FREE Kawaii Functional Work Themed Stickers

Working can be such a drag! I swear the only thing that seems to make it a little more bearable is when I have cute stickers to decorate the daunting occasion. Somehow looking into my planner and seeing cute little kawaii faces smiling at me in the form of a floppy disc, brings a little more pep into my day! That is why I was so excited about today’s free printable stickers!

kawaii work stickers

FREE Kawaii Functional Work Themed Stickers

Nathalie, one of our super fun and talented Squadettes created these kawaii functional work themed stickers. Since she loves all of you so much, she asked us to share them with you today, for FREE!

You may remember a few months ago when Nathalie shared these pink cleaning kawaii stickers. Well, she’s back at it again, only this time she’s making work fun again!

kawaii work stickers

Aren’t these little kawaii floppy discs so darn cute? I know that floppy discs are kind of a thing of the past these days, but seriously who can pass these up? It’s almost like having a piece of history in your planner, and [almost] makes me wish I had an old school computer to help me reminisce.

And those kawaii file folders – I’m in love! Be still my sticker junkie heart! The little hearts above the faces are way too adorbs. I bet anyone who works any kind of office or clerical job has never seen a file folder cuter than these!

This girl just has a knack for creating beautiful graphics and we’re so grateful that she shares her talent with us! Our planners are grateful too!

We want to give a big shout out to Nathalie for sharing her talents and free printables with us here at Planner Squad! If you loved these as much as I did, be sure to comment below and give Nathalie some Squadette love!

We love you Nathalie! Thank you for rocking our planners once again!

Want to get your hands on these free printable stickers? Click on the image below!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

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Create Your Own Layout: Free Strawberry Themed Printable Stickers

Hey everyone!! Stephanie here again to share with you a fun set of printables for your Happy Planner. So this is a tad different than all the other printables I’ve shared so far.

create your own layout free strawberry themed printables

FREE Strawberry Themed Planner Stickers

First off, it’s summery themed with strawberries. I love strawberries and they remind me of summer so much. Fresh picked strawberries are the best!

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like.

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed PrintableYou may already know how this sticker layout is different than other ones that I have made. The picture above shows some of the items that come with this layout.

The layout will be available in a folder for you to download and each piece is it’s own file. You can design your own layouts with as many of the pieces as you want, this way you’re not limited to one or two of each of the items. You can use as many of whatever piece you want!

Print This Printable Straight to Your Happy Planner Pages

The lovely Squadette Jenn posted this super awesome Happy Planner printing hack in the past. You can use these elements individually like she did in the tutorial and print them directly onto your Happy Planner pages!

Create Your Own Printable Layout

You can can also use an editing software like Photoshop or Microsoft Word to make layouts like I have in the past. Today I will share with you a tutorial on exactly how to do this. 

First, click here to download this FREE Strawberry Themed Printable!

Next, you’ll want to open Word, Photoshop or some other program where you can manipulate the files.  I’ll be using Photoshop.

I like to make my layouts on a 8.5 x 11 page so I can just slap printer paper or sticker paper in the printer and print them out!

Once you have a new document opened, go ahead and open the file and start placing them in your document.

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed Printable

Look at all those pretties! With an 8.5 x 11 page, you can usually get five of the boxes across, so that’s what I usually do with my layouts.

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed Printable

Just keep adding in the elements that you want to add to your planner page and then when you’re ready, print them off and get ready to make your planner look beautiful!

Here’s how my layout turned out:

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed Printable

I like using more of the functional pieces rather than the decorative pieces.

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed Printable

Create Your Own Layout Free Strawberry Themed Printable
Can’t wait to see what you come up with when using these elements I created for you!

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Free Kawaii Functional Cleaning Stickers for Your Planners

Cleaning. Its the bane of any mother’s existence. Really, just ask any mom you come across!

There’s nothing worse than staring at a pile (or 4) of dirty clean laundry that needs to be washed folded and put away. And don’t even get me started on the constantly growing pile of dirty dishes in the sink!

Check out these FREE functional Kawaii cleaning stickers for your planners!  Adorable reminders to help you tackle those tasks that you just don't want to do.

Free Kawaii Functional Cleaning Stickers

What if I told you that there is one way to make the mundane process of house cleaning and chores a little bit more enjoyable? Guess what, there is!

All you need to do is download these FREE Kawaii functional cleaning stickers created by Nathalie Hölterhoff, one of our awesome Squadettes!

We’re so excited to have these super cute free printables that Nathalie made just for us in the Planner Squad pink color! Seriously – how cute are these?! 

You can download Nathalie’s FREE Kawaii functional cleaning stickers by clicking on the image below!

kawaii functional cleaning stickers preview

Click here to download these free Kawaii functional cleaning stickers!


Now, I may actually enjoy adding my cleaning chores to my planner. I may not enjoy the cleaning part any more than normal, but at least the stickers might help motivate me a little more, right? Here’s to hoping!

At least they will look cute in my planner!

Once you’ve had a chance to try these beauties out in your own planners, be sure to upload a pic and tag us @plannersquad so we can see it (and don’t forget hashtag #plannersquad)!

About Nathalie Hölterhoff

Nathalie has an awesome blog (which you can find here) where she blogs about all kinds of things from her love of all things rockabilly (she totally rocks that vintage look!) to, you guessed it, planner freebies!

You can also find Nathalie on her instagram account, twitter account, and of course, her blog.

Make sure you check her out and send her some Squadette love!

Would you like to share your creations with the Planner Squad audience? We’re always looking for contributors for blog posts, printables, or both!  Click here for more information on being a Planner Squad Contributor!

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

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Plan With Me – Plus Free Printable Stickers | MAMBI Happy Planner

Plan With Me Plus Free Printable Planner Stickers-Planner Squad

This post is from one of our lovely contributors, Stephanie Newman.  

I have become obsessed. Like seriously obsessed. Like so obsessed that I will use up all my paper,  printer ink and spending money for the month on my new hobby. Is it a hobby? It’s a hobby. Because I said so.

What are you talking about crazy woman? I’m talking about my Happy Planner and making it look super duper pretty.


Why I Love My Planner

When I first heard of decorating your planner with stickers and washi tape, I thought people were crazy wasting all their money on their planners and all it does is just take up space in your planner to write things down. But back in November I really wanted a new planner that worked for what I needed to use it for, which was basically planning my entire life. That included but was not limited it to: homeschooling, blog planning, personal life and meal planning.

That’s a lot of stuff. And I wanted the ability to carry this planner in my purse, and my current planner was just much too big for that. I tried the digital planning. While it works when you’re out and about and totally forget your planner at home, or you need to check with your husband’s calendar (because you know he ain’t going to carry a Happy Planner around with him), I forget things. I’m more of a visual person. I need to see things in front of me and I need a to-do list, otherwise things WILL NOT GET DONE.  And the best way to accomplish all these things is to use a planner and make it pretty. 🙂  Plus, I like scrapbooking but I don’t get to actually sit down and do that anymore and this is very similar to that only on a smaller scale.


Getting Started With Planners

So what you’re going to need to get started in this fun hobby, is a planner. I have a Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas, but you can use whatever planner you have :). What’s great about the Happy Planner, you can take the pages out so the rings don’t get in the way of your decorating.

Plan With Me


Then you’re going to want to grab your stickers. Here’s the things with the stickers…they’re everywhere! I mean all you have to do is search on pinterest and bam! You’ve got sticker layouts coming out of your ears. It gets addicting, watch out! Some are free printables and others you have to purchase through a shop like Etsy, but again, use what you want. If you’ve got stickers from Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s, use ’em.

Today I’ll be using this layout.

Plan With Me Plus Free Printable Stickrs

I made it. Isn’t it purdy? I just printed it off on shipping label paper from Avery, but you can print the stickers off on regular printer paper or if you have printer friendly sticker paper, go ahead and use that.

Plan With Me

Once you’ve got that printed off, start cutting out the pieces you want to use. 🙂

Plan With Me Plus Free Printable Stickers

Here’s where you can add in some washi tape before you put down your other stickers.

Plan With Me


Plan With Me


What I like to do at this point, before sticking them onto the pages, is to lay them out where I want them. Then when I think they look good, I snap a picture of it– so I remember where they go– and start sticking!

The week is finished. Now, I’ll take another picture before I start doodling all over it, so I can share with my friends in planner groups on Facebook.

Plan With Me

Then, put your pages back in your planner and you’re done! So much fun isn’t it?

Plan With Me

Download My FREE Printable Stickers!

Now here’s the best part of me sharing all this information about how I plan, is that the sticker layout I used for this week, I’m sharing it with you, fo’ free!

You heard right, FREE!!!

Happy Planning peeps!

And hop on over to here to check out more fun things for your planner.

Plan With Me

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