Giveaway: Happy Planner Starter Pack

It’s giveaway time!!

Planner Squad is super thrilled to announce our first giveaway!
(cue the dance music and disco ball!)

Happy Planner giveaway Planner Squad

We have been having a blast setting up this site to have fun while uniting the planner community, one washi roll tape at a time.  Our planner love spreads (get it-pun intended!) far and wide-and we are ecstatic that you are joining us on this journey of plannerliciousness.

We love planners and we love planner lovers.  It is our mission (and we take it very seriously!) to bring together all planner lovers .  From basic/functional to glammiest of the glam, we want to hear all about your planner addiction.  Head over to Planner Squad Facebook group and follow along for even more planner chatty fun.

To thank you, our beloved Squadettes, we present-A GIVEAWAY!  (We’ll let that sit with you for a second or two as you gather your breath from all the happy dancing going down.)

Dear, sweet reader, this is only the first of many giveaways that we plan on hosting.  You can bet your finest sticker sheet that you will want to follow Planner Squad on all of our social media for updates on fabulous giveaways.


Happy Planner Starter Pack from Your Favorite Gals on The Planner SquadHappy Planner giveaway Planner Squad


One lucky entrant will win:

  • Happy Planner (“Every Day Is A Gift”) ~ 18 month planner with monthly and weekly calendar pages plus dividers
  • Create 365 Happy Planner “Get It Done” Sticker Sheets ~ 6 sheets with inspirational phrases on adorable stickers
  • Create 365 Happy Planner “Bright To Do” Sticker Sheets ~ 6 sheets of cuteness for special and every day use
  • 12 roll pack of Doodlebug Design Inc. Washi Tape ~ skinny washi with light polka dots

Happy Planner Giveaway


Who should enter? EVERYONE!  Even if you are already the proud owner of a Happy Planner, enter!  You can never have enough planners!  Or gift it to a friend-and have them jump on board the planning train!


Happy Planner Giveaway


Giveaway starts Saturday, January 30, 2016 and ends February 13, 2016.  Complete the form below for your chance to win this Happy Planner Starter Pack from Planner Squad!

**This giveaway is provided by Planner Squad.  Neither me & my Big Ideas nor Doodlebug Design, Inc. are associated with this giveaway in any way.  Winner must be an email subscriber to Planner Squad.

Thank you so much for entering Planner Squad’s Happy Planner Starter Pack!  Best of luck to you-and keep rockin’ your planner!

Happy Planner
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How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life

If you are like most people that I know, you are busy.  I realize that “busy” has become a word associated with negative connotations.  That we need to slow down and prioritize our lives.

While I don’t necessarily concede that being busy is a bad thing, I do believe that it is important to slow down enough to get organized and plan.  If you are a member of the 2.3% “non-busy” population (I made that stat up so don’t go and do a Google search for it!), this post will still apply to you.  It’s all about managing your time and setting planner goals.

How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life - Planner Squad


You are here at Planner Squad because you have some sort of interest in planners.  You may fall anywhere along the continuum of planner newbie to planner addict. Planners are cool, you think.  Planners are helpful, you nod.  But, setting up and using planners takes time!

I was very resistant to joining the planner fad.  My first thought was, “But I’m already super busy!  How in the world am I going to have the time to figure out what planner to get and then what to do with it?”  (My next thought was about cost-and I will be sharing about planning on a budget very soon!)

After I got bit by the planner bug (thanks Jenn!) and sat down with my first official planner, a light bulb went off.  Aha!  Taking time to sit down and organize my to-do lists, appointments, and real life was going to help me maximize use of me time.  Sweetening it up with a bit of accessories was just icing on the cake!

I also realized that my planner time was MY TIME!  I am always putting my needs and wants aside for my family and friends, volunteering and blog.  Now, I had a time for myself that was beneficial to all (because organized mommy=happy mommy)!

Homeschooling 5 boys and blogging sucks up a lot of my time.  I have very little free time to spend with my planners.  I knew that I would have to plan to plan.

No-Guilt Planner Time

You may be hesitant to set aside time to plan.  Perhaps your family doesn’t quite understand the fun or need of all that washi and stickers.  To them, it may look like you are merely having arts and crafts time.

Maybe you feel guilty because you could be doing any of the 153 items on your to-do list?  Or there are “more important” activities that you could be doing?

I am here to tell you-hogwash!  Girl, you need to plan to plan!  Carve out that time and get your plan on!

The act of planning is beautiful.  It is inspiring.  It reduces anxiety and induces a sense of peace and well-being.  (I am quite sure that all of these planning benefits are recorded somewhere in some ancient text buried deep.  Until it is unearthed, just take my word for it!  I give you permission to quote me to any who question the need to plan.)


How To Make Planner Time In Your Busy Life - Planner Squad


Tips for Planning for Planner Time

Unless you have a personal assistant or secretary, you are going to have to set aside time to plan by yourself.  All of these ideas are practical but, if you are anything like me, you need a reminder.  Take an honest look at how you are managing your time each day.  You may be amazed to see all the time that you can gain for better use-like planning!

Here are my suggestions to help you with Planning for Planner Time:

  1. List of Priorities
    Consider both current and future priorities. Of course, essential responsibilities must come first (like food and family care).
    My list of priorities looks like this:  God >> Family >>  Friends >>  WorkI also believe it is important to prioritize home management tasks.  Once you have an idea of what must be done, you can schedule times to do  these critical tasks yourself or to delegate.

  2. Honest Talk with Your Family (or who you live with)
    Sit down and talk to those you live with about how important it is for you to have planner time.  Share with them why you enjoy it and how it can benefit all.  (Tip:  Point out how your planner time will benefit them! What will you have extra time for now that you use your time more efficiently?)

  3. Honest Look at Use of Down Time
    When you actually have a moment or two to sit down, how do you use your time?  Are you surfing Facebook?  Maybe zoning out with a Netflix marathon?  Planners, wake up!  This could be your planner time!  Using some type of time tracker can be an excellent way to assess how you are truly using your precious time.  (scroll down for a simple time tracker that I created for my Happy Planner-and you!)

  4. Brain Dump
    Have an ongoing list (or lists) to record your planner ideas, as well as responsibilities.  Keep this list in the back of one of your planners (or in each planner).  Use as a reference when you get your planner time.

  5. Preparation
    With an organized and clean planning area, you will have more time for planning.  Supplies will be easier to find and enjoyable to view.Bookmark favorite planner resource sites.  Print out sticker sheets and file.  ( I will be sharing an inexpensive way to that I keep my stickers and free printables organized next week.)  Create Pinterest boards for inspiration and places to find resources.  To help with planning your monthly and weekly planner themes, I created these inserts (in Happy Planner size).
planner time monthly weekly theme
Example of Yearly & Monthly Planner Themes in my Happy Planner



Click here to access Planner Squad’s Free Printables Page.  If you are a subscriber, you have our Subscriber’s Only Exclusive Password.  If you are not, what are you waiting for?  Subscribe now for access to these FREE PRINTABLES and many more to come!

planner time free yearly monthly themes time tracker


We would love to hear your ideas for how you create precious planner time!  Share your tips and tricks below.

Happy Planner

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Planner Squad Hop Recap

planner squad hop

Hey all you planner lovers!  Thanks for a great Planner Squad Hop on Periscope!

What is Periscope?   Periscope is a fabulous social media app with live broadcasts.

Follow us to catch all our #plannersquad scopes!:

Jenn:  @funkyjeandesign

Amy:  @AmyMilcic

Lindsey:  @nittygrittylinz


What is a Periscope Hop?  We will start off with a host who organizes the hop.  The host will introduce the theme of the hop and give a shout out to

Interested scopers sign up under the related graphic on Planner Squad Facebook group.  Each scoper will share for about 10 minutes about their weekly spread or the planning theme of the week.  It’s a fun way to get a closer look at other planners and have fun chatting about our favorite topic-planners!


Not able to watch live-or just want to relive all the fun?  No worries!


Watch Planner Squad Replays here:

(If no replay is available, that scoper does not have a account.  Please follow on Periscope to watch their live broadcasts!)

Jenn @funkyjeandesign

Diona @alldayeverydaym


Yvette @yvettefarrell


Annette @netdrews


Shanna @shannahammonds


Kristin @intentionallife


Do you want to join in the fun next Planner Squad Hop?  Head over to our Facebook group to sign up under that graphic.  Can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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Share Your Spread Link-Up #1

WooHoo!  Planner Squad is super excited to announce our weekly link-up, Share Your Spread!
We want to see what you worked up for the week.  Did you have a theme?  Special event?  Have a fantastic new accessory or planner to share?
Have multiple planners?  (We do too!)  We want to see them all-link up your spreads!

Planner Squad can’t wait to see your spreads.  It is such fun sharing ideas and learning new ways to plan!

It’s Time To Share Your Spreads!

Share Your Spread Weekly Link-Up Planner Squad


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How Planning Has Saved My Sanity

planning sanity Planner Squad


Hey!  My name is Amy Milcic and I am a planner addict.  (Whew!  I said it!)

 I swore that I wouldn’t jump on the planner bandwagon.  I like to do things my own way with a unique twist.  I don’t follow trends and will swear to my dying day that Converse is the best brand of shoes out there.

When my friend, Jenn (a.k.a.Jenn-A), told me about how planners have helped transform her busy life, I became intrigued.  As a homeschool blogger and soccer mom to 5 boys, I have quite a few plates that I need to keep spinning at once.  (To get an idea of all the cray-cray in my life, head over to my blog, Busy Boys Brigade.)  I felt frazzled and overwhelmed with my growing to-do list.  I had to find out more-but was still resistant.

Where was my resistance coming from?  Well, like I said I tend to buck trends.  Also, to be honest, I didn’t want to throw down a chunk of money on something that I wasn’t sure that I would ever use or that would help.  

Jenn (and other friends on Periscope) encouraged me to check out different planners and sales.  Finally biting the bullet, I headed to my local Michael’s with a coupon.  I set a budget and told myself that I would go for it if I could find anything that I liked.  (Yeah, I get a good chuckle out of that now!)

I was told the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas would rock my world. I was told that there were super cute variations and I would be hooked at first sight.  I was told that once I started, I’d never look back.

Planner friends, everything I was told was completely right!

I found a Happy Planner kit that was super affordable with my coupon.  I loved the cover and everything about it.  Plus, it was way under my self-prescribed budget.  It was a no-brainer and game changer.

Happy Planner Planner Squad planning
Happy Planner=Happy Momma

As soon as I got home and the boys were in bed, I spread my new planner goodies about my desk.  Instantly, I became immersed in setting up my Happy Planner.  I found myself smiling as I started my first spread. I had dabbled in scrapbooking back in the day, but this was just out of this world fun!

planning Happy Planner spread
One of my favorite Happy Planner Spreads, using craft paper and punch outs

And just like that, I was hooked.  Planners (yes, that’s plural.  When I love something, I’m all in!) have transformed my life just like they have Jenn’s.  How could I have been missing out all on this sweet goodness for so long?

planning saved sanity Planner Squad

How Planning Has Saved My Sanity!

  1. family appointments
  2. meal planning (still a work in progress but at least it has started!)
  3. family reminders (birthdays, special events)
  4. homeschool happenings (I have a separate homeschool planner that I will share soon!)
  5. sports practices, games, & events (with 5 boys, we have a lot to manage)
  6. soccer coach reminders and schedules
  7. Church events and volunteer roles
  8. Blogs
  9. Periscope schedules and groups
  10. Creative outlet + Me Time

My head spins when I think about all that my family and I have going on in one week.  Prior to using planners, important (and not so important) tasks and commitments were frequently slipping through the cracks.  I knew that I could organize and manage it all but my index card to-do lists were not cutting it.

I can’t thank Jenn and my Periscope planner friends enough.  Planning has helped this busy mom regain her sanity-and carve out some precious me time that serves a purpose.

planning Arc
My Arc planner with custom cover


I look forward to sharing how I use my planners (Happy, Carpe Diem, Arc, and Blog Planner) on-the-go (oh wait until you see my on-the-go planning bag!). I will also be sharing how planners have helped this sports mom tackle all of our schedules, games, and sports-related events.  Another area that I will be focusing on is using planners to coordinate and manage volunteer work.  

One of my biggest interests is planning on a budget.  Planning just rocks-but all the sweet goodness can quickly add up!  I will be sharing my planning on a budget tips and printables.  I also plan on creating some fun planner quotes and memes.

planning Planner Squad Keep Calm Rock Your Planner

If you are a busy mom and have a special way that you use your planners to rock your world, please share!   We moms need to share the love and help each other maintain our sanity while tackling mommydom!


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