NEW Periscope Planner Fun: Squadette Show!

NEW Periscope Planner Fun: Squadette Show! Join us on Periscope weeknights at 9pm ET for planner chat & community.


Hey Squadettes!  Are you looking for a fun way to find out the latest and greatest in the planning world?  Want a way to connect with other planner lovers?  Interested in finding a nightly show that is dedicated to one of your favorite things in the whole world-planners?

Well, Planner Squad has come to the rescue!  Periscope has been a great way for us to meet so many wonderful planner gals.  We want to extend our planner community to Periscope!

Planner Squad proudly presents….(drum roll, please!) the Squadette Show!

What Is the Squadette Show?

The Squadette Show was dreamed up by Jenn and Amy to bring our most favorite planner gals together each weekday night.  We love chatting with our Squadettes every day in our Planner Squad Facebook group.

Both Jenn and I love to watch and do live social broadcasts on Periscope.  You can often find us sharing great planner hauls, deals, and more.  I also host a daily homeschool scope called Rock Your Homeschool! where women of all ages and stages have a fun time getting a positive start to our day.

Jenn and I had an aha! moment during one of our voxes (Are you familiar with the Voxer app?  It is a walkie-talkie like app that has been another fantastic way for us to connect with each other and other planner gals!)

Why not unite our love of planners with Periscope?  And the super-duper kicker-have a weeknight show where we can all share our planner love?

I know, time to wipe the happy tears from your eyes!

Squadette Show Is For You & Me!

Planner Squad wants the Squadette Show to be a place where planner girls can come together and chat about planners.  Here is what you can expect to find on the Squadette Show:

  • Weekday Periscope broadcasts at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT
  • Jenn or Amy will host Friday night Squadette Shows to give Planner Squad and show updates, as well as highlight featured planner shops and deals
  • Squadettes are invited to host the Squadette Show for our Monday- Thursday broadcasts!
  • Topics may include:  Anything planner related!  Chat about planner scopes you saw that day (using #plannersquad!).  Share your planners.  Let’s see your spreads.  Show us great deals on your planner site.
  • Recommended time for Squadette Show:  +/- 15 minutes.  We do not want to inhibit your desire to share the planner love!  If you feel the need to keep on sharing, go for it!
  • Weekly Sign-Ups to host Squadette Show will be in Planner Squad Facebook Group every Friday morning.  Sign up quickly so Jenn or Amy can share the schedule for the next week!
  • Hosts will be encouraged to watch and give shout-outs to #plannersquad scopes from that day or week.

It is basically going to be a planner party on Periscope each weekday night!  We are so pumped up to start this new adventure for Planner Squad on Periscope!

Do you have the free Periscope app on your smartphone or tablet?  If not, you can find out more here.   You can also watch broadcasts from your computer-you just can’t comment or give hearts.  

Make sure to follow Planner Squad on Periscope!  Use #plannersquad for all your planner scopes!

Let’s get this Periscope planner party started!

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Planner Squad Weekly Challenge + Link-Up #1

Planner Squad Weekly Challenge Link-Up

Planner Squad is so excited to announce our new weekly event!  We have been busting at the seams to share the fun we have slated for our Squadettes.

ANNOUNCING…Weekly Challenges with all sorts of planner goodies, themes, and idea sharing.  Oh, and that’s not all!  All Squadettes who participate in our weekly challenges will be eligible to win planner prizes.

Go ahead and do that happy dance, baby!  Planner fun is ’bout to go down!

Jenn and I love to dream up new ideas and activities for our beloved Planner Squad.  We truly want this site to be about YOU-and your love of planners.  It is our passion to unite the planner community-with support, encouragement, and gorgeous washi.

We know how you love to play in your planners and share your fabulous creativity with all.  We gush to each other over your amazing spreads, stickers, and stamps.  We delight in your dashboards and designs.

And, like you, we love to win planner yummies.

Our goal for this Planner Squad Weekly Challenge is simple-provide a place for you to find inspiration and motivation.  To find new ideas and share your own.  To have a spot where others get your passion for planning-and where your hard work can be appreciated.

We also know that we all have different backgrounds and abilities. As much as I may want to highlight hand lettering in my spreads, it is just not going to happen for me at this time.  Our challenges will be open to all ages, levels, abilities, and skill.  Whether you are a glam or functional planner, you will have find Planner Squad Weekly Challenges to be doable and enjoyable.

Planner Squad Weekly Challenge Link-Up

Planner Squad Weekly Challenges-How It Is Going To Work

Either Jenn or I (Amy) will scope (that’s a live social broadcast on Periscope in case you haven’t joined the fun yet!) on Friday afternoons with our new challenge.  During these scopes, we will discuss the new challenge, as well as showcase entries from the previous week.  These scopes will be must-see because we will also announce the previous week’s winner.

After the scope, we will make our Weekly Challenge + Link-Up post go live.  At that point, you will have the opportunity to upload your image(s) to Instagram, tag @plannersquad, and add to that week’s link-up.

Let’s make this a bit easier-here’s a list:

  1. Watch scope @plannersquad on Periscope Friday afternoon. (optional but you’ll get to see one of our lovely faces and get more details!)
  2. Learn about Planner Squad Weekly Challenge during scope and/or on site.
  3. Create your spreads, clips, stickers, dashboards-whatever you want that relates to planners and our challenge.
  4. Take pictures of your creations and upload to Instagram.
  5. Tag @plannersquad and use #plannersquadchallenge.
  6. Add your Instagram link to our link-up.
    1. How to Share Your Instagram link:
      1. Post a picture of your challenge to your Instagram account. (Don’t forget to use #plannersquad and #plannersquadchallenge!)
      2. Click on the timestamp of your Instagram post
      3. Copy the URL address in the address bar
      4. Paste the URL you copied into the inlinkz “Link” section  (If you have more questions just comment below and we can help!)
  7. Click around and get some great ideas from other Squadettes.
  8. The link with the most clicks will be our winner.

It is really as simple as that!  What a fun way to share your creative planning and enter to win prizes!


Planner Squad Weekly Challenge #1

Planner Squad Weekly Challenge #1

Our very first planner challenge for you is:  GREEN

Please note-you are not limited to only planner spreads (although we love to see those too!).  Maybe you make clips and have some that you must share?  Are you working that green dashboard this month?  What about washi-or stickers-or other embellishments?

We can not wait to see what you to have to share with us from your planner goodies stash that is all about GREEN.

This week’s winner will receive:  a custom Funky Jean Designs planner charm!  Winner may select shape and font.  Custom planner charms come on lobster claw clasp.  These beauties are stunning and add a special flair to your planners.  Here are examples of a few of mine:

planner squad weekly challenge #1 charms


planner squad weekly challenge charms


planner squad weekly challenge #1 charms


planner squad weekly challenge #1


Are you an Etsy shop or other business who would like to partner with us for these challenges?  Your shop will be showcased during our scope and in that weekly post.  Contact us at to discuss.

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Planner Squad Hop Recap: Show us Your Happy Mail!


Hey Squadettes!  Thank you all so much for another great Planner Squad Hop on Periscope this week! To those of you who are just joining us, every week we put together what we call a “Planner Squad Hop”, where a few members of our group scope about whatever the topic for that week may be.

What is Periscope? Basically, Periscope is a fabulous social media app with live broadcasts.

Follow us to catch all our #plannersquad scopes!

Jenn:  @funkyjeandesign

Amy:  @AmyMilcic

Lindsey:  @nittygrittylinz

Planner Squad Hop Happy Mail

What is a Periscope Hop?

First, we start off with a host who organizes the hop.  The host will introduce the theme of the hop and give a shout out to When the host is finished, we all hop right over to the next scoper who signed up, then the next, and so on.

Want to see what hops we’ve done in the past? Every week after the hop we gather together these awesome replays so anyone who missed out can watch whenever it’s convenient for them. Last week we talked about our favorite planner.


Want to Join the Hop?

Interested scopers may sign up under the related graphic on Planner Squad Facebook group.  Each scoper will share for about 10 minutes about the topic of the week.  It’s a fun way to get a closer look at how other people plan and have fun chatting about our favorite topic-planners!

Not able to watch live-or just want to relive all the fun?  No worries!

Watch Planner Squad Replays here:

This week we talked about the Happy Mail we’ve recently received. Happy Mail is when you get fun planner related stuff in the mail – either gifts from friends, planner swaps, or things you’ve ordered.

(If no replay is available, that scoper does not have a account.  Please follow on Periscope to watch their live broadcasts!)

planner squad hop recap happy mail


Amy Milcic @amymilcic

(Click here to enter the giveaway!)

Amanda Long @amandaunfolded

Blogs at: Uniquely Unfolded


Alyssa Avant @alyssaavant

Blogs at:  Life From My Laptop


Kristin Zolkowski @intentionallife

Blogs at:  Intentionally Inspired

Do you want to join in the fun next Planner Squad Hop?  Head over to our Facebook group to sign up under that graphic.  Can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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