Ultimate List of Free Valentine’s Day Planner Printables

Check out this Ultimate List of Free Valentine’s Day Planner Printables to make your planner lovely.  Includes links to gorgeous free printables that will make your planner shine with love!

Use the Ultimate List of FREE Valentine's Day Planner Printables to make your planner lovely.


Love is in the air!  Get your planners ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with these FREE printable planner stickers.  You will find a variety of styles, colors, and Valentine’s Day themes.

Free Valentine’s Day Printable Planner Stickers

Valentine’s Day Happy Planner Printable Sticker Sampler (MintFox Stationery)

Valentine’s Day Planner Stickers: Free Printable (Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes)

Planner Stickers for Valentine’s Day { Free Printable } (CuteDaisy)

Valentine’s Day Rustic Stickers for Planners (CuteDaisy)

Have Some Valentine Fun with Valentine’s Day Planner Printables (Scattered Squirrel)

First Valentine’s Day Freebie (Keturah Design)

2 Free Valentine’s Day Planner Sticker Printables (Planner Pickett)

Love/Valentine’s day planner stickers weekly kit –Free printable and cut file (Lovely Planner)

Free Valentine’s Day Print & Cut File (Wendaful Designs)

Freebie Friday: Printable Planner Stickers with adorable shades of pinks & hearts! (rather be reading ya)

Valentine’s Day Freebies (Miss Write)

Pretty in Pink Planner Stickers – Free Printable (Vintage Glam studio)

Heart Attack by Traci Reed + Free Planner Stickers (Traci Reed Design)

Free Printable Download – Pink Hearts Journaling Elements (Vintage Glam studio)

Printable Valentine’s Day Planner Stickers to Organize Your Week (Weigh to Maintain)

Love Kit and Free Printable Planner Stickers (Bible Journal Love)

Free Valentine’s Planner Stickers (Amber Downs)

Almost Valentine’s Day + Free Printables (Lucki Charms)

Vintage Valentine Planner Printable (Victoria Thatcher)

 Use this ultimate list of FREE Valentine's Day planner printables to make your planner lovely for the holiday.

More Planner Fun with These Free Printables

These gorgeous free printables would be great for dashboards or decorative cards in your planners.

Free Valentine Printable {Because we LOVE you!} (Webster’s Pages)

Free Glamorous Valentine’s Day Printables (bella storia)

Free Valentines Day Printables (Soho Sonnet)

Do YOU have a favorite Free Valentine’s Day Printable that’s not listed here?
Leave the link in the comments below & it will get added to this list!

Which one of these printables is your favorite?

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Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers

These free printable homeschool & subject stickers are a fantastic way to add color & functionality to your planners. Great for homeschool & classroom teachers!

Hello lovelies!

School starts again soon! Wahoo!! For some of us that means sending your beautiful children off to school for another year. And for others it means starting another year of homeschooling or teaching.

I fall into the category of the homeschooler. I currently am homeschooling 2 out of 3 of my boys, String Bean and Turbo (number #3 Chunky Monkey, is a toddler and so not ready for homeschooling).

The printables I have for you today are perfect for those who homeschool or are teachers or like my son, (whose planner is shown below) wants fun stickers in his planner to let him know when he has fun things going on.

Free Homeschool & Subject Printable Stickers

I recently joined a Co-Op with some other homeschooling families.  It’s so hard to keep track as to what days we have co-op class and when we go on a field trip, whether its with the co-op group or on our own.

These cute flag shaped stickers are great for me to cut out and stick in my planner on those days where we have a co-op class day or a field trip day, so I don’t forget and accidentally not show up to co-op events.

Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers are great for teachers-at home or in class.


The other printable I have for you are subject headers for teachers or homeschoolers to lesson plan with a little bit more pretty in their planners.  

The headers included in this printable are:

  • art
  • Bible
  • math
  • reading
  • science
  • social studies
  • writing
  • library
  • lesson plan
  • next week
  • read aloud
  • supplies needed
  • grade papers


Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers. These subject headers are a great way to get your planner and (home)school organized.

Here’s how both of the printables look in my homeschooling planner:

Check out this planner spread using these Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers.

Adorable Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers for your planner.

Cute & functional Free Printable Homeschool & Subject Stickers.

I put the supplies needed and next week  headers on the left side of my planner where there are some lines to jot down things. I felt that this was a great spot for making lists to see what is going to happen in the next week and what materials I may need for that week.

I feel like the header stickers will help my planner be a tad bit more organized and easier to read. Plus, they make my homeschooling planner more colorful and prettier! And I like making things prettier!  

I started putting them in my son’s planner so it’ll be helpful for him to decipher my instructions for his schoolwork.  He got mad because it wasn’t Harry Potter themed. *sigh* I guess I know what I will be doing this week.

Anyway, these stickers are not just meant for those who have the MAMBI Happy Planners!  They should work well for those who use different planners for lesson planning.


If these stickers strike your fancy and want to try them out for you lesson planners, click on the pretty image below!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.


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Free Printable Special Dates Planner Insert

Get your free printable Special Dates planner insert! Perfect way to add a functional touch of adorable to your planners!

In my last post I shared the free printable academic calendar which seems to have been a big hit with you Squadettes. Today, I am sharing a free printable Special Dates insert to follow on with the functional planning theme.

Get these free Special Dates planner printables! Functional yet adorable!

Functional Planning…

Functional planning is my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the fun stuff too but my planner HAS to be functional for it to work for me and that is why I am a “white space” planner girl. I do use the odd sticker here and there but I need white space in order for my planning system to work for me.

In the last few weeks, I have seen my planning system evolve. I think this is mainly due to the fact my son will be starting school in September and that I need to keep on top of other certain things in my life. I have always had a Special Dates calendar in my planner but I never really used it. It was one of those pages that I never had time to complete and so it has been blank for most of this year.

These Special Dates printables are free & a fantastic way to jazz up your planners.

Time to take note….

This week, my husband and I sat down together to do some finance planning. It wasn’t finance planning of the serious kind but planning for things such as holidays, projects around the house, Christmas and so on. At this point, it dawned on us just how many birthdays in the family we had missed. We have had a very busy year this year with getting used to being a parent of two babies, shift changes with my husbands work and the set up of my Etsy business. It was time to fill out the Special Dates insert to try and get to grips with all the important dates that we have to remember. Now that I have everything written in one place, I’m hoping I can get to grips with remembering things a little better.

Free Printable Special Dates Insert

Since I know that some religions and faiths don’t celebrate events, I thought it would be more ideal to have a Special Dates insert rather than a Celebrations Calendar. This makes the free printable Special Dates Insert accessible to everyone. As usual, I have included an A5 version and personal size version. Please check out a my recent post with printing tips if you are new to printables or if you need some help with the printing process. You can also tag me over in the Planner Squad Facebook group. 

Use these free Special Date planner printables for cute & functional ways to stay on top of special times.

I love seeing how the freebies are being used so feel free to share your photos in the group, spread some inspiration, and let me know how you are your free printable Special Dates insert.

Click on image below to subscribe to Planner Squad & get access to this FREE SPECIAL DATES PLANNER INSERT (& all Planner Squad printables!)

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

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FREE Kawaii Functional Work Themed Stickers

Working can be such a drag! I swear the only thing that seems to make it a little more bearable is when I have cute stickers to decorate the daunting occasion. Somehow looking into my planner and seeing cute little kawaii faces smiling at me in the form of a floppy disc, brings a little more pep into my day! That is why I was so excited about today’s free printable stickers!

kawaii work stickers

FREE Kawaii Functional Work Themed Stickers

Nathalie, one of our super fun and talented Squadettes created these kawaii functional work themed stickers. Since she loves all of you so much, she asked us to share them with you today, for FREE!

You may remember a few months ago when Nathalie shared these pink cleaning kawaii stickers. Well, she’s back at it again, only this time she’s making work fun again!

kawaii work stickers

Aren’t these little kawaii floppy discs so darn cute? I know that floppy discs are kind of a thing of the past these days, but seriously who can pass these up? It’s almost like having a piece of history in your planner, and [almost] makes me wish I had an old school computer to help me reminisce.

And those kawaii file folders – I’m in love! Be still my sticker junkie heart! The little hearts above the faces are way too adorbs. I bet anyone who works any kind of office or clerical job has never seen a file folder cuter than these!

This girl just has a knack for creating beautiful graphics and we’re so grateful that she shares her talent with us! Our planners are grateful too!

We want to give a big shout out to Nathalie for sharing her talents and free printables with us here at Planner Squad! If you loved these as much as I did, be sure to comment below and give Nathalie some Squadette love!

We love you Nathalie! Thank you for rocking our planners once again!

Want to get your hands on these free printable stickers? Click on the image below!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

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Pretty In Pink: FREE Printables For Both Size Happy Planners

Check out these gorgeous Pretty In Pink FREE printable stickers for both size Happy Planners. Jazz up your planner spreads with these functional yet beautiful stickers.

Hello everyone! It’s Stephanie, your planner goodie lady, with another Happy Planner freebie.

I’ve got another layout for you all to enjoy again!

Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers For Both Size Happy Planners will add an adorable touch to your planner spreads.


I really really love the colors I put in this one. They make me so happy. They remind me of spring and I love spring. And yes, I know that is summer and that summer is almost over *gasp*, but I still love spring.  

I also love the geometric shapes that make up the pattern of the boxes. They look like a bunch of diamonds-and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? 

Here’s a what the pages look like up close!Preview of Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers for both size Happy Planners.

Preview of Pretty In Pink: Free Printable Stickers for both size Happy Planners.

Oh so pretty, isn’t it?

My favorite part of these layouts is not only the pretty colors but the weekly menu and work schedule boxes that are on the second page. These are great for you lovely ladies out there that need to be reminded of when you have to put in hours at work.

This freebie created by yours truly is just like the last couple I’ve provided here at Planner Squad.  They come with the DIY file so that those who wish to can make up their own layouts.

If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own, I have this layout all ready for you to print out at home on sticker paper, label paper or just plain printer paper.

 Also, I totally recommend using a Gyro- Cut tool to cut these out or something similar.   It will make things so much easier to cut out, like the cute little icon pictures and the weekend bunting images. 

These free printables are also available in both options for the Big Happy Planner.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the image below to gain access to this printable and get planning!!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

Enjoy these Pretty In Pink: FREE Printable Stickers for Both Size Happy Planners!  Make sure to browse through all of Planner Squad’s free printables to discover cute and functional ways to decorate your planners!

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