Planner Girl 101: Series to Educate, Encourage, & Empower


Are you a planner girl? Newbie? Wannabe? Have no idea where to start but know that planning is for you? Check out our new series to educate, encourage, & empower ALL planner girls. (Because guess what? You already are!)


Hey all you ladies who want to get your planning on!  All you planner wannabes, newbies, and addicts (you know who you are!).

Welcome to Planner Girl 101!  This series has been created to educate, encourage, and empower anyone who loves the world of planning.

Why Planner Girl 101?

Jenn (co-owner of Planner Squad and “my person”) and I are frequently asked about how to start planning.  We get questions like:

  • What is planning?
  • What do I need to start planning?
  • How much time does planning take?
  • What do all those crazy abbreviations and lingo mean?
  • Where do I go to get these planner goodies that you all speak of?
  • What planner is best for a beginner?
  • And the list goes on and on!

And we totally LOVE it!

We want to hear more and more questions about planning!  Planner Squad is all about spreading the planner love, baby!

A few other comments that were the driving force behind this much-needed series include:

  • Well, I am NOT a planner girl! (said with a sniff and condescending tone)
  • I only use digital planning, therefore, I am NOT a planner girl!
  • Sounds nice, but I don’t have time to plan.
  • Groovy, but I don’t have money to plan.

Au contraire, mon frere!  (That’s a bit of French for ya!  Ooh la la!)

Sweet pea, I’m here to assure you that you ARE a planner girl.  It is my firm belief that we ALL are planner girls.  (I want to climb to the highest mount and scream it from the rooftops.  Fortunately, I have Jenn to restrain me from acting upon such foolish notions.)

Oh yes, you read that right!  You ARE a planner girl.  Even if you have never used a color pen or written a date in a calendar or own a roll of washi tape!

Hopes & Dreams of Planner Girl 101 Series

The mission of Planner Squad is to unite the planning community, one roll of washi at a time.

It is also our passion to bring the joy and benefits of planning to all.

It is to shed light on what planning actually is, to debunk myths of what a planner girl is said to be, and to help all those closet planner girls come out into the light and embrace their inner planner.

Let your Planner Love shine!  (I feel like I need to grab a lighter and wave it back and forth in the air.)

We shall be looking at it all, from Planner ABCs to tips & tricks to ways to grow in your planning.

Join Planner Squad for our Planner Girl 101 series. We hope to educate, encourage, and empower ALL planner girls!

How Can You Help?

For now, write your questions, experiences, and tips for becoming a planner girl in the comment section below.  What would have been helpful for you to know as a planner newbie? If you are a newbie, ask your questions here!  (Remember:  No question is too small or is silly!  If you have the question, chances are quite a few other ladies do, too!)

I am working on a major project that will be coming very soon!  If you are interested in helping other planner girls get started and reach their planning potential, email me (Amy)

Super excited to get this planner girl party started!



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ABCs of Planning: A Fun List For Planner Girls


ABCs of planning is a fun list of planning terms and lingo that planner girls love. Are your favorite planner terms included in our list? Check it out & leave your own for a fun Planner Girl Dictionary!


Who is ready for some planning fun?  Join us for ABCs of Planning! 

We thought it would be fun to compile a list of favorite words and lingo used by planner girls.  Planner Squad loves to chat about all things planners and we have been putting together a list of planner terms.

Are your favorite planning words in our alphabetical list?

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of planning and each letter?

Jot down your ABCs of Planning and compare to our list.  Make sure to comment at the end with your results!

Oh, and bonus points if you can think of more words for the letters “Q”, “X”, and “Z” to add to our ABCs of Planning!


ABCs of planning


is for Planner ADDICT.  The planning world is a beautiful place that is hard to leave. So much glitter and colors!



ABCs of planning


B:  is for Bullet Journal.  Do you love to bujo?  This functional form of planning can on a whole new look when a bit of stickers and washi tape are mixed in, don’t ya think?


ABCs of planning


C:  is for Charms.  Planner charms are so pretty and great ways to customize your planners.  Make sure to stop by the Planner Squad Shoppe August 1 to get exclusive Squadette planner charms!



ABCs of planning

D:  is for Dashboards.  We are often asked, “What are dashboards and how are they used?”.  Planner Squad will be sharing more details about this planning accessory soon.  Until then, dashboards are basically dividers with special reminders like notes or inspirational quotes.



ABCs of planning


E:  is for Embellishments.  Add a little (or a lot!) of pretty to your planners with accessories like tassels, pompoms, and bands.



ABCs of planning

F:  is for Functional.  Planning is not only a creative outlet but also a fantastic way to stay on top of your game!  Many planner girls use their planners in a functional fashion with to-do lists, contacts, and other daily reminders.



ABCs of planning


G:  is for Gel Pens.  A great gel pen is a true treasure!  My favorite erasable gel pen is Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens.  What is your favorite?



ABCs of planning


H:  is for Hand Lettering.  These beautiful techniques add a special touch to your planners.



ABCs of planning


I:  is for Inserts.  Printable or purchased inserts are fabulous ways to extend your planning fun while making them more effective for use.



ABCs of planning


J:  is for Junk Journal.  




ABCs of planning


K:  is for Kit Stickers.  Finding the right set of planner kit stickers can send a planner girl to the moon!  Perfect for putting together a gorgeous spread!



ABCs of planning


L:  is for Layout.  Vertical or horizontal?  Monthly and weekly.




ABCs of planning


M:   is for Mystery Boxes.  Who doesn’t love a surprise-especially when it is planner related?  You can find fantastic mystery boxes to triple your planner happiness.


ABCs of planning


N:  is for Notebooks.  These individual units can be used alone or combined in traveler’s notebooks and more.



ABCs of planning


O:  is for Organization.  Let’s face it-using planners can help us be more organized.  Plus, it is super fun finding ways to organize all our planner goodies!



ABCs of planning


P: is for Pens.  Having the right pen for a special planner can make all the difference!  What is your absolute favorite planner pen to use?



ABCs of planning


Q: is for Quirky.  Your planners reflect you!  Enjoy the creative process of decorating and using your planners.  Each one is special and unique-just like you!



ABCs of planning

R: is for RAK (random act of kindness).  Sometimes, very generous planner girls will offer an assortment of planner goodies from their personal stash.  For whatever reason they choose to do so, this thoughtfulness is such a blessing!



ABCs of planning


S:  is for Stickers.  There are so many adorable planner stickers out there!  I love the variety and how our selection may reflect our mood, personality, or special event.


ABCs of planning


T:  is for Traveler’s Notebook.  One of our favorite types of planners are traveler’s notebooks.  Brilliant way to organize a variety of schedules, topics, and reminders!


ABCs of planning

U: is for Unicorn.  These planners are those special, hard-to-find rarities on every planner girl’s wishlist.   When you have been on the hunt for your unicorn planner and find it, it will feel like you have found the Holy Grail and all 7 Wonders of the World!



ABCs of planning


V:  is for Variety.  The planning world has a plethora of styles, approaches, and accessories.  Your very own planners my demonstrate your eclectic tastes.  It is the spice of life, right?


ABCs of planning


W: is for Washi Tape.  Washi makes the world go ’round!  Washi tape comes in so many colors, themes, textures, and sizes.  Definitely #1 on my planning list!



ABCs of planning


X:  is for Xyron.  This little gadget makes it easy to create your own stickers and more!



ABCs of planning


Y:  is for DIY.  One of my favorite aspects of planning is making my own planner goodies.  Materials like cardstock, markers, and washi tape can make this DIY girl happy for days!


ABCs of planning


Z:  is for Zippered Pouch.  I love using zippered pouches for carrying pens, pencils, stickers, and more. Great for planning on the go and just staying organized!

What words would you add to our ABCs of Planning?  

Leave your answers in the comments below.  Let’s see how many different planner words we can come up with together!

Also, if you are not sure what some of these terms are or would like more information, leave a comment.  Planner Squad would love to share more about those planning topics very soon!

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All Things Planners Link-Up Party #2

Last week was our first ever “All Things Planner Link-Up Party”, and it was a great one! We had great posts about how to use a bullet journal in your homeschool, free printables, and more! Make sure you check out last week’s party to get caught up on all of the great things that were shared!

Now, it’s time for this week’s edition of the All Things Planners Link-Up Party! If you are a planner girl (or guy!), or a planner blogger, keep reading!

All Things Planners Link-Up Party is your place to find amazing planner related content. Share & find planer posts, printables, & more!

All Things Planner Link-Up Party is your place to share your amazing planner content.  Posts, printables, and whatever type of planner-related content you create.

Planner girls, bullet journal lovers, homeschool planners-if it has anything to do with planning, we want it in All Things Planners Link-Up Party!

Every Tuesday, stop by Planner Squad and add your links!  Take time to browse around and find links to other planner posts and printables.

Why You Should Add Your Content To All Things Planners Link-Up Party

1.  Great way to get more eyes on your planner posts, printables, products, & more!

You love planners like we love planners.  You want your planner content to bless the planning world, right?  What better way to get your planner goodies out there than a planner link-up party?

2.  Own a planner blog or site?  Linking up is great way to amp up your SEO juice!

Are you familiar with SEO juice?  Search engines love valid links.  It’s like those little search bots have a party as they buzz around the world wide web, looking for sites that are social and hang out together.  Search bots like party animals, not wall flowers.  Be a party animal & link up your planner goodies at All Things Planners Link-Up Party!

When you link up your planner posts and more to other sites, it helps your site get better ranking.  Those search bots are like, “Oh yeah!  This planner post is where’s it at!  It knows how to party like the best.”  (Totally making up that analogy by the way although doesn’t it make it sound so much more fun!)

3.  Be part of our planner community!  Our goal with All Things Planners is to create a one-stop place for planner lovers to find incredible planner goodies each week!

Each and every week, we shall host All Things Planners Link-up.  This super wonderful event means that you will have the opportunity to share your most recent planner content.  Plus, you can share older planner content that needs more love.

4.  Each link will be pinned to All Things Planners Link-Up Party Board.

Get some more Pinterest love!  Your amazing planner content will be added to our All Things Planners Link-Up Party Board .

5.  It will be super fun & we will love you forever & ever!

C’mon, it’s gonna be a par-tay!  We shall planner party all week long.  Link up & join the hippest planner party out there.  Can you hang?  Let’s see your planner mojo!  And you will have our eternal love!



All Things Planners Link-Up Party Tuesday


Okay, Let’s Get This All Planner Things Link-Up Party Started!

Here’s the deets!  The rules are there aint’ no rules (nah, that’s not true but I just love to quote that line from Grease.  You know the one, right before the drag race?)

  1. Share as many planner related goodies as you like.  Planner Squad is all about spreading the planner love.  We want to see what you got!
  2. Drop those links & have a look-see at the other planner content.  Share out in your very favorite way at least 3 links.  Don’t be a party pooper-share the planner love!
  3. When you visit another site, leave a comment & let them know you found them through Planner Squad!
  4. Planner Squad reserves the right to delete any link that they deem inappropriate or non-planner related.  Keep it clean!   (Another quote from Grease!  Do you remember where?)
  5. Add our nifty little button to your post or site.  Let other planner lovers know where to link-up!
All Things Planners Link-Up Party

Share All Things Planners Link-Up Party With Your Twitter Peeps!

Add Your Planner Links Here!

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Join Planner Squad at the 2016 Midwest Planner Con!

I have a HUGE announcement! I’m so excited, and oh-so-nervous at the same time. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, and I’m not sure if the fact that I can’t sit still is because I’m scared to death, or so stoked that I can’t wait for it to get here!

I can hear you now.. “Okay Jenn, get on with it already!” Okay, so here it goes! What is my big announcement? Well…

midwest planner con 16

I am officially going to be a speaker at the 2016 Midwest Planner Con!

Yep! That’s right! If you are going to this event you will be able to throw popcorn at me as I talk about myself.. Ha!! No but seriously, I am so super excited about this opportunity!

I’ve never been to a planner convention before,so this will be my first one! Of course in my own true fashion I jumped in head first and went straight to speaker! I know, I might be crazy.

I’m not one that likes to get up in front of big crowds, so don’t judge me if I start nervously rambling or talk super fast and my entire talk is over in 15 minutes (ha!! just kidding!)

Midwest Planner Con 2016

What is Midwest Planner Con 2016? Well, its a day full of meeting other planner girls, learning and being inspired from different speakers, and a whole lot of SWAG! (Can you say FREE planner goodies?!) There’s also going to be vendors, shopping, giveaways, and lunch! So basically, the perfect day! What planner girl wouldn’t want to get in on this deal?!



Saturday September 24, 2016

8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Kansas City, Missouri

Buy Tickets Here


My Journey as a Planner Girl

I will be speaking about my journey as a planner girl! As a homeschooling  mom, blogger, small business owner and virtual assistant – my life is generally a chaotic hot mess! I’m going to share about how being a planner girl has helped me keep everything in check!

I’m also going to talk about how planning helps me with my anxiety. Planning is super therapeutic for me, so I’ll be sharing about how I use planning as a creative outlet to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you are a busy person like I am, you will definitely want to make sure you are in attendance!

There will be other amazing speakers there as well with plenty of valuable information to share! It’s going to be a day full of inspiration, building new friendships, creativity, and FUN! Oh yeah, did I mention FREE SWAG?!  (I’m just a little to excited about this stuff!)

So, what are you waiting for?! Go get those tickets now while you still can! There are a limited number of tickets available and will sell out fast – so hurry so you don’t miss out!

Are you planning on attending Midwest Planner Con 2016? We’d love to hear about it! At the conference make sure you stop me and say hi!

I can’t wait, it’s going to be a blast!

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling



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How Planning Saved My Life

Let’s start by going back about three years: I was (and still am) a wife and mother who was working full-time in a demanding environment. I was contributing to education classes at work as well as being heavily involved in community outreach, which meant I was traveling and working extra hours.

My daughter would come home from school with birthday party invitations and letters about upcoming events, she had extra-curricular activities, and we all had doctor’s appointments and counseling that required time off work or away from school.

how planning saved my life

Losing Control

Despite using Outlook and iCal at work, I would forget about my classes and rush to be there at the last minute, unprepared for the presentation I was about to give. I would forget about doctor’s appointments and school functions, and would ask for the time off work at the last minute.

Eventually, I sensed that my boss was irritated with how scattered I was. I then started feeling stress and guilt about the situation, which didn’t help with my general anxiety over my busy life.

When my daughter would bring home information about parties or events, I would immediately feel stressed and inconvenienced about the time and the contribution it would require. I would also forget about those parties/events as quickly as I set down the paper or invitation telling me about them. When the time came for those events, I was filled with guilt because I could not bring myself to attend and my daughter was disappointed.

I was flaking out on my friends and rarely doing anything for me. I had a million things jumbled in my brain and trying to sort everything out seemed insurmountable and added to my level of stress.

In a nutshell, I was feeling anxious, stressed, and guilty. I felt like my life was out of control.

how planning saved my life

Small Steps, Big Changes

After identifying that I was tired of living my life the way that I was, I decided to take matters into my own hands; I thought the best way to do that would be to commit to a planner. Immediately, just the simple act of writing down all of the things that were in my brain was a relief. Those stresses were now out of my mind and could be accessed one at a time, at the appropriate time. When I would look at my month and everything I had going on, I could prioritize and prepare accordingly.

Fast forwarding to present day, I am still using a planner full-time and it has enabled me to have a less hectic life. Yes, I am still busy, but I am prepared and there are fewer surprises to send me into a downward spiral of stress and anxiety. Yes, using a planner requires dedication, but the benefits of my efforts are vast.

Sitting down with my planner every morning and mapping out my day has become a therapeutic activity that I look forward to. Plus, we all know how fun it is to buy and use our planner accessories!


Finding My Way

I am currently using a bullet journal, which is my favorite method so far due to the ability for 100% customization. I have previously used planners from Plum Paper, Erin Condren, and Filofax (with Filofax, Kikki K, and Inkwell Press inserts).

My bullet journal has helped me to expand my creativity, though I am still heavily influenced by the style and layouts of Kara Benz. Not only am I more organized, but I am working on making myself better by working through my Level 10 Life goals as well as practicing gratitude.



Sharing Myself

In the past year, I have become involved in the online planner community. Seeing that there are other people who have busy schedules and have fallen short has reminded me that we are all in this together.

It is not always easy to manage our lives and the online community enables us to see the methods that other people are using.

It is exciting to see the way that people modify their planners, how people plan, and how things work for them. All of these things enable us to find the method that works best for us, resulting in a more organized life.

Long story short, I feel like planning has saved my life. At the very least, it keeps me sane.


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