FREE Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers

Free Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad

These free printable planner stickers are contributed to Planner Squad by the lovely Kristin of Intentionally Inspired.  Discover more about Kristin, her blog, and Etsy shop by scrolling down.

Can’t we all use a touch of beauty in our lives each and every day?  Something-even small-that makes the corners of our mouths turn up as our entire face lights up.  Sweet and pretty reminders that we are loved and to go bravely into this world.

These free printable stickers for your planners bring those happy thoughts to mind whenever I gaze upon them.  Don’t you agree?

I am known far and wide as a tomboy-a title that I heartily embrace.  I am much more comfortable at a sporting event than shopping for high heels any day.

That’s why I think that I am the one most shocked that I find myself pulled to softer, more feminine touches when it comes to planning. I typically shy away from floral or pastel anything.  It’s not that I don’t like it-but it’s just not me.

When I started my adventures in planning, I found myself oohing and aahing over delicate, floral cardstock and gorgeous, glittery washi.   Sticker sheets that I printed were full of pastels and flowers.  Who was this planner woman?

I think that planning has been beneficial for me in so many ways.  Sure, I am able to be better organized, feel less stressed, and get more done.  Yes, I enjoy my special planner time that’s just for mommy.

But, I did not anticipate these avenues that have been unleashed.  My creativity AND my femininity!

I feel free to explore my creative side through my planners.  I have always loved to dabble in arts & crafts.  (I worked at Michael’s for over a year during grad school.  It was a miracle that I ever brought home my paycheck!)  Now, I find myself daydreaming over what washi I may use for my next spread and collecting pens to practice hand lettering.

I also feel free drawn to soft, vintage papers, stickers, and washi.  I find these light and airy touches to my spreads are calming and make me happy to use.Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad


Free Printable Watercolor Planner Stickers-Happy Iris

Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers are exclusively found on Planner Squad.  They are a beautiful addition to your collection.  These stickers include reminders and uplifting phrases that will add to a positive feel to any planner spread.

Happy Iris Watercolor Planner Stickers-Planner Squad

I am very pleased to share Kristin, one of our Squadettes, free printable watercolor planner stickers with you.  Her Happy Iris collection is darling (had to use one of her favorite words!).  To download your free printable watercolor planner stickers, click here to find these beauties and other Planner Squad goodies.

Kristin can be found sharing her darling creations over at Intentionally Inspired.  Make sure to follow her on these social media.  She has an active Facebook Group called Pretty Plan-It.  Also, she has opened an Etsy shop where you can purchase her delightful goodies and finds.

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Planning On-The-Go: Tips & Tricks From A Busy Mom

planning on-the-go

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  

Planning on-the-go can be a fun way to bring your planning with you where ever you are.  There are many reasons why a planner lover may end up planning on-the-go.  In any case, your planning time does not need to be limited to the cozy confines of your couch.

Ideally, I love to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket during my precious planning time.  Surrounded by all of my planner goodies, I relax at the sight of my washi and pens.  As a homeschool soccer mom of 5 boys, this idyllic scene is not always possible.

I have come to depend upon my planners.  I need these sweet little beauties in my life to organize all the cray-cray up in this joint!  My brain has been thanking me for dumping out all of my ideas, to-dos, and inspirations.

*In case you are wondering, I am up to 5 planners.  I know-crazy for this gal who swore she would be a planner girl!  Hey, I’m willing to admit when I have been wrong.  I will  be sharing how I use each of these-and find time to plan in each.

If I know that I will have some time to kill, I will prepare ahead.  Often, however, I find that I am struck with planning. blogging, homeschool, spiritual, or other brilliant inspiration when out and about.  I find that always having at least a pencil and piece of paper is vital to reminding myself of such brilliance.  (I say that with just a touch of sarcasm.)

Things To Consider When Preparing For Planning On-The-Go

  1.  Type of Planner(s)–What sort of planners will you be planning with while out?  A simple and functional bullet journal will typically require less than a glam planner.
  2. Where Will You Be–Sitting on cold, hard bleachers on a windy day is much different than sipping on a latte at your local java joint.  If outdoors, think about the weather and environment.  Pack your bag with the supplies you will need to stay comfortable.
  3. Storage Containers–You may feel compelled to pack 4 suitcases with washi, stickers, and clips.  Don’t go there!  Keep it manageable, light, waterproof, and durable.

Above all else, use your common sense.  You do not want to be mourning the loss of one of your beloved planners or planner goodies.

Supplies For Planning On-The-Go

Stick to the basics.  Keep it simple (only a few washi-not your entire collection!).  Secure your pencils, pens, and clips to prevent breakage.

Here are a few tips to consider when planning on-the-go:

  • Choose a theme ahead of time.  Will you be planning out a week or month?  If so, select a theme and only pack coordinated washi, stickers, clips, and other embellishments.
  • Bring post-it notes.  Use as reminders in case you forgot or couldn’t bring that specific supply.
  • Remember index cards or scrap paper.  Jot down your important dates, deadlines, and to-dos.  You may find yourself distracted when on-the-go and it can be helpful to have this reference.
  • Shop your stash!  Dig through your storage.  Like me, you may find several items that can be reused or upcycled for planning on-the-go.
  • Put anything that can be damaged with water into plastic zipper bags.   You just never know!
  • If you just have to bring along some of your sticker sheets, use a binder with plastic page protectors.

planning on-the-go

I am very excited to share a few of the ways that I plan on-the-go.  My absolutely favorite carrier is this Vera Bradley Tech Backpack.  It is a bit larger but has plenty of room to fit several planners in the middle section.  The front section has built-in pen/pencil holders and zippered pocket.  The back part (where a laptop would typically fit) is my fav!  I put my sticker binder in there where it fits like a charm. Shop Vera Bradley!


planning on-the-go

I currently use an older Vera Bradley zippered makeup pouch to hold pens and pencils when on-the-go.  I have their Impressionista pencil pouch on my ever-growing planner wishlist.

planning on-the-go


planning on-the-go


Another planning on-the-go storage case that has been greatly helpful when I want to transport stamps, punches, and ink pads is this tackle box.  I found this gem at Walmart for under $3.  I love personalizing it with stickers and how I can see through it to easily find what I need.

planning on-the-go


planning on-the-go


I hope that these tips help you with planning on-the-go?  What tricks and tools do you use when you have to plan on-the-go?




Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

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3 Inexpensive Ways To Store Your Planner Supplies

How do YOU store your planner supplies?  I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite frugal ways-and hope to hear how you do too!

Planning has become such an amazing lifestyle for me.  A hobby that I was once resistant to, planning has become beneficial in so many areas of my life.  I knew that I could find ways to make this new passion enjoyable and affordable.

One of the main reasons for my resistance to becoming a “planner girl” was financial.  I was afraid that loading up on planner goodies was going to put a major dent in my budget.  All of the glittery washi and super cute stickers looked amazing-but expensive!  How could I justify spending money on all this planner goodness and find ways to store it?

Planner Supplies

Friends, like Jenn, helped me to see that all of the yumminess of planners can still be had while on a budget.  Coupons, deals, and discount stores have been game changers.  Oh, and our monthly Planner Squad Facebook group swap led by the rockin’ Sarita has added to the fun!

Once I began to amass a collection of washi tape and free stickers and printables, I recognized the need for some frugal storage and organization options for my beloved planner supplies.  My office is already crammed with homeschool and blog supplies.  I required some fast and frugal thinking to keep my planner mojo going (and my family from being buried under washi, stickers, and clips!).

I have been thrilled to face the challenge of finding deals on gorgeous planner goodies.  I love how much fun it has been to search for deeply discounted washi tape and free stickers.  Browsing through my current craft supplies for items to create planner clips has been relaxing and enjoyable. The search for affordable and adorable planner supplies has given me a chance to exercise my frugality and creativity.

I know that I cannot be alone in needing to watch my budget while still having planner fun.  I plan on sharing more tips and ideas on having an inexpensive approach to planning.  Also, Planner Squad will be sharing sites and shops that provide rockin’ planner supplies at affordable prices.

These three ways to inexpensive planner supply storage are simple yet effective.  You may even have some of the supplies at home, waiting to be converted into planner storage.  If not, you can likely find these items at stores like Walmart or your local dollar store.

Three Inexpensive Ways To Store Planner Supplies

  1.  Binder for Sticker Sheets:  I was in heaven when I discovered that you could find free planner stickers to print!  (Yes, I literally did a happy dance!)  Along with stickers that were gifted to me and my neighborhood Dollar Tree, my sticker collection had grown to quite a size.  I do not, however, have a very good memory for items that I have purchased or received.  I would just finish a spread and think, “Doh!  I totally forgot that I could have used that sticker set!”I dug through my office supplies and came up with this approach.   It has rocked my planner world!  Now, I can see all my pretty stickers and easily find what I need.  (I am super visual so this really works for me!)
    I simply found a 2″ binder and clear page protector sheets.

    Planner Supplies Binder
    Sticker Binder on display. Cover=cardstock plus washi. A few of my favorite sticker sheets.


2.  Clear Tackle Box:  I had some cute stamps that I had collected over the years (dollar bins at Michaels!).  These stamps, as well as the new ones I added to my stash, needed a home.  (Scattered about my home is not a good place for these lovelies!)

While a pleasant jaunt through Walmart (and I say that with all the sarcasm that I can scoop upon that!), I happened upon a fantastic frugal find.  For a mere $2.44, I brought home this awesome clear tackle box (for fishing!) for my stamps, stamp pads, and paper punches.

Planner Supplies box
My planner supplies box-blinged out with my soccer! (Thanks Sarita!)



3.  Paper  Towel Holder:  I needed a way to store my washi yet still have it out to see what I have.  (I had all of it shoved in a box-I shudder at the thought now!)  What could I use to display my washi without it costing a fortune?  A paper towel holder from Dollar Tree!

Planner Supplies paper towel holder washi
My washi out where I can see & easily use!


What are your favorite inexpensive ways to store your planner supplies?  Please leave a comment below with your tips and tricks.

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Giveaway: Happy Planner Starter Pack

It’s giveaway time!!

Planner Squad is super thrilled to announce our first giveaway!
(cue the dance music and disco ball!)

Happy Planner giveaway Planner Squad

We have been having a blast setting up this site to have fun while uniting the planner community, one washi roll tape at a time.  Our planner love spreads (get it-pun intended!) far and wide-and we are ecstatic that you are joining us on this journey of plannerliciousness.

We love planners and we love planner lovers.  It is our mission (and we take it very seriously!) to bring together all planner lovers .  From basic/functional to glammiest of the glam, we want to hear all about your planner addiction.  Head over to Planner Squad Facebook group and follow along for even more planner chatty fun.

To thank you, our beloved Squadettes, we present-A GIVEAWAY!  (We’ll let that sit with you for a second or two as you gather your breath from all the happy dancing going down.)

Dear, sweet reader, this is only the first of many giveaways that we plan on hosting.  You can bet your finest sticker sheet that you will want to follow Planner Squad on all of our social media for updates on fabulous giveaways.


Happy Planner Starter Pack from Your Favorite Gals on The Planner SquadHappy Planner giveaway Planner Squad


One lucky entrant will win:

  • Happy Planner (“Every Day Is A Gift”) ~ 18 month planner with monthly and weekly calendar pages plus dividers
  • Create 365 Happy Planner “Get It Done” Sticker Sheets ~ 6 sheets with inspirational phrases on adorable stickers
  • Create 365 Happy Planner “Bright To Do” Sticker Sheets ~ 6 sheets of cuteness for special and every day use
  • 12 roll pack of Doodlebug Design Inc. Washi Tape ~ skinny washi with light polka dots

Happy Planner Giveaway


Who should enter? EVERYONE!  Even if you are already the proud owner of a Happy Planner, enter!  You can never have enough planners!  Or gift it to a friend-and have them jump on board the planning train!


Happy Planner Giveaway


Giveaway starts Saturday, January 30, 2016 and ends February 13, 2016.  Complete the form below for your chance to win this Happy Planner Starter Pack from Planner Squad!

**This giveaway is provided by Planner Squad.  Neither me & my Big Ideas nor Doodlebug Design, Inc. are associated with this giveaway in any way.  Winner must be an email subscriber to Planner Squad.

Thank you so much for entering Planner Squad’s Happy Planner Starter Pack!  Best of luck to you-and keep rockin’ your planner!

Happy Planner
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How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life

If you are like most people that I know, you are busy.  I realize that “busy” has become a word associated with negative connotations.  That we need to slow down and prioritize our lives.

While I don’t necessarily concede that being busy is a bad thing, I do believe that it is important to slow down enough to get organized and plan.  If you are a member of the 2.3% “non-busy” population (I made that stat up so don’t go and do a Google search for it!), this post will still apply to you.  It’s all about managing your time and setting planner goals.

How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life - Planner Squad


You are here at Planner Squad because you have some sort of interest in planners.  You may fall anywhere along the continuum of planner newbie to planner addict. Planners are cool, you think.  Planners are helpful, you nod.  But, setting up and using planners takes time!

I was very resistant to joining the planner fad.  My first thought was, “But I’m already super busy!  How in the world am I going to have the time to figure out what planner to get and then what to do with it?”  (My next thought was about cost-and I will be sharing about planning on a budget very soon!)

After I got bit by the planner bug (thanks Jenn!) and sat down with my first official planner, a light bulb went off.  Aha!  Taking time to sit down and organize my to-do lists, appointments, and real life was going to help me maximize use of me time.  Sweetening it up with a bit of accessories was just icing on the cake!

I also realized that my planner time was MY TIME!  I am always putting my needs and wants aside for my family and friends, volunteering and blog.  Now, I had a time for myself that was beneficial to all (because organized mommy=happy mommy)!

Homeschooling 5 boys and blogging sucks up a lot of my time.  I have very little free time to spend with my planners.  I knew that I would have to plan to plan.

No-Guilt Planner Time

You may be hesitant to set aside time to plan.  Perhaps your family doesn’t quite understand the fun or need of all that washi and stickers.  To them, it may look like you are merely having arts and crafts time.

Maybe you feel guilty because you could be doing any of the 153 items on your to-do list?  Or there are “more important” activities that you could be doing?

I am here to tell you-hogwash!  Girl, you need to plan to plan!  Carve out that time and get your plan on!

The act of planning is beautiful.  It is inspiring.  It reduces anxiety and induces a sense of peace and well-being.  (I am quite sure that all of these planning benefits are recorded somewhere in some ancient text buried deep.  Until it is unearthed, just take my word for it!  I give you permission to quote me to any who question the need to plan.)


How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life - Planner Squad


Tips for Planning for Planner Time

Unless you have a personal assistant or secretary, you are going to have to set aside time to plan by yourself.  All of these ideas are practical but, if you are anything like me, you need a reminder.  Take an honest look at how you are managing your time each day.  You may be amazed to see all the time that you can gain for better use-like planning!

Here are my suggestions to help you with Planning for Planner Time:

  1. List of Priorities
    Consider both current and future priorities. Of course, essential responsibilities must come first (like food and family care).
    My list of priorities looks like this:  God >> Family >>  Friends >>  WorkI also believe it is important to prioritize home management tasks.  Once you have an idea of what must be done, you can schedule times to do  these critical tasks yourself or to delegate.

  2. Honest Talk with Your Family (or who you live with)
    Sit down and talk to those you live with about how important it is for you to have planner time.  Share with them why you enjoy it and how it can benefit all.  (Tip:  Point out how your planner time will benefit them! What will you have extra time for now that you use your time more efficiently?)

  3. Honest Look at Use of Down Time
    When you actually have a moment or two to sit down, how do you use your time?  Are you surfing Facebook?  Maybe zoning out with a Netflix marathon?  Planners, wake up!  This could be your planner time!  Using some type of time tracker can be an excellent way to assess how you are truly using your precious time.  (scroll down for a simple time tracker that I created for my Happy Planner-and you!)

  4. Brain Dump
    Have an ongoing list (or lists) to record your planner ideas, as well as responsibilities.  Keep this list in the back of one of your planners (or in each planner).  Use as a reference when you get your planner time.

  5. Preparation
    With an organized and clean planning area, you will have more time for planning.  Supplies will be easier to find and enjoyable to view.Bookmark favorite planner resource sites.  Print out sticker sheets and file.  ( I will be sharing an inexpensive way to that I keep my stickers and free printables organized next week.)  Create Pinterest boards for inspiration and places to find resources.  To help with planning your monthly and weekly planner themes, I created these inserts (in Happy Planner size).
planner time monthly weekly theme
Example of Yearly & Monthly Planner Themes in my Happy Planner



Click here to access Planner Squad’s Free Printables Page.  If you are a subscriber, you have our Subscriber’s Only Exclusive Password.  If you are not, what are you waiting for?  Subscribe now for access to these FREE PRINTABLES and many more to come!

planner time free yearly monthly themes time tracker


We would love to hear your ideas for how you create precious planner time!  Share your tips and tricks below.

Happy Planner

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