Planner Girl 101: Series to Educate, Encourage, & Empower


Are you a planner girl? Newbie? Wannabe? Have no idea where to start but know that planning is for you? Check out our new series to educate, encourage, & empower ALL planner girls. (Because guess what? You already are!)


Hey all you ladies who want to get your planning on!  All you planner wannabes, newbies, and addicts (you know who you are!).

Welcome to Planner Girl 101!  This series has been created to educate, encourage, and empower anyone who loves the world of planning.

Why Planner Girl 101?

Jenn (co-owner of Planner Squad and “my person”) and I are frequently asked about how to start planning.  We get questions like:

  • What is planning?
  • What do I need to start planning?
  • How much time does planning take?
  • What do all those crazy abbreviations and lingo mean?
  • Where do I go to get these planner goodies that you all speak of?
  • What planner is best for a beginner?
  • And the list goes on and on!

And we totally LOVE it!

We want to hear more and more questions about planning!  Planner Squad is all about spreading the planner love, baby!

A few other comments that were the driving force behind this much-needed series include:

  • Well, I am NOT a planner girl! (said with a sniff and condescending tone)
  • I only use digital planning, therefore, I am NOT a planner girl!
  • Sounds nice, but I don’t have time to plan.
  • Groovy, but I don’t have money to plan.

Au contraire, mon frere!  (That’s a bit of French for ya!  Ooh la la!)

Sweet pea, I’m here to assure you that you ARE a planner girl.  It is my firm belief that we ALL are planner girls.  (I want to climb to the highest mount and scream it from the rooftops.  Fortunately, I have Jenn to restrain me from acting upon such foolish notions.)

Oh yes, you read that right!  You ARE a planner girl.  Even if you have never used a color pen or written a date in a calendar or own a roll of washi tape!

Hopes & Dreams of Planner Girl 101 Series

The mission of Planner Squad is to unite the planning community, one roll of washi at a time.

It is also our passion to bring the joy and benefits of planning to all.

It is to shed light on what planning actually is, to debunk myths of what a planner girl is said to be, and to help all those closet planner girls come out into the light and embrace their inner planner.

Let your Planner Love shine!  (I feel like I need to grab a lighter and wave it back and forth in the air.)

We shall be looking at it all, from Planner ABCs to tips & tricks to ways to grow in your planning.

Join Planner Squad for our Planner Girl 101 series. We hope to educate, encourage, and empower ALL planner girls!

How Can You Help?

For now, write your questions, experiences, and tips for becoming a planner girl in the comment section below.  What would have been helpful for you to know as a planner newbie? If you are a newbie, ask your questions here!  (Remember:  No question is too small or is silly!  If you have the question, chances are quite a few other ladies do, too!)

I am working on a major project that will be coming very soon!  If you are interested in helping other planner girls get started and reach their planning potential, email me (Amy)

Super excited to get this planner girl party started!



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Happy 1st Birthday Planner Squad! Here’s Your Invitation to the Party

Happy First Birthday, Planner Squad! Join us as we celebrate with giveaways & more!


Hey hey Squadettes!  Planner Squad is turning 1 and we want YOU to celebrate with us!

Get ready for the ultimate in planning fun and giveaways!  We are super excited to party like rock stars with giveaways and more in our Planner Squad Facebook Group.

A Look Back At Planner Squad’s 1st Year

I have tears in my eyes as I think back over this past year with Planner Squad.  When Jenn and I began to chat about a site dedicated to all things planners and uniting the planning community, we never dreamed that it would grow like it has.  And that amazing growth is all because of YOU!

Which post drew you to Planner Squad?  Was it our super popular post, Ultimate  List of Where to Find Free Planner Printables?  Maybe it was our Ultimate List of Planner Pens?  Were you drawn to the free printables?  Or our Etsy shoppe?

Whatever your reason for becoming a Squadette, we are so very pleased that you are here!  Jenn and I have major plans for 2017 to bring you the best in planning.

To thank you for your support and dedication, we thought it best to have a giveaway party in our Facebook group!

We have had some AMAZING companies contribute to this giveaway.  Jenn has been working hard to organize this festivity to make it fun for all.  Get ready for prizes on the hour, starting at 10 am CST on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.  

It’s kind of like a reverse surprise party!  We are going to surprise our guests (that’s YOU!) with the prizes you can enter to win.

Details for Planner Squad’s 1st Birthday Party!

Who: Planner Squad and YOU!

What: Birthday Bash and 5k Member Giveaway

When: January 24, 2017 from 10 am CST

Where: Planner Squad Facebook Group

Why: Reached 5k members in our facebook group and our 1 year birthday (Boom!)

Planner Squad is 1! Join us for our happy birthday party for a mega celebration + giveaways! Find out more here:)

Jot down Planner Squad Happy 1st Birthday on Tuesday, January 24 at 10 am CT in one or more of your planners. We can’t wait to see you there and get this party started!

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Free Goal Setting Printable Worksheet For Your Planner

Check out this awesome free goal setting printable worksheet for your planner. Get your free printable plus access to exclusive subscriber freebies at Planner Squad.

Who can quite believe that it’s almost mid-December? December for me screams goal setting. So, I have designed for you, yes you’ve guessed it, a Goal Setting Worksheet to help you plan and set your goals in 2017.

Setting goals….

Last year was the first year that I set some personal goals. Most of my goal setting up to that point revolved around my corporate job in Compliance. Last December, whilst on maternity leave and recovering from a C-section, I was reflecting on my life over the past few years.

At the age of 31, I was left wondering what I had achieved in life so far and what was next. I knew I wasn’t happy working my 9-5. I knew I wanted to spend more time with my children. I knew wholeheartedly that both myself and my newborn were both lucky to be in this world after an extremely complicated pregnancy and even more complicated birth. I knew it was time to change the things in life that I wasn’t happy with and so I set myself some life changing goals.

In short, my goals for 2016 were to quit my corporate 9-5 job and run my planner business from home whilst I looked after my children. Of course, those goals were broken down into many other much smaller goals, action points, and strategies which took a lot of time to plan.

There is something about writing your goals down. I personally enjoy goal setting. I love achieving the goals I’ve set. It makes me feel good about myself and is a great confidence booster. Additionally, research shows that individuals who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them.

In December 2015, I was barely half the person I once was. I was suffering from a huge amount of anxiety, low self-esteem, and little confidence in myself.  My corporate job and the workplace bullying that I had been subjected to had worn me thin. I looked at my goals every single day and worked hard to reach them. Some days, I felt like I wanted to quit but I kept pushing through.

I tell you this not for sympathy, but to inspire you, because in April 2016 I walked into my workplace with my head held high and handed them my resignation. It was the most amazing feeling to leave on my own terms and know that my life was back on track.

Set yourself some goals for 2017….

Life is so short and the days pass by so quickly! I encourage every single one of you to live life to fullest and follow your dreams. A dream is only a dream without a plan and that is why I am sharing this free Goal Setting Worksheet with you. If you have a dream, no matter how big or small, write it down and start working towards your dreams.

I have a two quotes that I live my life by now:

  • “ If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will hire you to help them build theirs” – Tony Gaskin
  • “Dream big, start small but most of all start” – author unknown

I truly believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Have faith, be courageous, and be true to yourself and your dreams.

SMART goal setting….

I have written here in the past about SMART Goal Setting. In fact, it was the subject of my very first Planner Squad blog post. The SMART Goal Setting principle is amazing and it will help you to set realistic goals that you can work towards achieving. The free SMART Goals Assessment booklet that I designed for the Planner Squad talks about how to set SMART goals. I recommend reading that blog post and downloading the free workbook so you can be confident in setting SMART goals.

Free Goal Setting Printable Worksheet For Your Planner

The free Goal Setting Worksheet….

As always, the free printable Goal Setting Worksheet is available in both A5 and personal size. The personal size worksheet has been designed to be printed booklet style and comes with crop marks reading for cropping down to the correct size.

Inspire and be inspired by sharing your goals below. What goals will you be sharing in 2017?

To get your FREE printable goal setting worksheet plus access to all Planner Squad exclusive subscriber freebies, click on the image below!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

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OK Planner Crawl

Get a sneak peak at all this planning fun at the OK Planner Crawl. More planning resources & freebies at

Have you ever been on a planner crawl?  If not, check out all the fun Wendie had!

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the OK Planner Crawl, an annual planner event in OKC. Tickets are limited but my friends, Susan and Sami of Chirps & Cheers, sponsored me and made it possible for me to attend.

I had no idea what to expect and the only expectation I had was to have a good time. The morning started off at a local hotel, our headquarters for the day, and everyone was buzzing with excitement. I ran into Dani, the organizer for the OKC planner group I attend.  We waited in line for the doors to open to the conference room where the crawl was set to start.

Upon entering the conference room, we signed in, received our name tags, marveled at the massive de-stash table, and broke into our groups. We were all assigned three local shops to visit where we would complete an activity. Once that was done, we were to eat lunch and return to the hotel.

My group, The OPP (Oklahoma Planner Posse). From left to right: Lindsey, Leslie, Me, Ellen, Leslie.
My group, The OPP (Oklahoma Planner Posse). From left to right: Lindsey, Leslie, Me, Ellen, Leslie.


Beginnings of the de-stash table at the OK Planner Crawl.
Beginnings of the de-stash table.

I didn’t take any pictures of the stores or the activities we did inside of them, but I can tell you that we visited Paper + More, Paper Crown, and Chirps & Cheers. At Paper + More, we were to design a gift tag.   At Paper Crown, we were to make a dashboard. At Chirps & Cheers, we were to design stickers. Each activity had a winner that received a prize.

On our way to our first stop on the OK Planner Crawl.
On our way to our first stop.

OK Planner Crawl

Chirps & Cheers is by far my favorite store, and not just because of my relationship with the owner. They carry unique accessories that you can’t find at every other stationer. The store is also clean, bright, uncluttered, and has a high-end feel that I like. The card selection is one of the best in the area (in my opinion) and they have a good selection of custom invitations and stationery that they display beautifully, as well as fun, random items. Lots of letterpress, too. Oh, and fountain pens!

Paper + More is a large store that has a lot of things in it. It is part gift shop, part invitations, and part planners and office supplies. They also have a baby section. A large portion of the store is the gift shop and while that is not what I prefer in a stationery store, they carry LAFCO candles, something that I think deserves noting. I have shopped there several times before for specific things and have often been able to find what I need. While this store does not have as large of a selection of unique cards, they have a massive selection of cards from Crane & Co., Kate Spade, Rifle Paper Co., and an impressive selection of Original Crown Mill.

Paper Crown is a store that I had only visited once before the crawl. It seems to be geared towards people who like to scrapbook. While they do have planners, their selection is limited. I will say that they have a unique paper collection that is different from the typical finds at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. They also have washi and some unique stamps.  I can see myself visiting again if I ever have the urge to delve into scrapbooking or if I need a very specific item. One thing that stood out to me was the large work-space in the back of the store where I imagine they hold classes/workshops. Chirps & Cheers also has a space for workshops (not sure about Paper + More), but the space at Paper Crown is much larger and better for events that require spreading out your supplies.

Our last stop was Chirps & Cheers and when we left it was lunch time. Since we were in Midtown, we walked down the street to Waffle Champion. If I remember correctly, only two of us had eaten there before and I think lunch was a hit! There is no doubt that we all left stuffed and ready to take on the remainder of the afternoon.

Pork Verde Benedict waffle.
Pork Verde Benedict waffle.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for the last activity, which was to make a planner clip and film a tutorial for setting up a planner page. Once all of the groups had returned to the hotel, the winners of each activity were announced and prizes were awarded. We all got a numbered ticket when we checked in earlier in the day and there was a drawing for prizes. The prizes varied from stickers to planners.  One of the girls in my group, Lindsey, won the grand prize – a Whipping Post tote!

The Whipping Post bag-grand prize at the OK Planner Crawl.
Lindsey’s tote.


I almost forgot to tell you about our swag from OK Planner Crawl that was on the tables after lunch! We all received a small binder full of stickers, along with a few stamps, washi, and planner clips. I am not someone who uses stickers in my planner but I definitely want to start, so I was excited. Stickers were from vendors such as Lillie Henry, My Queen Bee Designs, Lucindadori Planners, and many others.


Conference room with sway at OK Planner Crawl.
The conference room, waiting for us with our swag.


Some of the swag we received at the OK Planner Crawl.
Some of the swag we received.

The most exciting moment of the day for me was when we thought the crawl was over and reps from Day Designer came in and gave us all our own Day Designer! It was also fun to see all of my teammates win a prize in the drawing. After the giveaways ended, we were all invited to stay the remainder of the day and evening to talk planners to our heart’s content. I had a prior engagement that evening and unfortunately, I was unable to stay.

The event was well-organized and I feel that deserves recognition; it is not easy to execute this sort of event.

One of the things that I would have liked to have done differently would have been to have branched out from my group a bit and get to know some of the other planners in the community. I will be sure to do so next year if I am lucky enough to obtain another ticket.

A few fun facts from the day:

• Leslie (I’ll let you guess which one) can fit a good portion of her lower body into a Whipping Post tote.
• One of the members of my group used to be in the FBI.
• One of the members of my group is on the design team for Mommy Lhey.
• I had the chance to see and flip though the Kikki K Vänskap planner. OMG, I die, so unbelievably cute.
• To quote Lord Byron, “We of the craft are all crazy”.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and am thankful for the opportunity.

Have any of you attended a local planner crawl? What was your favorite part?

I was not compensated monetarily for my review and was not asked to give a review of the OK Planner Crawl. Everything you read here is my own opinion.

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Mini-Happy Planner Giveaway

Enter to win this adorable Mini-Happy Planner + more awesome planner goodies at Planner Squad!  Giveaway ends Dec. 3.  Find more planner resources & freebies over at

Do you hear the bells and whistles?  Do you see the fireworks going off?  It’s time once more for a Planner Squad giveaway-let the celebration begin!

Jenn and I love to bring these fabulous giveaways to our Squadettes.  It is our little way of saying you for being a loyal planner girl.  (And if you are not a Squadette yet, what are you waiting for?  Pop on over to our rockin’ Facebook Group and jump in the fun!)

This month, Jenn selected the most adorable giveaway and we are so pumped up to get it started.  A Mini-Happy Planner!  (Bet you guessed that from the title!  You are so smart!)

We know how hard it has been for some of you to find these sweet things.  When Jenn saw this cutie, she immediately thought of our Squadettes and messaged me.  “We have got to get this for a giveaway!  The Squadettes will love it!”  Isn’t Jenn a wise one?

In case you are not familiar with the Mini-Happy Planner, I will share a few fun facts.  Happy Planners come from the glorious company known as Me & My Big Ideas (a.k.a. MAMBI).  These gems are super fun to decorate and customize.

We loved their standard size Happy Planner and fell head over heels for the Big Happy Planner.  And then, MAMBI outdid itself.

A compact ball of planner fun wrapped up in style!

Here are the details on the beautiful Mini-Happy Planner in this giveaway:

  • pages are 4.5″ x 7″
  • same laminated front & back covers that are also 4.5″ x 7″
  • undated
  • disc bound
  • monthly and weekly layouts

And here are some pictures to get you drooling over the Mini-Happy Planner we are giving away!  Squeal!

Mini-Happy Planner for Planner Squad giveaway is stylish and fun.

Inside cover and first page of Mini-Happy Planner for Planner Squad giveaway.

Monthly layout of Mini-Happy Planner for Planner Squad giveaway.

This Mini-Happy Planner for Planner Squad giveaway is adorable and functional.

Example of a dashboard found in the Mini-Happy Planner for Planner Squad giveaway.

Back cover of Mini-Happy Planner as part of Planner Squad giveaway.


I adore the black and white theme!  I think that makes it so much fun to decorate and add a splash of color to where you want it.

Mini-Happy Planner Giveaway

One lucky Squadette will win this prize package valued at over $50:

  • one Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Mini-Happy Planner
  • Planner Squad Shoppe Surprise Pack (Jenn is going to surprise our lucky winner with goodies from the Shoppe!)
  • Planner Squad Shoppe $15 Gift Card to pick out even more great planner goodies!

Giveaway ends December 3, 2016 at 11:59 pm CT.  Best of luck to all who enter!




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