10+ Reasons to Love Your Planner!

There are so many reasons to love your planner! We share a few ways that we love our planners & want to learn how planners help make your life better.


How do I love my planners?  Let me count the ways!

And I’d love to have you help me!  Let’s share all the ways that we love our planners!  Because, ladies, you understand how our planners serve so many amazing purposes.

How do YOU love your planner?

Make sure to share your reasons for appreciating and respecting all that your planners and their gorgeous goodies have to offer at the end of this post!  We want to read all about how your planners hold a special place in your heart.

10+ Reasons to Love Your Planner!

1.  Organization:  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit squirrely and spacey.  And with good reason.  I’m usually spinning at least a few plates at a time with homeschooling five boys, two blogs, and serving as a domestic engineer (or whatever the new hip term is to describe all the tasks that a stay-at-home mom does!).

2.  Sanity Saving:  See above for my reasons for needing multiple planners.  My planners are my go-to places to brain dump, create to-do lists, and basically keep my brain from exploding.

3.  Feminine:  I need something that’s just for me, you know?  As the only female in a house filled with testosterone (hubby, five boys, male dog, male bird, male fish), I must have something that represents being a woman.  My planners can be as girly, frilly, and pink as I want them to be!

4.  Creative Outlet:  My planners provide a place to let my creative juices flow.  I get to recharge and replenish.  Planners help me feel like a human being again after a long day.

5.  Portable:  It feels like we are constantly on-the-go.  I must have a way to carry around my 553 checklists and reminders!  I don’t care for online planning systems.  Bleh!  Give me pretty paper and pens any day!

6.  Variety:  It’s the spice of life, right?  So many beautiful supplies!  So many gorgeous layouts and spreads!

7.  Dependable:  My planners are always there for me.  Well, at least when I remember to bring them along for the car ride 😉  But, no matter what, my planners are there for me when I return home and need some relaxation time by myself.

8.  Fashionable:  I am not known for my trendy styles or being a fashionista.  Tomboy or casual are my favorites.  My planners, however, are always looking snazzy with their decorative clips, washi tape, and stickers.

9.  Flexible:  I mentioned my busy life.  Yeah, it gets cray-cray.  And, sadly, that means that my planning time is not always what I’d like it to be every week.  I love how I can adjust the amount I decorate my planners according to what time is available.  What’s that famous planning saying?  “The rules are there ain’t no rules.”  And if that’s not a saying, it should be!

10.  My Brain:  On days when an insidious fog descends upon my brain, I can turn to my trusted planners to back me up.  It’s quite lovely to know that all of our schedules, appointments, errands, and other tasks are all right there, even if my brain is not.

It’s your turn!  Share all the reasons that you love your planner in the comments below.


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