first ever “All Things Planner Link-Up Party”, and it was a great one! We had great posts about how to use a bullet journal in your homeschool, free printables, and more! Make sure you check out last week’s party to get caught up on all of the great things that were shared!

Now, it’s time for this week’s edition of the All Things Planners Link-Up Party! If you are a planner girl (or guy!), or a planner blogger, keep reading!

All Things Planners Link-Up Party is your place to find amazing planner related content. Share & find planer posts, printables, & more!

All Things Planner Link-Up Party is your place to share your amazing planner content.  Posts, printables, and whatever type of planner-related content you create.

Planner girls, bullet journal lovers, homeschool planners-if it has anything to do with planning, we want it in All Things Planners Link-Up Party!

Every Tuesday, stop by Planner Squad and add your links!  Take time to browse around and find links to other planner posts and printables.

Why You Should Add Your Content To All Things Planners Link-Up Party

1.  Great way to get more eyes on your planner posts, printables, products, & more!

You love planners like we love planners.  You want your planner content to bless the planning world, right?  What better way to get your planner goodies out there than a planner link-up party?

2.  Own a planner blog or site?  Linking up is great way to amp up your SEO juice!

Are you familiar with SEO juice?  Search engines love valid links.  It’s like those little search bots have a party as they buzz around the world wide web, looking for sites that are social and hang out together.  Search bots like party animals, not wall flowers.  Be a party animal & link up your planner goodies at All Things Planners Link-Up Party!

When you link up your planner posts and more to other sites, it helps your site get better ranking.  Those search bots are like, “Oh yeah!  This planner post is where’s it at!  It knows how to party like the best.”  (Totally making up that analogy by the way although doesn’t it make it sound so much more fun!)

3.  Be part of our planner community!  Our goal with All Things Planners is to create a one-stop place for planner lovers to find incredible planner goodies each week!

Each and every week, we shall host All Things Planners Link-up.  This super wonderful event means that you will have the opportunity to share your most recent planner content.  Plus, you can share older planner content that needs more love.

4.  Each link will be pinned to All Things Planners Link-Up Party Board.

Get some more Pinterest love!  Your amazing planner content will be added to our All Things Planners Link-Up Party Board .

5.  It will be super fun & we will love you forever & ever!

C’mon, it’s gonna be a par-tay!  We shall planner party all week long.  Link up & join the hippest planner party out there.  Can you hang?  Let’s see your planner mojo!  And you will have our eternal love!



All Things Planners Link-Up Party Tuesday


Okay, Let’s Get This All Planner Things Link-Up Party Started!

Here’s the deets!  The rules are there aint’ no rules (nah, that’s not true but I just love to quote that line from Grease.  You know the one, right before the drag race?)

  1. Share as many planner related goodies as you like.  Planner Squad is all about spreading the planner love.  We want to see what you got!
  2. Drop those links & have a look-see at the other planner content.  Share out in your very favorite way at least 3 links.  Don’t be a party pooper-share the planner love!
  3. When you visit another site, leave a comment & let them know you found them through Planner Squad!
  4. Planner Squad reserves the right to delete any link that they deem inappropriate or non-planner related.  Keep it clean!   (Another quote from Grease!  Do you remember where?)
  5. Add our nifty little button to your post or site.  Let other planner lovers know where to link-up!
All Things Planners Link-Up Party

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