The Ultimate List of Free Halloween Planner Printables

Halloween is right around the corner and I know your planners are screaming to be decorated in all of the orange and black goodness the internet has to offer.

Looking for FREE Halloween printables to spook up your planner? Look no more - here is the ultimate list! For more posts about planning visit

Ultimate List of Free Halloween Planner Printables

There are so many amazing and talented designers out there who have created Halloween themed printables, 100% FREE for our planner loving hearts. We wanted to put together an ultimate list of where to find these free printables so you could easily find them all in one place.

Brace yourself, we’re about to rock your world, and planners, with spooky spiderweb and ghoulish goodness!

Happy Planner

Happy Planner users rejoice! Here you’ll find links aimed towards you!


Erin Condren

If you use an Erin Condren, these links are for you!


Happy Planner and Erin Condren

This list of planner printables contains links to designs that were created for both Happy Planner and Erin Condren planners.



We found a lot of random Halloween themed planner printables that didn’t fit any of the above categories, so we put together this list of some of the other odds and ends we found.

This list also contains links to stickers that didn’t specify a planner size, or that could go in any size.


We know that this list is still missing a lot of great free Halloween themed planner resources. We also know that you can help us make it a truly ultimate list.

That being said, If you have a link to a free Halloween themed planner printable that you think belongs in this list, please share it below in the comments, or submit it using the form below.

We’ll try to keep the list updated as frequently as possible!

Looking for our ultimate list of where to find FREE planner printables of any kind? You can find that here.

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Fabulous Free Floral WO2P to Help You Pretty Up Your Planner


Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable


Sometimes, a simple approach is just better. And that definitely applies to planning!

When you’re trying to plan, prepare, and organize for your week, zeroing in on your priorities allows you to make sure you accomplish what needs to be done. If you’re like me when life gets cray-cray, you require the easiest way to get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

As we love to chat about here on Planner Squad, the process of planning can be such a blessing. It forces you to slow down, take a step back, and really focus on what you have going on in your life (or the near future).

Sounds great, right? But, what happens when you’re staring down at your planner (or planners if you’re like many of our friends) and you feel like a deer in headlights?

Too many boxes! So much to do and not enough space to write it in! And, then I have to decorate it?!?!

When you’re in a state of overwhelm because to-do lists and appointments have piled up, the last thing you have time for is working in an overly complicated planner layout. It is at those times, my friend, when turning to a simple weekly layout is best for all. Because you very well know how everyone in your life is affected if you’re feeling pulled in a gazillion directions 😉 

Let’s look at how a simple WO2P (planner layout with one week on two pages) can help you maintain your sanity in your planning and your life when life turns crazy. And how you can easily make it pretty!


Benefits of Using This Simple Floral WO2P

Don’t let the overwhelm of a busy life get you down and disorganized. You have the power of planning at your fingertips!

Using this floral WO2P can help you slow down and allocate time for all your pressing needs. With a generous “Notes” section at the bottom of page two, this floral WO2P provides you with plenty of room to write it all down, even helpful reminders.

Another awesome feature of this floral WO2P is the light yet pretty background with greens, pinks, and yellows to please the eyes. With these floral elements, you won’t feel the need to decorate if you don’t have time. And you have ample room to add a bit of washi tape or stickers if the spirit moves you.

The simple, clean design of this floral WO2P doesn’t distract. It has just enough pretty to make you smile as you go about your day.

Make use of the daily “Top 3” for me section! These areas will help you prioritize and check off those tasks that must get done.

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable


Get Your Fabulous Free Floral WO2P!

Jenn once again blew us away with this free printable planner design! She used more of the excellent elements found at Font Bundles.

For this floral WO2P, Jenn used the font Girl Friday from the Best Sellers Volume V. This bundle contains 40 best-selling fonts valued at over $509! You can get 94% off for a tremendous deal of $32 (sale ends May 2, 2018). Font Bundles shares that:

All of these fonts are fully accessible and can be used in Microsoft packages, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Sure Cuts a Lot, Scan N Cut, Inkscape, Adobe software and many more

As much as I love Girl Friday font, I think my favorite font in this bundle is Kristoff Font Duo + Doodles. Or maybe it’s Unicorn Calligraphy? How’s a girl supposed to pick just one? 😉

Although getting a bundle, you can still keep your design simple. Use just an element or two for your overall design.

Then, easily swap out elements, based on your mood or the season. Change up fonts. Add a different background. Switch the colors in the lines and boxes. With a bundle, you have so many options to make your planner printables gorgeous!

Oh, and the pretty floral background? That’s a graphic from another amazing bundle we’ve used in the past here at Planner Squad. See, you really do use all of these fantastic elements!!

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

To get your FabulousFREE Floral WO2P printable set, subscribe to Planner Squad! You will receive a super secret password to unlock our vault of free planner printables. Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started (available in Classic Happy Planner, A5, Letter (8 1/2″ x 11″), and Personal sizes) that will help you celebrate the season:





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Celebrate the Season with Free Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit

Celebrate the season with this free Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit. Gorgeous way to get your planners ready for Spring. #weeklyplannerkit #plannerkit #planners #plannerprintables

You can celebrate the season with this Free Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit. With gorgeous colors and fonts, your planners will look fabulous as you welcome Spring. Learn more about these free printable planner stickers and how you can get started today!

Disclaimer: Planner Squad was compensated for time and use of product. All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.

Your Happy Planner will look gorgeous with this free Joyful Spring weekly planner kit using elements from Font Bundles.
Joyful Spring weekly planner kit in Happy Planner.

Easily Add Cheer & Beauty with This Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit

My first thoughts when I saw this Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit were, “Oh my stars! I just can’t wait for Spring to arrive!”. The lovely combination of blues, purples, and greens are soft yet powerful. The variety of floral pieces are eye-catching.

And the sweet, little birds! What delightful smile inducers 🙂

It’s been a long winter and I’m so ready to welcome in Spring, aren’t you? Ready to look at all the beautiful colors and signs of new life popping up all over.

Well, this kit that Jenn created using Font Bundles fonts and graphics can help us do just that 😉

I’m so excited to add little touches to my planners, like “Hello Spring”, “Spring is in the air”, and “Bloom”. These visual reminders are subtle yet potent ways to focus on the positive and joy of the season.


Make your planner look gorgeous this season with this free Joyful Spring weekly planner kit.

Free Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit

Planner Squad is thrilled to again partner with Font Bundles to bring you the very best in planner printables. These bundles make it so easy to create and enjoy new planner pretties.

Jenn used elements from The Crafter’s Delight Bundle Volume III to create this Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit. Don’t you just adore how the Stardust Script pairs with the Frost and Flowers Watercolor Collection found in this bundle!

Spring is in the air! Celebrate the season with this free Joyful Spring weekly planner kit.

This Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit includes:

  • 8 different full decorative boxes
  • 8 half-boxes
  • 2 strips of washi tape to cover the bottom sections of the page
  • “Weekend” with arrow and purple highlights
  • Date Covers
  • 14 header stickers
  • 5 full-size checklist flags
  • 5 half-size checklist flags
  • Helpful Notes area
  • 4 blank quarter boxes
  • 2 habit trackers
  • 29 adorable icons to enjoy the beauty of Spring throughout the week!

Add delight to your planners with this free Joyful Spring weekly planner kit.


The Crafter’s Bundle Delight Volume III is breathtaking and jam-packed with over 1000 design elements and 16 fonts. My personal favorite among the fonts is Bedtime Stories. I nearly fainted with joy when I saw the brilliant set of Coffee & Tea vectors. And the Glitter Textures pack made my eyes bug out!! All that shiny!!


You can get all of this amazing awesomeness for only $24.99 (that’s 94% off!). Oh, and there’s a super cool set of Patriotic Digital Papers that you could use for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and anytime you want to show some patriotic pride. Get ready for a fabulous Spring with The Crafter’s Bundle Delight Volume III.


What a gorgeous Happy Planner layout! Get your free Joyful Spring weekly planner kit to add delight to your planning.


To get your FREE Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit, subscribe to Planner Squad! You will receive a super secret password to unlock our vault of free planner printables. Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get these Spring-themed planner stickers (available in Classic Happy Planner and Recollections Planner sizes) that will help you celebrate the season:

Celebrate the season with this free Joyful Spring Weekly Planner Kit.


Check out Jenn’s Plan with Me video that highlights this weekly planner kit 🙂

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Free Tie-Dye Printable for Your Classic Happy Planner

Looking for a great way to rock your regular-sized Happy Planner?  Get these free tie-dye printable stickers that will help you channel your inner peace child (or at least have a super cool looking layout!)

Isn’t it fun finding new ways to decorate your Happy Planner weekly layouts?  The possibilities seem endless. And what makes it even better is when you can find awesome printable stickers for FREE!

Save your money for great planner accessories like planner bags and pens!

Want to add a bit of tie dye to your next weekly happy planner spread? Planner Squad has got you covered! For more planner printables visit

To help us all create a gorgeous weekly layout in our regular-sized (Classic) Happy Planner (HP), Jenn made these fabulous tie-dye printable stickers.  The colors are amazing and make you feel at peace just looking at them.

Free Tie-Dye Printable for Your Happy Planner

This free tie-dye printable sticker set contains both pretty and functional stickers.  You will have sticker reminders for:

  • meal planning for the week
  • hydration tracker
  • to do
  • things to buy
  • little things
  • errands to run

You will also get bonus layout components of washi tape-like strips and completion stickers (“X” and checkmark).

Free printable stickers can be an easy way to decorate your planner and help you make sure you accomplish all that you need to get done in a week.

Tie Dye Weekly Preview Classic Happy Planner FREE Printable

To get your free tie-dye printable stickers for your Happy Planner, you must first make sure you are subscribed for Planner Squad emails.  Once subscribed, you will instantly become a Squadette and receive access to all our subscriber freebies.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to go to Planner Squad’s free printables page and subscribe.  You will receive an email with your super secret password that lets you unlock the vault of all of our planner freebies.

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

We would love to see pictures of your Happy Planner with these free tie-dye printable stickers.  Tag us @plannersquad and show us your happy planning 🙂


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10 Unique Ways You May Love Using Your Planner

Lady T is sharing more great tips and ideas to inspire you for using your planners in new ways.  Make sure to grab your free planner inserts at the end of the post!

Discover these 10 unique ways you may love using your planner. Also, grab your FREE printable blog planner kit with stickers & inserts!

10 Unique Ways You May Love Using Your Planner

1.  Track your Mood

Tracking your mood daily.  With a simple emoticon, like a happy face, sad face, grumpy face, pissy face.  So, when your family says “You’ve been crabby lately,” you can flip open your planner, point out those happy faces, and reply, “Nope, I don’t thiiiiiiink so!”


2.  Gratitude 

I fail here a lot.  It’s not that I’m not thankful, but I need to be more disciplined in taking note of it. Go back over your past weeks and find what you were thankful for. Set a reminder for the next week ahead to send a card, email, or call someone just to thank them. It will go a long way for both of you.


3.  Health & Symptoms

I have Hashimotos and complicated migraines.  I can tell when my levels are off,  just by glancing in my planner.  Track your meds and symptoms. No, this has nothing to do with tracking my mood…grumble…see happy faces in my planner…(sticking out tongue).


4.  Volunteer Work & Donations

Everyone can help a little more. You’ve been meaning to…well, write it dow! Plan it. If you plan it, you will do it.  I have a monthly plan to donate things around the house.  I need to continually downsize and it’s a perfect time to share clothes, appliances, and toys not being used.


5.  Memories

Go back and note memories of the day in empty spaces in your planner. Those little tid bits that made you smile. This turns your planner into more than a planner.  It’s like a brief history of life’s little journeys. So, when your child asks, “Can we get a kitten?” and you reply, “I’m allergic, we can’t be in the same house.” and they reply back, “That’s ok you can sleep outside.” Yeah…priceless.


6.  Yard, Garden, & Indoor Plants

Time to spray? Water? Yep, it’s all in my planner! My cactus truly believed it lived in a desert until I started to water regularly.


7.  Household maintenance 

We know you schedule your cleaning and laundry, but how about changing air filters, washing outside windows, air-conditioning/heater maintenance, and cleaning out those house vents?  You can actually save your families lives by scheduling to clean your dryer vents and to change fire alarm batteries to help to prevent potential fires.


8.  Crafts 

I could collect Pinterest pictures until the cows come home but I’m on craft picture overload. I list the projects I plan to do, the materials required, and check them off the list. Typically, I will use the sidebar in my planner for this if I only plan one project for the week.  Yeah right!  Insert more sidebars here;)


9.  No Spend Goals

Do you find yourself a collector of crafting supplies, an Amazon junkie or a Target $1 bin dumpster diver? Me too. I have a huge tendency to overspend. Putting spend limits in my planner or no spend weekly goals in my calendar helps me keep some control.  Except when buying stickers from Planner Squad…it’s ok to get stickers from Planner Squad…I’m just saying…some things just shouldn’t be banned…


10.  Blog Stats, Posts, & Social Media

Are you a blogger, a pinner, or a socialite spinner? Use your planner for Blog stats,  Blog Posts, and Social media posts!  I have started using my Blog Planner Insert—designed especially for my planner for blog tracking.  It’s a tad easier if you track it in your planner or better yet if you try the Blog Planner Inserts  because there is more room for writing and tracking your posts.

The Blog Planner Insert set comes with adorable tracking stickers and a dashboard, too! You can punch and add them anywhere you want into your planner.

CLICK HERE OR ON IMAGE BELOW to subscribe to Planner Squad and get your FREE Blog & Social Planner Kit!

Discover 10 unique ways you may love using your planner. Plus, grab these free blog planner inserts and stickers.


Thanks for dropping in and again. This is LadyT, for Planner Squad. Let us know what you think Squadettes. Will this free blog planner kit help you?




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