Free Weekly Planner Kit for Playful Fun with Mermaids

Have a splash of playful fun with mermaids using this FREE weekly planner kit!


If you want to add a playful touch to your planners, mermaids are the way to go! These mythical underwater creatures can be so much fun for making your planner feel special and shimmery. Plus, a mermaid theme is so popular right now.

Have you always had a curiosity about mermaids? Or maybe you think their tails are shiny and gorgeous?

Have fun with mermaids in your planners:

  • In eager anticipation of warmer weather
  • To adorn your summer planner spreads
  • As special embellishments for a birthday or special occasion
  • Any time of year you want a reminder of warm temperatures and underwater fun

Disclaimer: Planner Squad was compensated for time and use of product. All opinions are honest and a positive review was not required.

Planner Squad is super excited to share this free weekly planner kit for playful fun with mermaids. Check out how we’re using this kit in our planners and get your free download when you subscribe (scroll down for more information).

Create Shimmery Fun with Mermaids in Your Planner

I love the happy feeling of being underwater with this weekly planner kit. The colors are just gorgeous and have a lovely beach theme. Aquas, pinks, and yellows remind me of laying on a warm summer beach just soaking up the rays. Ahh!

And oh my stars! That “Weekend” sticker with the adorable jellyfish! Too cute!

Jenn absolutely knocked this weekly planner kit out of the park. I love how the fonts are so easy to read, too. Speaking of fonts…

Font Bundles once again provided Planner Squad with awesome resources to create this weekly planner kit for you.


This Playful Fun with Mermaids Weekly Planner Kit includes:

  • 8 different full decorative boxes
  • 8 half-boxes
  • 2 strips of washi tape to cover the bottom sections of the page with the text “She dreams of the ocean at night” and “& longs for the wild salt air”
  • “Weekend” with jellyfish and white flower
  • Date Covers
  • 14 header stickers
  • 5 full-size checklist flags
  • 5 half-size checklist flags
  • Helpful Notes area
  • 4 blank quarter boxes
  • 2 habit trackers
  • 29 adorable icons to enjoy playful fun with mermaids throughout the week!


Get Your Free Playful Fun with Mermaids Weekly Planner Kit

To get your FREE Playful Fun with Mermaids Weekly Planner Kit, subscribe to Planner Squad! You will receive a super secret password to unlock our vault of free planner printables. Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get these gorgeous planner stickers (available in Classic Happy Planner and Recollections Planner sizes) that will help you had beauty to your planner:

Have some playful fun with mermaids with this FREE weekly planner kit!

We would LOVE to see how you’re using Playful Fun with Mermaids Weekly Planner Kit in your planners. Make sure to tag us @plannersquad on social media 🙂

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Fabulous Free Floral WO2P to Help You Pretty Up Your Planner


Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable


Sometimes, a simple approach is just better. And that definitely applies to planning!

When you’re trying to plan, prepare, and organize for your week, zeroing in on your priorities allows you to make sure you accomplish what needs to be done. If you’re like me when life gets cray-cray, you require the easiest way to get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

As we love to chat about here on Planner Squad, the process of planning can be such a blessing. It forces you to slow down, take a step back, and really focus on what you have going on in your life (or the near future).

Sounds great, right? But, what happens when you’re staring down at your planner (or planners if you’re like many of our friends) and you feel like a deer in headlights?

Too many boxes! So much to do and not enough space to write it in! And, then I have to decorate it?!?!

When you’re in a state of overwhelm because to-do lists and appointments have piled up, the last thing you have time for is working in an overly complicated planner layout. It is at those times, my friend, when turning to a simple weekly layout is best for all. Because you very well know how everyone in your life is affected if you’re feeling pulled in a gazillion directions 😉 

Let’s look at how a simple WO2P (planner layout with one week on two pages) can help you maintain your sanity in your planning and your life when life turns crazy. And how you can easily make it pretty!


Benefits of Using This Simple Floral WO2P

Don’t let the overwhelm of a busy life get you down and disorganized. You have the power of planning at your fingertips!

Using this floral WO2P can help you slow down and allocate time for all your pressing needs. With a generous “Notes” section at the bottom of page two, this floral WO2P provides you with plenty of room to write it all down, even helpful reminders.

Another awesome feature of this floral WO2P is the light yet pretty background with greens, pinks, and yellows to please the eyes. With these floral elements, you won’t feel the need to decorate if you don’t have time. And you have ample room to add a bit of washi tape or stickers if the spirit moves you.

The simple, clean design of this floral WO2P doesn’t distract. It has just enough pretty to make you smile as you go about your day.

Make use of the daily “Top 3” for me section! These areas will help you prioritize and check off those tasks that must get done.

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable


Get Your Fabulous Free Floral WO2P!

Jenn once again blew us away with this free printable planner design! She used more of the excellent elements found at Font Bundles.

For this floral WO2P, Jenn used the font Girl Friday from the Best Sellers Volume V. This bundle contains 40 best-selling fonts valued at over $509! You can get 94% off for a tremendous deal of $32 (sale ends May 2, 2018). Font Bundles shares that:

All of these fonts are fully accessible and can be used in Microsoft packages, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio, Sure Cuts a Lot, Scan N Cut, Inkscape, Adobe software and many more

As much as I love Girl Friday font, I think my favorite font in this bundle is Kristoff Font Duo + Doodles. Or maybe it’s Unicorn Calligraphy? How’s a girl supposed to pick just one? 😉

Although getting a bundle, you can still keep your design simple. Use just an element or two for your overall design.

Then, easily swap out elements, based on your mood or the season. Change up fonts. Add a different background. Switch the colors in the lines and boxes. With a bundle, you have so many options to make your planner printables gorgeous!

Oh, and the pretty floral background? That’s a graphic from another amazing bundle we’ve used in the past here at Planner Squad. See, you really do use all of these fantastic elements!!

Pretty up your planner inserts with this free fabulous floral wo2p printable

To get your FabulousFREE Floral WO2P printable set, subscribe to Planner Squad! You will receive a super secret password to unlock our vault of free planner printables. Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started (available in Classic Happy Planner, A5, Letter (8 1/2″ x 11″), and Personal sizes) that will help you celebrate the season:





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Why Every Tomboy Needs A Planner

Find out why every tomboy needs a planner! Planners don't have to be girly or cute. Includes an awesome FREE printable pack of Tomboy-themed planner resources!

Planner Squad is happy to share this contribution from Lady T, an artist and graphic design specialist.  Find out why Lady T believes every tomboy needs a planner and check out these awesome free planner printables.

Hi! I am honored to share some insight with you today.  A planner is the perfect addition to every female’s life even if she can be found at a local bar, watching Monday Night Football with her brothers.

But, planners are dumb, right? It’s just a glorified diary, isn’t it? Only girly girls keep a diary! As a girl who likes to live life on the fly, forgets everything including her own

As a girl who likes to live life on the fly, forgets everything including her own birthday, and barely has time to slide mules on her UN-manicured feet while flying out the door…how can a planner help her?

Why Every Tomboy Needs A Planner

1. Planners come in fun designs to fit HER personality.

First, let’s start with the fact that there are so many planners out there! There is bound to be one that will fit the Tomboy personality. No PINK  and FLOWERS here, please!  Thanks to the

Thanks to the ever-growing planner craze, planners are available in so many patterns, colors, sizes and shapes. One type of planner will surely appeal to our tree climbing hero. Even Wonder Woman wears lipstick!

If you do not like the covers on your planners, make one yourself and change it. Yes, you can do that!

There are not enough Tomboy and masculine-themed Planner stickers out there. To remedy that situation, you will find a free Tomboy Hero printable pack that includes a planner sticker set and a new cover.

Just print the covers, place them back to back, laminate, trim and punch for your specific planner. This free Tomboy Hero printable pack works for a variety of planner types and sizes. More information is included with the set for printing options.

2. You can deck your planner out with stickers!

Remember the days of decorating your locker, three ring binder, and textbooks? Decorating my planner takes me back to my middle school days. I put hundreds of stickers on the cover! I would then take a marker and trace around them several thousand times. Oh and doodling! The Tomboy can do all of that if she wishes! Nothing like stepping back in time to childhood and making the planner process fun and inviting to use. Go crazy let your inner Garbage Pail Kid out! There is no wrong or right way to decorate your planner. It’s not a diary per se-more like a detailed journey of your life or a time capsule, if you will.

3.  Secretly you have been dying to get control of your life.

One day, this Tomboy even beat up a male classmate who was picking on her brother. Though she became more “girly” in college, buying makeup, jewelry, and an occasional dress (where is that anyway?), she grew up and continually tried to put organizational practices in place to no avail.

That was until she came upon a planner that had places for notes, birthdays, a week view, a month view, and structure. It was editable, it was fun, and it was supported by a community of amazing and passionate people—where life could be shared one sticker at a time.

Set aside ten minutes a day to use your planner.  In a busy Tomboy’s life, this small amount of time will help you learn to organize a little bit better and a little bit smarter.

How do I know using a planner can help you if you are a Tomboy? Because I am a one and I can’t live without it! Try it!

Check out these awesome Tomboy-themed resources for your planner!

Don’t miss these awesome FREE printable Tomboy resources for your planner!

Click on HERE or on the image above to check out these printable Tomboy planner resources.  Lady T provides instructions on how to size these printables to meet your needs.  You will find printable covers for Erin Condren and Happy Planner, as well as free printable planner stickers.  Subscribe to Planner Squad for exclusive access to these resources and all our freebies!

Find out more about Lady T!

Lady TPowers of Dunans, ( LadyT) is a college graduate with a Degree in Graphic Design as well as a self-taught artist of Cherokee and Irish descent. Born in the Chicagoland area―titled by land ownership in Scotland, she took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. Throughout her childhood, she developed an appreciation for her majestic surroundings. “I would often sit in trees for hours with pencils and pad, or sit in a meadow with watercolor and canvas.”  Years of artistic expression made it clear that LadyT’s life would be centered upon her passion for art.  After high school;  where she participated in three years of extensive extracurricular graphic-design programs, she attended Graphic Art College where she got her degree and discovered more advanced graphics, illustration, writing and printmaking.

Much of her work is influenced with her native descent, however, this artist is extremely versatile in that she can accomplish most styles that she puts her hand to. A rare talent or a serious case of ADD or both! She has self-proclaimed herself a Bohemian artist.

Lady T is a professional artist full-time while dealing with disabilities. These disabilities are unfortunately many and consist of a brain Aneurysm,  IH, Fibromialgia, Complicated Migraines, Venous Angioma, Apnea, Asthma, Thyroid (Hashimotos) with two lumps, short term memory loss, vision and hearing loss, Arthritis, Double Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and the list goes on. She had a shunt placed in her spine over a three years ago to relieve the swelling in her brain to assist in relieving pressure placed on the eyes, ears and brain itself.  She was in danger of losing her eye sight permanently.  Why does she share this with you?  Because though she has under gone extensive medical and mental issues she daily finds new ways to cope and stay positive. She says she attributes this to the amazing people she surrounds herself with and the internal desire to make each day a new beginning.

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Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout

Get your planners ready for Fall with this adorable Free Printable!  Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout is full of rich autumn colors and designs.


Oh my gosh, who is ready for Fall to be here?

*raises hand*

I so am. We’ve had so much rain here in Minnesota that it is ridiculous. With the rain comes the state bird, the mosquito, and I’m so over being bit up every time I go outside. So yes, I want Fall here.

I am a huge admirer of Fall. I love pumpkins, the cooler weather, cider, apple picking, the leaves changing colors, anything that comes with Fall, I’ll take it!

Naturally, being a person who loves this time of year, I have created, for you fine people, a weekly kit that is decked out in Fall colors for your pretty Happy Planners.

Free Printable: Fall Weekly Happy Planner Layout




How I Used Fall Weekly Layout For Happy Planners



I simply love the colors and patterns in this layout. They are just the perfect representation of Fall.

I normally  decorate my Happy Planner at least a couple weeks ahead of the week that we are on.  If I need to write down something that is coming up, I can write in there without having to erase it or cover it up with pretty printables. I was super excited that I could use this weekly layout for my first full week in October!



I loved how it turned out. I got a little creative and cut up some washi to make like a checklist sticker for my boxes.

This printable comes with the usual decorative boxes, half boxes, tags and hexagons. I added in some small boxes that are kind of like the header boxes but a little bit thicker, to add a little pretty to your boxes if you don’t want to use washi tape or you need a little something extra.

I love having my little Weekly Menu box over there in the notes section of the layout because then I can look ahead at what we’re having for supper this week and plan our meals around our events for that week.




I really hope you enjoy this printable that I made for you! Don’t forget to share it and tag Planner Squad!!


Click on the image below to subscribe to Planner Squad and get this FREE Fall weekly Happy Planner for your Happy Planner!

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.


Images and clip art via FreePik and Harper Finch.

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Free Printable Special Dates Planner Insert

Get your free printable Special Dates planner insert! Perfect way to add a functional touch of adorable to your planners!

In my last post I shared the free printable academic calendar which seems to have been a big hit with you Squadettes. Today, I am sharing a free printable Special Dates insert to follow on with the functional planning theme.

Get these free Special Dates planner printables! Functional yet adorable!

Functional Planning…

Functional planning is my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the fun stuff too but my planner HAS to be functional for it to work for me and that is why I am a “white space” planner girl. I do use the odd sticker here and there but I need white space in order for my planning system to work for me.

In the last few weeks, I have seen my planning system evolve. I think this is mainly due to the fact my son will be starting school in September and that I need to keep on top of other certain things in my life. I have always had a Special Dates calendar in my planner but I never really used it. It was one of those pages that I never had time to complete and so it has been blank for most of this year.

These Special Dates printables are free & a fantastic way to jazz up your planners.

Time to take note….

This week, my husband and I sat down together to do some finance planning. It wasn’t finance planning of the serious kind but planning for things such as holidays, projects around the house, Christmas and so on. At this point, it dawned on us just how many birthdays in the family we had missed. We have had a very busy year this year with getting used to being a parent of two babies, shift changes with my husbands work and the set up of my Etsy business. It was time to fill out the Special Dates insert to try and get to grips with all the important dates that we have to remember. Now that I have everything written in one place, I’m hoping I can get to grips with remembering things a little better.

Free Printable Special Dates Insert

Since I know that some religions and faiths don’t celebrate events, I thought it would be more ideal to have a Special Dates insert rather than a Celebrations Calendar. This makes the free printable Special Dates Insert accessible to everyone. As usual, I have included an A5 version and personal size version. Please check out a my recent post with printing tips if you are new to printables or if you need some help with the printing process. You can also tag me over in the Planner Squad Facebook group. 

Use these free Special Date planner printables for cute & functional ways to stay on top of special times.

I love seeing how the freebies are being used so feel free to share your photos in the group, spread some inspiration, and let me know how you are your free printable Special Dates insert.

Click on image below to subscribe to Planner Squad & get access to this FREE SPECIAL DATES PLANNER INSERT (& all Planner Squad printables!)

Get free planner printables at Planner Squad. Subscribers get awesome planner inserts, stickers, & more-like these July monthly layouts for Happy Planner.

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