How Becoming a Planner Addict Completely Changed My Life

“Planner? I don’t know, I’m really more of a journal kind of girl. I don’t think I’d really use a planner much. I don’t leave the house enough to really need a planner…”

How Becoming a Planner Addict Completely Changed My Life

Those were my first words to someone when I was first introduced to the world of planning. I’m a homebody. That’s partially why I homeschool even, I hate to leave the house unless I absolutely have to. So, if I don’t leave the house much, why in the world would I need a planner? Being a homeschool mom and running a blog (well, two now really), managing a 4H club, American Heritage Girls meetings, grocery shopping, my etsy business, virtual assistant business, (and so on?!) doesn’t keep me busy enough to justify planning (!!). “That’d be such a waste of precious money”, I remember saying.

Wow. I was wrong. So very very wrong.

I kept going to Hobby Lobby after that and scoping out those Happy Planners that MAMBI makes and everyone was talking about. I’d pick it up and look at it, ooh and ahh over the pretty cover, but kept telling myself (for some crazy unknown reason) that I just wouldn’t use it enough.

They Call it the “Happy Planner” for a Reason

Then one day when I was strolling up and down the planner aisle in Michaels, a bright red sticker started screaming at me.


How Becoming a Planner Addict Completely Changed My Life

I listened. I mean, how could I not with the sticker yelling at me like that? I picked out my very first Happy Planner, and the rest was history.

I was so excited! I even sat in my car being my steering wheel and got on periscope to talk about how excited I was about it! I took it home and immediately sat down and started filling it out. By the time I got done filling it out – I couldn’t believe how full it was. Honestly, it kind of freaked me out and really made me take a step back and evaluate my life more. If my days were this full, it was no wonder I have so many anxiety issues! Good grief! Apparently I left my house more than I realized! So, I took stock of my life and decided it was time for some things to give. I started scaling back on activities and prioritizing, and the stress level started to go down.. a lot.

How Becoming a Planner Addict Completely Changed My Life

Now that I have my planner, I’m realizing just how much smoother my life seems to run. I’m so organized! I don’t have to email people for reminders on dates and times or upcoming events that I kept forgetting in my cluttered brain. It was a miracle! I was hooked. Planning had changed my life, and I swore right then and there that I’d never go back to a pre-planner life.

One Planner Wasn’t Enough

Then, I started realizing that I wanted (and needed) to further organize my life (and homeschool, and businesses..) so I finally sat down and made myself my own travelers notebook (also known as the “FunkyDori“, which is now available in my etsy shop).

How Becoming a Planner Addict Completely Changed My Life

You guys. You don’t even know how happy my travelers notebook makes me!

I have everything I need organized in one place. I fell in love with the fact that I could add a new insert booklet for anything I could possibly need. And it was so much easier to carry around in my purse than my Happy Planner was.

So now I have two planners [I may or may not have a 3rd one on its way to my mailbox currently]. One that stays home and organizes my blog and business, and the other organizes the rest of my life and goes with me everywhere I go.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you and tell you more about my planners, how I made them, how I decorate them, so on and so forth.

Stay tuned.. we have so much more to talk about!

What is your favorite planner? What do you use it for? Tell us all about it!!

Jenn Roberts, Planner Squad, Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling

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Jenn is a Missouri homeschooling mom who loves to blog about it! She is a blogger, photographer, etsy shop owner, and virtual assistant. When she's not busy being a housewife or mom, you'll find her with a camera of some sort in hand, or dancing in the crowd while her favorite band performs on stage. Her favorite things in the world are spending time with her family, traveling, dancing, photography, and watching her favorite TV shows. Jenn was recently sucked into the world of planning when she purchased her first Happy Planner. Soon after she started making her own travelers notebooks (aka her "FunkyDori") and inserts to use with them. It's impossible for her to go to a store without checking out the sticker and washi tape selection. She looks at planning as a therapeutic way to start her week on the right foot, and exercise her creativity as much as possible.


  1. I really appreciated what you said about not realizing how many commitments you had until you put them in your new planner. Spot on! This is exactly why I promote planning! We need to have a birds-eye-view in order to see how much we have overextended. It was amazing how much “fluff” I had allowed in my daily life before using planners.

    My current favorite planners are: my junk journal, my Happy Planner (homeschool + kid schedules) and my old-school Day Runner (bullet & lister journal).

    • Yes, I was doing so much unnecessary every day and it was all starting to take over! Once I saw it all wrote down, I could see what needed to be cut when. It’s definitely been a sanity saver! I’d love to know more about your junk journal! I do journaling too!

  2. I understand how a planner can make a difference. When I was your age, I was homeschooling, helped run two Girl Scout troops and two Cub Scout dens, my boys were in after-school activities and sports, plus I had other community commitments. Writing it all down helped me realize I was gone four nights each week, generally leaving within minutes of my husband walking in the door from work.

    As a result, I gave up the troop and den I assisted with and only kept the ones I was in charge of, and I gave up some of the community activities so I was only out two nights each week. Getting the planner resulted in me having more time with my family that was not part of a scheduled activity.

    • You sound like you were just as busy as I was (if not more). It’s so true – if I have to schedule time with my family, then I’m doing something very wrong! It definitely helped to prioritize my life and simplify. The extra free time is so nice! And my kids aren’t bored and lonely either so, cutting back is just a good idea sometimes! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I used to use the Franklin planner years ago for work and school. I love using my HP. I especially love decorating it and looking back. When I plan my week, I have to be accountable for all the items I write down. I didn’t know how busy I was either. I would love to know about your virtual assistant position.

    Happy Planning everyone!!


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